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Note: This travelog was written in 2018, so many details have long been forgotten since we took the trip.

Saturday, March 23, 1996: Tom and Debbie flew out to San Francisco where Debbie and her colleagues would be attending the Software Development '96 conference. We got a rental car and drove out to Half Moon Bay.
We sampled a little wine at Obester Winery and bought a couple of bottles.
Here is Debbie's colleague, Trudy, with Tom at Half Moon Bay.
Here we are again.
This is the very first photo Tom took of Debbie with her arms spread wide in front of something massive.
We continued north on beautiful Highway 1.
We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped on the other side to take some photos. Here's one ...
... and here's another.
We were there.
Here we are looking directly into the sun.
This overlook has a great view of Alcatraz ...
... and downtown San Francisco.
All of these photos were taken using a film-based camera which required looking through the viewfinder. Seriously, how did we live in such primitive times?
Eventually, we checked into our downtown San Francisco hotel, where we were met by Debbie's other colleague, Sara, and her husband. All five of us went to dinner at Scoma's on Fisherman's Wharf, where we were joined by a friend of Sara's.

Sunday, March 24, 1996: We still had a day to ourselves before the conference started so we walked around a bit. Here is Tom in Chinatown on Clay Street where we got some takeout.
This is Portsmouth Square in front of the Chinese Culture Center.
Later that day, we went to Portola Valley to visit Debbie's uncle and aunt.
We had a lovely time.
Tom had a late flight back to Indianapolis, so we killed some time on the waterfront near the airport.

Monday, March 25, 1996: The Software Development '96 conference started and we walked from our hotel to the Moscone Center. Here's the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.
Looking down Grant Avenue toward Market Street. The name and location of the hotel where we were staying has been lost to time, but it was a 20-minute walk away from the conference center.

Tuesday, March 26, 1996: Since she last saw him in 1986, Debbie's ex-boyfriend Marcel had moved from the Netherlands to San Francisco. They went out to dinner at Maharani where they dined in the "Fantasy Room," a room with a series of tables in tiny private rooms with beaded curtains. It was great fun to catch up after a decade.

Wednesday, March 27, 1996: Debbie's old friend, Bob, had moved from Minnesota to San Diego. A pilot with his own plane, he flew into Oakland and Debbie picked him up in the rental car so they could spend the evening together. It hadn't been quite a decade since they had seen each other, but it was also lots of fun to catch up.

It was probably Thursday or Friday when Debbie joined Tom at home, but again, those details are forgotten forever.

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