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Wednesday, July 28, 2021: We woke up to the ship along side the pier at Cozumel.
Thanks to yesterday's note, we were not surprised to see a window-washing/balcony-washing rig crawl by on the track outside.
We were very taken with this piece that was hanging in the stairwell between Deck 10 and Deck 11. Named "Montana 12, 2001" by Olga de Amaral, it is inspired by the mountains in Columbia which are described as disappearing in to the gray blue sky. From far away, it may look like mountains, but ...
... as you get closer, you can see the individual squares attached to the woven fabric.
Even closer, we thought it looked like computer chips, especially with the linen fibers connecting the different pieces. Either way, it was beautiful.
Since we had lost an hour changing time zones and had also slept in, we had a later breakfast than usual. We enjoyed French toast (Debbie) and an omelet (Tom) at Giovanni's Table.
Back in the room, we checked on the progress of the balcony washers. They had moved all the way forward, and it would be a while before they came back to our room.
After spending some time in our awesome suite, we decided to head up to the top deck to get some sun, drink a few Diet Cokes, and to stare in awe at the brand new Celebrity Edge which was docked next to us.
Debbie is clearly enjoying the nearly empty deck. There were very few people out, and we were loving it.
But back to the Celebrity Edge. Isn't she pretty? We definitely had other-boat envy.
A lone frigatebird circled overhead, looking magnificient.
We walked to the forward viewing area to take a look at the port.
To our left, there was a nice restaurant area with Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, which appeared to be closed, Señor Frog's, which appeared to be open, and a Cozumel sign right by the waterfront. We had eaten lunch at that very Señor Frog's when we were here in 2002.
On our right was Margaritaville, which also seemed to be open. Behind all the restaurants and bars was a large shopping area.
We snorkeled on the other side of that pier and building on our trip here in 2002.
But back to the Celebrity Edge. There was a bar on the upper deck, and what looked like outdoor restaurant seating on the lower deck.
This view of the Celebrity Edge shows the new balcony stateroom style called the "infinite veranda." Basically, you can lower the top-half of your window to create a balcony.
As we went down the stairs one deck, we passed more cool art pieces on the landings, including this one, ...
... and these.
This terrace is part of the Iconic suite, which must be really, really cool when you have your own sticky-outie balcony where you can look forward or backward. The terrace alone is larger than our stateroom, so imagine how big the two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite itself must be.
At lunch, we noticed a catamaran heading out ...
... with a boatload of people onboard. We were feeling pretty good about staying aboard today.
Back in our cabin, we continued to monitor the balcony washing.
As it moved, the wheel took up the black safety cable on to the spool and the rig moved along the rail. Also as it moved, the rig made a groaning noise that Debbie dubbed "the whale noise," so we could tell when it was coming.
The catamaran "Fury" was returning from an earlier shore excursion, again carrying a lot of people.
This little guy perched on our balcony rail for a while, and stared at us through the windows. We're pretty sure he was a yellow-bellied flycatcher, but whatever he was, he was super cute.
Since the window washing track was on our deck, the window washing rig continued to go back and forth across our balcony, ...
... even though the crew washing windows and balconies was now several decks below us.
Tom's leg was looking pretty angry two days after he bumped it into the coral and barnacles and other sea creatures under the floating cabana. Spoiler alert: it would continue to be itchy and bumpy for a week, but would fade after that.
The crew continued to wash balconies, ...
... and the catamarans returned with the last shore excursion passengers.
It must be Wednesday because the elevator floor says it is.
While we were at dinner, we tried to decide if we were leaving or if the Celebrity Edge was leaving..
It took a few minutes, but we finally realized that we were the ones departing. There were several people in their staterooms on the Edge looking at us as we left port including this shirtless gentleman ...
... and this guy who didn't realize that the entire dining room on our ship could see right through the glass in the infinite veranda to see him standing there in his bikini underwear. Not something you want to see at dinner.
Speaking of dinner, we started tonight's courses with seafood puff pastry (Debbie) and the eggplant and kalamata olive tartare (Tom).
We were clear of the Celebrity Edge now, and starting to leave the harbor area.
The main course tonight was beef stroganoff for Debbie and Moroccan spiced ahi tuna for Tom. This was the first time either Debbie or Tom had seen pickles on beef stroganoff. Note to self: ask for beef stoganoff without pickles from now on.
Dessert was bananas foster for Debbie and traditional English trifle for Tom. So tasty.
After dinner, we needed to give our cabin steward, Dwi, more time to clean our room so we went for a walk around the ship. The Royal Promenade looks so festive lit up at night.
We walked through the casino, hoping to spend a one-dollar casino coin that we had from our very first cruise back in 1997, but alas, everything has been converted to directly charging your SeaPass card. The casino reeked of smoke despite there only being a couple of people there, so we were gone within a minute.
We spent a little time looking straight up at this sculpture named "Planetarium" by Per Olav A. Austdahl that was in the midships elevator well. It shows nine planets, including the demoted Pluto, but Tom was very concerned that they weren't in any recognizable order. It was absolutely breathtaking, though, and we stopped several times during the week to stare up at it.
The back of the ship contained the activities area, including a Flow Rider surfing simulator and trainer, ...
... a water slide, ...
... miniature golf, ...
... a rock climbing wall, and a basketball court.
We decided to go to the suite lounge to have a beer in the empty outdoor portion of the lounge, ...
... before returning to our room for the evening.

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