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Our little game of Maersk has attracted the attention of some of the good folks who work for Maersk. In August 2006, someone posted a link to our site somewhere on the Maersk internal website. Visits to our sleepy little Maersk webpage skyrocketed. Shortly afterward, we got a nice note from a Maersk employee in New Jersey who sent us a great photo of the new Emma Maersk ship and mailed us a Maersk tin of Danish cookies. Yummy!

We love Maersk!

Not long after, an employee in Sweden asked for permission to use one of our Maersk photos in the newsletter she edits. She was kind enough to send us several copies of the newsletter once it was published in late fall 2006. This newsletter is distributed to the land-based employees in the Baltic region.

A Maersk employee in Denmark contacted us to interview Debbie about our little game and photos. We conducted the interview using webcams and Skype, and his young son even stopped by to say "Hello" to the American his father was interviewing.

In December 2006, the newsletter came out and was distributed to all Maersk ships worldwide. A month later, we got a note from a woman in Russia, and she was kind enough to send us the newsletter in PDF form a few months later. We finally received copies of the newsletter along with a big box of Maersk goodies in May 2007. Maersk! [Main] [Contact Us] [Events] [Family] [Fun] [Garden] [Misc.] [Photos] [Rett Syndrome] [Search] [Site Index] [Travel]

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