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Note: This travelog was written in 2018, so many details have long been forgotten since we took the trip. It is written from Debbie's perspective.

Friday, November 4, 1994: My family was in the Phoenix area for my grandfather's funeral. I hadn't met Tom yet so he isn't featured in this travelog. After visiting with family for a couple of days, my dad, brother, sister-in-law, and I drove north. This picture was taken at the Sunset Point Rest Area, but the several pictures we took all ended up being superimposed on the same section of film. Cool effect though.

It was afternoon by the time we got to the Grand Canyon. We came in from the eastern entrance and our first glimpse of the canyon was at Moran Point.
Here's Mather Point looking west, ...
... and toward the northeast. The afternoon sun and shadows made striking differences in photos depending on the direction of the shot.
This is Trailview Point looking at the start of the Bright Angel Trail and Grand Canyon Village. Yes, that's snow out there. Look for me in the pink shirt on the right.
There were deer everywhere.
We continued west from the village to Hopi Point.
Here I am at Hopi Point. Some of these photos were taken by me and some were taken by my dad, which is why I got to be in some of these shots.
We continued to Mohave Point, ...
... then Pima Point.
Here's the view toward the northeast from Pima Point.
Hermit's Rest is the last stop on the western loop. Here are Doug and Susan having some fun on the left, with me in the background getting more videotape of my favorite place in the world. These pictures prompted me to search for the videotape. It had gone missing for a while and was the only tape in our collection that hadn't been digitized, so we fixed that.

Saturday, November 5, 1994: My dad and I got up really early to catch the sunrise. The lights of Grand Canyon Village twinkled in the early dawn, seen here from Trailview Point.
We went to Maricopa Point first, ...
... then Hopi Point.
We found the perfect the perfect spot to watch the sunrise, with Powell Point in the foreground.
Here it comes.
Wait for it.
Any second now.
There's the sunshine starting to hit the canyon walls behind us.
By the time we moved on to Powell Point, the sun was really up and the canyon was casting stark shadows.
We headed back to Maswik Lodge to check out and to collect Susan and Doug.
We headed out for more sightseeing, stopping first at Yaki Point.
At different times of day, the position of the sun can drastically change the look. This was still Yaki Point but facing northeast with morning shadows on the buttes.
There was still snow in the canyon at the highest altitudes.
I had gotten this oversized sweatshirt at a gift shop the night before, so I posed in it at Yaki Point, ...
... and again at Grandview Point
Grandview Point is a gorgeous place, as the name implies.
Here's Lipan Point, ...
... and here's my dad.
Lipan Point boasts a view of mighty Hance Rapid in the river a mile below. Each person on this trip would be back in a dozen years to run that very rapid.
Lipan Point has an even better view of the river a little further upstream. In the middle of that S-turn is Unkar Rapid. Just upstream and to the left of the rapid is where we camped overnight during our 2006 trip.
It's nice to end a trip to the Grand Canyon with a stop at the Desert Watchtower. It's not pictured here because we didn't take any pictures of its exterior, ...
... but we did soak up the views, ...
... and climb the tower to see more views, ...
... like this one.

There are Doug and Susan on the ground floor of the tower. What we did after this is a mystery. Drive back to Phoenix? Fly home immediately? Who can remember after 24 years?

Buh-bye, Grand Canyon! See you again in two years!

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