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Saturday, April 25, 2020: We had a delicious breakfast of leftover Olive Garden soup and tiramisu in our hotel before heading back to the condo. We had forgotten to drop off our vanload of the trash and recycling the night before, but we remembered this morning.
We were slowly getting used to Arizona time, so it was 8:30 AM by the time we arrived.
The flea market donations from the night before were still out, ...
... but the awesome flea market folks had told us they'd be by right after they finished playing pickleball, and sure enough, they were by to make as many trips as necessary to pick up our latest stash of stuff.
With all of the condo belongings sorted, it was time to get the cleaning done. Tom had been cleaning cupboards, shelves, and drawers as they were emptied, and now it was time to tackle the very nasty space under the sink. One of our biggest regrets in life is that we didn't get a photo of how beautiful it looked when he was done adding a clean layer of shelf liner.
Susan tackled hosing down the patio and washing the windows.
Doug put on a face mask from last year's 3M gift box and took on the huge job of cleaning out the utility/laundry shed, with bleach assistance provided by Susan.
At 12:30, Tom went out for some lunch. The drive-thru line at Wienerschnitzel was very long but worth the wait.
This 1965 General Electric Americana is original equipment. Amazing that it still is in good working condition after 55 years.
We probably shouldn't have pulled out the refrigerator, but we did.
Fortunately, Tom was able to restore it to pristine condition.
We were all done packing and we had only three empty boxes left after buying two bundles of 25 boxes each. Our flea market friends had remarked how much easier we had made things by packing most things in these stackable boxes.
Finally, it was time to photograph the finished result. Here's the living room, ...
... and the view into the dining room.
The kitchen, ...
... the newly unblocked entry hallway, ...
... the study, ...
... and the hall bathroom.
Here's one view of the master bedroom, ...
... the view toward the master bath, ...
... the master closet and vanity area, ...
... and the master bath.
Here's one view of the utility/laundry room, ...
... and a view looking the other way.
Here's the patio and back yard, ...
... and the front.
It was time to attach the U-Haul trailer to Doug's car.
It wasn't completely filled, but the floor was fully covered.
While Tom and Doug were getting the trailer hitched, Ralph came out to say goodbye to us.
Debbie made a trip to the clubhouse to get photos of all of the community information, ...
... and the notice Doug had put up noting that one of our condos was for sale.
There was a sign up on the clubhouse door noting that all community events at the clubhouse were cancelled. Smart move.
At 5:30 PM, ...
... we drove away for the final time. When will we be back? Who knows?
We made plans to see Doug and Susan one last time later in the evening, but both couples were on their own for dinner. You can probably guess where we went for take out: Del Taco, for the fourth time of the trip.
Later on, Doug and Susan came by. It turns out that Debbie had also packed Doug's birthday gifts in that box that she shipped to Washington, ...
... so it was Doug's turn to open presents.

Sure, Doug's birthday was three weeks away, but does Doug look like he cares about that little detail? Again, it was great to be able to be with Doug when he opened his presents, but that was the original plan anyway. We had plane tickets to Seattle in May, arriving on his birthday, but that trip had been cancelled due to COVID-19. It's funny how it all worked out and it was such a great treat to be able to spend time with them now, despite the sad circumstances.

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