Bahamas 2021:
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Tuesday, July 27, 2021: We slept in for the first day at sea and awoke to another beautiful Caribbean day.
Breakfast this morning at Giovanni's Table was the smoked salmon plate for Debbie (bagel, cream cheese, capers, salmon, and red onions), ...
... and the Mediterranean plate for Tom (manchego cheese, proscuitto, hummus, green olives, and pan tomàquet).
What's this? Could it be Maersk?! No. No, it is not. The amazing zoom on Debbie's camera revealed an "L" inside a black square as the logo on the smokestack.
Debbie started the painstaking task of processing the photos from the previous two days of activity at Coco Cay.
As a reward for her hard work, Tom brushed her hair for her and then decided to photograph it. He loves all the different colors in her hair.
Lunch was in the Windjammer Marketplace. We aren't thrilled with Royal Caribbean's buffet offerings but it was fine and we enjoyed having roti with every lunch.
During yesterday's last floating session, Tom drifted under the floating cabana platform and brushed his left leg up against the variety of marine life attached to the underside. By today, it had turned into a raised red rash with bumps that occasionally itched.
We brought along a bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel that was given to us for a wedding present and decided that today was the day we were going to drink it. It was the last bottle of a case of 12, of which the first 11 bottles were consumed within our first year or two of marriage.
After 25 years in our wine rack, the color was darker than it should have been, and the cork was not very solid. We strained the wine through a napkin (thank you high school chemistry class!) to remove the unwanted cork bits.
Cheers to us! The wine was pretty undrinkable so after a few brave sips, we ended up pouring it out.
Not a cloud in the sky. We never tired of the view from our large picture window.
Oh, yeah. It was Tuesday. The elevators definitely helped us keep track of the day of the week.
Tom named this the "Jack and Rose" balcony.
Dinner started with shrimp cocktail and roasted poblano pepper soup, ...
... followed by pan-seared sole and wild mushroom risotto, ...
and finishing with Mississippi mud pie and lemon curd tartlet. We almost always enjoyed all of the dishes we were served in the main dining room.
There were towering storm clouds over Cuba.
We were at the western end of Cuba, and there was a city tucked away in the mountains right down to the coast.
Cuba really looks beautiful.
Dwi left us an elephant along with tomorrow's program, and a notice that they would be washing our stateroom balcony tomorrow.
We caught the last rays of sunset from our balcony, ...
... ending a perfect day at sea.

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