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Here's Claire with her Jelly Bean switches, taken 3/12/96. The pink one operates a radio; the purple one operates a fan. She loves them!
Tom and Debbie visiting San Francisco, taken 3/23/96. Gorgeous weather, great time. Tom was there just for the weekend, and Debbie stayed the following week for the Software Development '96 conference.
Debbie, Herb and Cyl, taken at Herb & Cyl's home in Portola Valley, CA, 3/24/96. Herb and Cyl did the excellent landscaping in the photo themselves.
Debbie had dinner with her friend Marcel while in San Francisco. Taken 3/26/96.
Girls Night Out, taken 4/30/96 in Indianapolis. Includes Debbie, Beth, Marcie, Monica, Sally, Tina, Melinda, Michelle and lucky John, bumming a ride in the limo with us.
Behold the first and last time this dress was seen in public.
Jill & Claire, looking quite adorable in matching dresses, taken 5/96.
Ken & Tom, just after their birthday celebration, taken 6/30/96. Ken is on the left; Tom is on the right.
Tom & Debbie got married! Taken 7/26/96, just moments after the brief but beautiful ceremony.
Tom with his new stepdaughter, Jill, who did a terrific job as flower girl at the wedding. Also taken 7/26/96.
Ken, Juliet, Tom and Debbie demonstrate the Bundy Sandwich, while Ken & Tom model new napkins. Taken at Tom & Debbie's wedding reception 7/27/96.
Is is just us or are Claire and Jill getting cuter all the time? Taken in September 1996.
We spent a glorious 11 days in Scandinavia (August 28 - Sept. 8). We attended the World Congress on Rett Syndrome in Göteborg, where Queen Silvia of Sweden spoke. She walked right past us twice, so we were able to get this great close-up photo on 9/1/96. (Also see our photos of Queen Elizabeth, taken in 2002!)
Also attending the conference were some terrific Aussies, Bill Callaghan, the president of the Rett Syndrome Association of Australia, and Dr. Helen Leonard, Researcher Extraordinaire. It was great to finally put some faces with the names. Taken 8/31/96.
We took a ferry to Denmark and spent some time on the North Sea. Taken 9/1/96.
We got to see Lillehammer, Norway, without all the snow. Look for ski hills in the background next to the sign. Taken 9/3/96.
Sweden looks a lot like Northern Minnesota! Taken 9/4/96.
In the north of Sweden, we visited Debbie's second cousin Kristina, shown here with her parents, Gunnar and Birgit, and with her main squeeze, David. Taken 9/5/96.
Now, we may be a bit biased, but we think Kristina and David's daughter, Elina, is the most beautiful 2-year-old in all of Europe. Taken 9/5/96.
Here's a nice photo of a couple of Purdue grads. Taken 10/13/96 in West Lafayette, Indiana, of course!
The Baker Hill women love to shop every year on Columbus Day. Left to right are: Valerie, Melanie, Suzy, Rita, Amy, Karen, Sabrina and Kristi. Taken 10/14/96 in Nashville, Indiana.
Doug and Susan are expecting! This photo, taken from an .AVI file Doug and Susan made on 10/24/96, shows that Junior was getting ready to arrive soon! Baby Stewart was born on Thanksgiving Day.
Oh, man, the Kean Halloween Party gets better each year. Here are Tom & Debbie (Windows 95, Webmistress) ...
... Andy & Beth (Vending Machine Man, Static Electricity Woman) ...
... Marcie & Mike (Gangster Moll, Elvis) ...
... Jim & Woody (not together, mind you) (NY Yankee, LPGA Pro) ...
... and Larry & Kim (M & M). Taken 10/26/96.
In November 1996, we bought a new gold 1997 Saturn sedan. You can tell ours apart from all the others because ... well, okay, you can't, but it's a great car.
Claire loves dogs, and here she is actually throwing a ball to Eric & Paula's dog. Taken 11/17/96.
Here's a nice family shot of us taken by Patti in November 1996.
Las Vegas was the place to be on Thanksgiving Day 1996. Here are Mark, Debbie, Tom, Mike, Marcie, Jim, Beth & Andy in front of the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, our home-away-from-home for the weekend.
Bob flew us from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in his Mooney on 11/30/96. Here's a very cool view of the Hoover Dam (you can see the wing of the Mooney in the corner of the photo).
Debbie and Tom enjoying the sunset at the Grand Canyon. It was cold but gorgeous. Taken just before the sunset at Pima Point on 11/30/96. Read all about it here.
Here's our annual Christmas photo for 1996.

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