Bermuda 2016:
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Saturday, July 30, 2016: We woke up to a five-minute rainstorm.
Off in the distance, Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas was back at Dockyard with its giant robotic arm sticking out.
We were rushed out of our room before departure time despite calling the day before to confirm the checkout time, so we had to sit in the tiny lobby until our taxi was scheduled to arrive.
However, we had called the front desk the day before to order a taxi to the airport, but the person we spoke to hadn't done it. When a different person called to confirm that we had a ride, they misunderstood our answer that the front desk had already done it. Since they had no record of anyone doing it, they assumed that we had contacted someone else privately. End result: no taxi to airport. After 7 or 8 calls, they were finally able to find someone to come get us.
So we sat in the entryway and tried not to panic. This lizard kept us company.
Floyd came and got us and drove us to the airport. Note that any online estimates about taxi prices to the airport from Paget are very low. We had read $25 - $30, but it was actually $40 before tip. You're welcome, future traveller.
We passed a farm with miniature horses. Bye bye, Li'l Sebastian.
Here's the view from the Causeway heading toward the airport.
At the airport, we had some time before we could check our luggage, so Debbie walked across the street to get some final photos. We had passed this sign several times without getting a photo of it, so that little oversight was now solved.
It also gave us an opportunity to get a nice photo of Orchy.
So close and yet so far. Couldn't we just have one more dip in that amazing water?
In the airport, we went through immigration, customs, and security, then sat down to get something to eat. We found a table by the window with a water view, ...
... and had a chicken parmesan sandwich and steak sandwich for lunch.
We got some Bermudian coins in change, so we got a photo of them and the lovely sugar packets. The coins ended up in a donation box outside a gift shop, except for one 5 cent coin that had the Bermuda blue angelfish on one side and 1996 on the other. We kept that one as a souvenir to commemorate our 20th anniversary.
Our flight ended up being delayed several hours, so we were so happy when it finally showed up. No problem - it gave us an excuse to eat some gelato while we waited.
As we boarded the plane, spoooooky fog was coming out of the air vents. This does not bode well for a flight involving the Bermuda Triangle.
And we're off! That thing down there is the VOR beacon at LF Wade International Airport. The rest of it is just beautiful water.
This is the western end of St. David's Island and the airport again.
There are Coney Island and St. George's Island with remnants of the Bermuda Rail Trail between them. If you look closely, you can see the rail trail continue onto the land in the distance.
More pretty water with shallow reefs.
There's the Dockyard ...
... and there's Somerset Island where we started Monday's snorkeling tour.
This photo shows the water near the Eastern Blue Cut where we snorkeled. Unfortunately, we think the actual site was underneath the lower left corner of this photo and we just missed capturing it.
A couple of hours later, we were crossing Pamlico Sound in North Carolina.
We were several hours late getting into Charlotte but our next flight was also quite delayed, so we had time for dinner at Jose Cuervo Tequileria in the terminal.

Fortunately, we and our luggage made it home to Indy by midnight.

** THE END **

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