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Wednesday, July 27, 2016: After a breakfast of Lunchables and Diet Coke, we were off for another day of adventures. We would be gone for 11 hours, so packed enough frozen water bottles to get us through another very hot day.
Here's another one of the pretty homes along Cobb's Hill Road.
Here's Darrell's Wharf once again.
We referred to the ferry schedule constantly throughout our visit. We never did ride the green route because we had no need for it.
We had a 10:00 appointment in Hamilton, so that left us with enough time to head to Washington Mall to get to ...
... Glaze Bakery.
We were here to see what they'd come up with for Cup Match, and we weren't disappointed. There were cupcakes in both St. George's and Somerset's colors, but they were completely sold out of Somerset donuts, so we left with three St. George's donuts.
Check out this cute cake on display.
And this one.
And one more.
A half block up the street, Crow Lane Bakery was offering their own Cup Match-colored cake slices, cupcakes, and cookies.
Here's a colorful tile planter on Church Street, ...
... and here's Bermuda Anglican Cathedral, one of the churches for which the street is named.
The Sessions House stands on Parliament Street.
Our destination was nearby: the DNA testing laboratory where Tom's company's software is used.
The lab is located up this quiet stairwell, ...
... in air-conditioned comfort on the second floor.
Fernanda greeted us and gave us a full tour of the lab.
It was established in 2015 so everything is shiny and new.
Thanks for the tour, Fern!
After our tour, we headed down Front Street and stopped at this display in front of Gosling Brothers liquor store. Tom got his picture taken with the St. George's sign at the strong urging of the cab driver parked right there. Debbie opted for the Somerset sign later in the week.
With some time to kill before the 11:00 ferry to Dockyard, we found a shaded picnic table in Point Pleasant Park.
We got some ice cold Diet Cokes from a nearby food truck, ...
... and inhaled those delicious St. George's donuts.
We boarded the ferry to Dockyard again, ...
... and nerdy Tom measured how fast the ferry was going with his phone.
We arrived in Dockyard and immediately went to the end of the line to board the ferry to St. George's.
The ferry was pretty full by the time we boarded, so we couldn't get seats inside.
So we tightened our hats and enjoyed the scenery in the sun.
There's the parasailing tour we'd be taking later.
After a bit, we found a shaded hideaway on the side of the ferry by an outdoor stairwell.
This turned out to be an amazing stroke of luck, because off in the distance was a storm.
This wasn't just any storm though.
We spotted two funnel clouds on the left half of the storm, ...
... then realized that there was a full waterspout on the left edge of the right half of the storm where the rain was. Just a month earlier, we had been discussing Debbie's bucket list wish to see a tornado and that a waterspout would count if we ever saw one. Well, here it is, folks!
Meanwhile, the funnel clouds on the left had turned into another full waterspout, with a third one forming in the middle.
Here are the middle and right ones in the same shot, ...
... and here's the right one in all its glory. It counts! It counts! It counts!
Shortly afterward, we turned into St. George's Harbour where a plane was landing at the airport nearby.
Our beloved storm was still visible in the distance as we approached our destination, but we could no longer see if it still contained waterspouts.
We arrived at the St. George's ferry terminal and took our time getting off the ferry, since we had only come this far to enjoy the ferry ride, not to visit St. George's again.
We took a photo, ...
... then went back inside to wait for the return ferry to Dockyard.
Back on the ferry, ...
... glancing up occasionally to see the sights, such at Fort St. Catherine.
When we arrived at the Dockyard, we were ready for some lunch, ...
... so we raced some other families through the Victualling Yard to ...
... the Frog and Onion Pub.
How's this for old-style British ambience?
Of course, we started with fish chowder and the now familiar sherry peppers.
Debbie had Toad in a Hole, which is sausage baked in a Yorkshire pudding. It was odd but okay.
Tom had the Traditional Ploughman's Lunch, which we decided is the British equivalent of a Japanese bento box.
Here's another photo of the Cooperage, shortly after buying a long-sleeved t-shirt for Tom in the Frog & Onion gift shop.
We killed some time by walking through the craft shops and taking a photo of Orchy on a cannon in front of the National Museum of Bermuda.
Then, we checked in for our parasailing tour at this little blue building and we were off!
There was one other couple with us and neither of them was in a hurry to go first, so Debbie got to be the first to go parasailing.
And she's off!
She's way up there now.
Meanwhile, Debbie was taking photos from her perch.
This must be the world's largest emoji.
Here's the view looking toward Hamilton and the Great Sound, ...
... and here's the view looking east toward St. George's.
Whee! We're turning!
Here's the view of Dockyard and the latest cruise ships to arrive.
All good things must come to an end, so Debbie got reeled in and landed on the back of the boat on her feet.
While one of our tourmates was getting ready to go up next, our captain spotted a turtle swimming nearby.
Check out the fish weathervane on this buoy.
Here's Tom getting strapped in for his ride.
There he goes!
Going, ...
... going, ...
... gone!
Tom's a fan of parasailing!
Debbie's camera was busy getting video of Tom landing so there is no evidence of this occurring. Our second tourmate decided that he was too afraid of heights to try it, so we headed back into shore after Tom's flight.
Today's cruise ships were Norwegian Breakaway and Celebrity Summit, which would both be docked until Friday.
We got some frozen yogurt at BermyBerry while we waited for the next ferry departure.
We were glad to be done with our tour soon enough to catch the 5:30 ferry. With Harbour Nights celebration in Hamilton due to start at 7:00 PM, the 6:30 ferry would have been overstuffed with people.
With time to kill before Harbour Nights started, we headed back to Point Pleasant Park in Hamilton ...
... and enjoyed the scenery from a bench on the waterfront, right next to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.
At 7:00, Front Street had been transformed into a street fair.
The street was blocked to vehicle traffic and vendor tents were lined up for blocks. We started out by buying a laminated fish identification chart from a book store vendor.
This malasada stand caught Debbie's eye. After the disappointing taste of the store-bought malasadas earlier in the week, was there hope for these?
Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. It turns out that the secret to malasadas is to eat them immediately, while they are hot and delicious. You're looking at two dollars well spent, ladies and gentlemen.
Cup Match t-shirts and jerseys were available for sale, of course. This t-shirt stand was set up in front of a nightclub that had burned down the previous week.
Here's the second photo in our series, "The Many Moods of Front Street."
A parking lot had been turned into the food vendors area. We laughed when we saw that the Island Spice stand had no food yet at 7:30, so people were standing there waiting (rookie mistake). We opted to try the food at this stand, which had no sign and no prices visible. But the people were friendly and happy to describe the foods they offered, and we got a full meal with cans of Diet Coke for $20, which is pretty much a Bermudian miracle.
Here is what we got: two unbelievably delicious teriyaki-like meat sticks (pork and chicken), and two different noodle dishes we'd never tried before, with a custard dessert.
Up the street, we could hear the drummers of the Warrior Gombey troupe, who were performing in an intersection in the middle of Front Street.
The troupe included several kids as well, which was the cutest thing ever.
We would have loved to stay longer but we had a ferry to catch.
We stayed up top for the ferry ride back to Darrell's Wharf so we could enjoy the sunset.
As usual, our walk up Cobb's Hill Road involved photographing address signs.
This tile Beware of Dog sign is the fanciest we've ever seen.
It's always a relief to see the side gate entrance to Fourways.
At dusk, the main building looked quite pretty with the lights on.

This view is worth the Cobb's Hill climb, definitely.

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