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Generators were frequently considered as an eloquent an obnoxious tool necessary to find the job performed on the jobsite. Back in 1998 Honda introduced the EU1000i super silent generator, bringing delight to the ears of several. The all-new Honda EU2200i generator provides much more value to the Super Quiet collection of generators, using much more energy, easier maintenance, and simpler controls.

Developed by the Honda GXR120 121cc commercial series engine, the Honda EU2200i generator produces 2,200 watts of electricity. The output of the power runs via a 30A 125V locking plug in and 20A 125V single socket. This is 10 percent more energy than the incoming EU2000i model. You may also daisy-chain or mix more than 1 EU2200i or even EU2000i generators collectively, increasing output.

Even quieter and simpler than previously, the brand new Honda EU2200i generator was created using a maintenance-free and low-noise timing belt. Honda's overhead camshaft (OHC) is celebrated in the little engine globe, providing more efficiency and enhanced electricity, hence superior fuel efficiency. With precision technology, like a double ball-bearing supported crankshaft, Honda has reduced vibration and prolonged engine life.

Honda's GXR120 motor also contains a distinctive cast-iron cylinder sleeve, further helping in strength. To keep things bigger and more straightforward, the streamlined muffler together with the OHC design reduces sound by 1 dB within the incoming EU2000i (GX100 motor ). For easier beginning, the Honda EU2200i generator comes with a automatic decompression system. At length, in a bid to keep things marginally dummy-proof, Honda contains the Oil Alert feature that prevents the motor from running when the oil level is too low.

Inverter technology has undoubtedly changed how that people see generators. You do not need to find nasty looks from everybody when you pull on the generator outside in the campground. Together with the Honda EU2200i generator, you are able to continue to keep the lights burning and firing that big-screen TV to see the game. These items are so silent, it is difficult to tell they are even running.

We are excited about obtaining the Honda EU2200i generator for review shortly, so we are able to find an actual hands-on inspection.

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