Black Sea/Mediterranean 2007:
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Sunday, May 13: Our third and final day at sea was warm and sunny, as all at-sea days in the Mediterranean seem to be.
With not much to see outside except endless ocean and the occasional Greek isle, we'll take you on a brief tour of our cabin and the ship. This is cabin 6105, which is a category A -- top of the line standard cabin, but inferior to the various suites offered on the deck above. Click here for a comparison of this cabin to those on similar ships.
Here is the sitting area of the cabin, with the balcony visible. This area contained a flat-panel TV, nine drawers, a mini-bar and ample seating.
The bed was large and comfortable, and the bedroom area could be cordoned off with curtains on both sides. Two bedside tables had two large drawers each.
Here's the view looking back to the entryway and bathroom.
Feast your eyes on this. Three closets! Two were double-wide with two doors -- one for hanging garments and one containing large shelves. We could not believe the amount of space we had. With our suitcases tucked under the bed, we had more than enough room for all of our stuff, including what amounted to four drawers of souvenirs by the time we were done.
Here's one view of the bathroom ...
... and another ...
... and another. We packed some Woolite packets and used the pull-out clothesline in the bathtub to wash various items of clothing. We only had to send a few things to the onboard laundry mid-trip.
This is hallway of deck six (the Verandah deck). All cabins with balconies were on this deck and the one above. All other cabins were on decks one through three.
Here's Henry, the friendly vacuum cleaner.
This display of vintage Holland America posters was on a stair landing.
We love this kind of display -- plaques awarded to the ship by ports around the world commemorating the ship's first visit. It's fun to look at the country and port names, identifying which we've visited and which we dream of visiting one day.
Here's the schmancy ladies' room we showed you on Day 2, but this time the room is lit by daylight instead of overhead lights. The lighted vanities were still fully powered for any emergency touchup situation that might present itself.
This huge clock towered over the fourth and fifth decks, near the front desk and shore excursions desk on deck five. A curving staircase from deck five to deck four allowed a closer inspection of the many clocks and the locations they represent.
This is a model of a previous ms Rotterdam located on the Lido Deck.
The pool and hot tubs are also located on the Lido Deck, along with this sculpture of sea lions. A retractable roof is overhead.
From the Lido Deck, head to the back of the ship and go down one level to find our favorite warm weather hangout. We spent entirely too long here in the sun on our last day, but it was glorious.
Well, that's enough of our tour. We headed back to our cabin to enjoy one final treat as part of the "Just For Us" package we had purchased - high tea served in our room. We ate tiny sandwiches and tiny desserts and tea with everything added to it. (Click here to see our high tea spread in 2002.)
After tea, we passed by the island of Crete. Here it is.
At our final dinner, the staff sang a farewell song after dinner.

We packed our suitcases, checked out what was left of the sunset, and called it a night.

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