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Once upon a time (more specifically, 2001), a magical package arrived in the land of Bundling. A cryptic message on the exterior read "From Mark S." It was filled with delicious treats, the likes of which the people had not seen since ... the 60's! (or the 70's, for the younger folk in the house, or the 90's for the very youngest folk.) [Not pictured: delicious Jiffy Pop]
The Bundlings were overwhelmed with their options. What to eat first?
The elder Bundlings intiated the younger Bundlings in the correct rituals for savoring Nik-L-Nips.
The guard kitty sniffed each treat to determine its worthiness.
The Necco Wafers were found to be unworthy and the cat attempted to punish them. The candy was eventually rescued.
And they lived happily ever after! Thanks, M&E!

Fun: [Main] [Beverages] [Blank] [Bobblehead] [Candy] [Double Take] [Doug Taking Pics] [Flat Stanley] [Haiku] [Harry Potter] [Holidays] [Jukebox] [Mold-a-Rama] [Orchy] [Pencils] [Pinball] [Tic Tacs] [Main] [Contact Us] [Events] [Family] [Fun] [Garden] [Misc.] [Photos] [Search] [Site Index] [Travel]

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