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Friday, April 24, 2020: We awoke before 6:00 AM, ...
... so we had breakfast in our suite ...
... and headed over to the condo around 7:00 AM. The electricity was supposed to be turned on the day before, but it hadn't come on all day. With no air conditioning, it had gotten a little warm but we managed. However, it was going to be in the 90s today so we needed it on.
After unsuccessfully searching for a main power breaker, Debbie called the power company for assistance and they said they'd send someone out within four hours.
It turned out that David only packed a few items of the china that was supposed to go to Becky's family, so Tom packed up the entire rest of the set for Katy to bring back to Minnesota.
Today was Susan's birthday, so we put a banner up to greet her when she arrived.
At 9:00 AM, we had to leave the condo unattended while we went to the airport to pick up Katy and Guy.
We had another reminder of the pandemic going on all around us when we saw rental car parking lots overflowing with unrented cars ...
... and very few passengers waiting to be dropped off or picked up.
This gorgeous stained glass must belong to the airport chapel.
We picked up Katy and Guy and were back by 10:00 AM. Doug and Susan hadn't arrived yet and the power company rep had stopped by in our absence, leaving a note that the main power breaker wasn't reset. He didn't reset it for us but he did leave a clue that it was on the east side of the building. Eventually, it was found behind a panel on the other side of the unit next door and we finally had sweet, sweet air conditioning and a working refrigerator and freezer.
With Katy and Guy here, we had Katy go through the items we had saved for her, and then the rest of the condo, while we packed up the items she decided to take and Guy packed the Avalon with the items we had packed.
Here's Tom packing up the glassware for them.
Like her brothers, Katy was anxious to get on the road as quickly as possible.
They were packed and ready to leave in less than two hours, so we said our goodbyes, did no hugging whatsoever, and they were off. After they left, Tom went out for Jack in the Box for lunch for the rest of us.
Across the carport, next-door neighbor Ralph lives in the other condo that belonged to Bob and Becky. His arrangement is that he sold the unit to them in return for lifetime tenancy. At nearly 20 years older than Bob and Becky, it was expected that he would die first and then they would use his condo as a guest house, but he outlived them both and will likely outlive us all.
While keeping a safe distance away, he showed his new landlords, Debbie and Doug, where damage to his unit was being caused by the sprinkler system in the lawn.
His girlfriend, Phyllis, lives in one of the other units in the community. She stopped by to say hello to us, keeping a safe distance as well.
Ralph theorized that part of the water damage problem he is having is caused by bougainvillea blossoms clogging up the drains from the roof and recommended that the bush be trimmed down to prevent this.
Birthday girl and garden-lover Susan volunteered to take care of the problem immediately.
Meanwhile, Debbie was in her element sorting through boxes of toys, games, and art supplies that had previously been stored in bins in the makeshift entryway closet behind the front door.
Bob's train table was going home with Doug, which was the reason why Doug rented a U-Haul trailer for the trip home. Here's a 2007 picture of the train table set up and running.
This IHOP ornament was found in a tub of Christmas decorations, still in its original gift bag with at least three other identical IHOP ornaments. Why? We may never know, but Debbie brought one of them home to commemorate the IHOP meal she had delivered to this very condo the hour before her dad died last summer.
By 5:00 on Friday, we had made enough progress that we decided to treat ourselves to our much-anticipated 3M schoolyard pick. This collector's item bag was one of two available for selection so each sibling ended up with one. Our best guess is that these two were gift bags given out at an Arizona 3M retiree dinner that Bob and Becky attended a couple of years earlier.
Tom poured out all of the various new and used 3M products we had collected from all over the condo, and we went around in a circle, selecting one item each.
Even partway through, there were still many great things to choose from. Of course, those white 3M bags were long gone, with one claimed by each sibling.
The last item was a 2" square used Post-It pad.
Next, we went through a pile of random things, including many items Debbie had given Bob and Becky over the years for Christmas.
The next round was all office supplies, plus a few extra Post-it Note pads that hadn't made it into the 3M pile earlier.
Finally, we gathered up all of the random piles of change and a couple of bills that we found, split it four ways, and each claimed roughly $2.50 each. But in the middle of a pandemic, none of us were too enthusiastic about using our newly inherited funds.
We unanimously decided to send this pile of $2 bills to Katy, including the three that were inexplicably torn in half.
Here are more stacks of items waiting to be whisked away by the flea market committee.
One of Doug's jobs was to gather, sort, duplicate, and label all of the various keys to all of the many locks, then put a master set of keys on the door in case anyone needs to enter after we all go home.
And yes, even that screen door has a separate lock. Job well done, Doug!
One of the big questions was which sibling was going to get this gorgeous set of stacking storage containers? They ended up going home with Doug and Susan since they had lots of extra space in their U-Haul trailer.
We hadn't forgotten that it was Susan's birthday, so we all placed our orders for Olive Garden take-out, ...
... and left the condo around 7:15 PM.
Debbie had shipped Susan's birthday gifts to her extra-early so she could let them sit before opening, just in case the shipping box was covered with virus. It had arrived at their home the day they left to drive to Arizona, so Doug slipped the box in their car and snuck it to Debbie.
Debbie unpacked the birthday gifts inside so they were waiting for Susan along with the birthday balloons we had blown up that morning and the birthday banner we took with us from the condo and quickly rehung.
Meanwhile, Doug and Susan were picking up dinner in the Olive Garden parking lot.
When they arrived at our suite, we raised a cup of Schilling Cider to Susan.
We all applauded Susan's birthday dinner choice. Soup, breadsticks, pasta - it was the perfect meal after another exhausting day of hard work.
For the first time ever, we got to be with Susan as she opened her birthday presents.
Mmmmm, there was tiramisu, lemon cake, and chocolate cake for dessert. Happy Birthday, Susan!

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