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Monday, December 12, 2005: Morning came much too quickly, but we jumped out of bed when we realized that we were making our final approach into Miami.
After two Maersk-free days, we were back in the land of Maersk once again. Can you spot the Maersk here? No? C'mon, you're not even trying.
Much of the scenery on the way to the port involves incredibly expensive homes tucked away on tiny islands like this one. Eventually, we had to tear ourselves away from the balcony and console ourselves with a full breakfast in the Maytime dining room.
The second least fun activity on a cruise ship is waiting around to disembark the ship. We passed the time with a few games of "Easy Come, Easy Go," a simple and fun dice game.
Once we made it through customs and baggage claim, we jumped in our rental car, Victor, and headed for the South Beach area of Miami Beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day.
Although it seemed warm to us, the beach was relatively deserted on this winter Monday morning.
If there's an ocean, we must stand in front of it. It's a rule.
The Art Deco architecture of South Beach is just as colorful and beautiful as advertised.
We decided that Cuban food was a requirement, so we had lunch at Lario's on the Beach, where Debbie had visited five years earlier on a business trip. The highlights of the delicious meals were fried plantains with dulce de leche for dessert. Note to self: must find Cuban restaurant in Indianapolis.

Before leaving, our friend Orchy jumped out of the backpack for one final photo.

** THE END **

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