Bahamas 2021:
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Saturday, July 31, 2021: It was disembarkation day. We awoke very early to find that we were already moored in Nassau.
Before we could even get out of bed, Crystal Serenity pulled into the berth next to us to block our view just as it had a week earlier.
We headed up to the Windjammer Marketplace to have a quick breakfast for the first time here. There were handwashing stations on both sides of the aisleway. The staff who scanned our SeaPass cards each day at the entrance to the restaurant often sang funny songs encouraging us to wash our hands.
Debbie had muesli, bacon, and a hashbrown, and Tom had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and a hashbrown. We had iced tea this morning for our caffeine since we didn't know when we'd be able to get our preferred Diet Coke.
One of the channels on the TV showed the departure schedule. We were group four and expected to be called around 7:00 AM.
We got one last look at the Crystal Serenity before we noticed on the TV that our group was ready for disembarkation. There were no announcements. You just had to notice it on the TV.
We headed to the elevators, where we immediately saw that it was Saturday. We really need this service in our house.
Four minutes later, we were off the ship, wearing masks again for the first time in a week.
Goodbye, Adventure of the Seas. You've been a good ship, and we will miss you.
We boarded a small shuttle bus for the 25 minute ride to the airport.
Atlantis resort was visible in the dawn haze through our shuttle bus window.
The rest of Nassau was very sleepy at this early hour.
Captain Morgan stood a lonely vigil over closed shops.
We passed a staircase that we had been on back in 2005.
This colorful garden was on the side of the road at a stoplight.
We passed groves of these royal poinciana, or flamboyant trees.
Now showing at the Nassau IMAX theater: Space Jam 2.
An hour after getting off the ship, we had checked our bags for our flights, passed the airport security checkpoint, and had gone through US customs. Since Lynden Pindling International Airport is a United States customs pre-clearance area, we wouldn't have to pick up our bags and go through customs at our first US destination.
This was the only place we saw an eagle ray on this visit.
We found seats in an empty part of our gate area and sat down to wait the three hours before our flight departed.
We boarded right on time, and once again experienced the joy of sweet, cold, air-conditioned air meeting the humid tropical air. It is such a spooky effect.
We were airborne, heading home via Charlotte, NC.
It is always nice to see the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on final approach. You know you are almost home.
The airport always has a racecar from some era for visitors. This one was the Bowes Seal Fast Special from 1939.
Debbie gathered our checked bags while Tom got the car, waiting by this sculpture in the North Garden at end of the arrivals area of the airport. It is a lovely sculpure titled "The Birth of Flight" by Todd Frahm, with two hands emerging from a pile of feathers to form the American Sign Language symbol for a butterfly. 

** THE END **

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