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My name is Claire. I am 30 years old and I like to giggle. I have a sister named Jill and also have Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. You can read all about me, year-by-year. Here are all of my school portraits over the years. Here are photos taken of my graduation day in 2011.

Just after I turned 18, my hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. Here are photos of me with my very long hair before and with my new bob haircut.

Portrait of Claire Wiegand by Theresa Francis, 2006.

My friend Theresa took this awesome portrait of me. I was 17 in this picture (right).

On my 16th birthday (below), my Grandma Bundy got me some great new toys that I can activate myself. I especially like toys that play music.

I love presents!
M&Ms are delicious!

On my 13th birthday (left), I broke into my mom's special Bundlings House Concerts M&Ms, so she poured them into a bowl and I got to help myself to as many as I wanted.

On my 14th birthday (right), I got a terrific Birthday Bear from Audrey and Brent. All of its paws make noise when I press them!

Check out my Special Olympics photos! Please consider making a donation to Special Olympics Hamilton County in my name.

I love Birthday Bear!

In June 2005, I was given the Special Olympics Hamilton County MATP Corey Matthews Memorial Award. Corey was my friend and classmate for many years until he passed away in 2004. My whole family loved him, too.

Corey Matthews Memorial MATP Award

Special Olympics Hamilton County newsletter article on Corey Matthews Memorial MATP Award

Here I am with my friend Alisha Beard in 2002. She was one of my peer helpers in school, and she went with me to camp, too. She volunteered for Special Olympics and she came to visit me even after she went on to high school. She and another one of my peer helpers, Dale, died in a car accident in August 2004 and I'll miss her very much.

Claire and Alisha Claire and Alisha
Claire and Brooke in the yearbook

One of my wonderful school aides, Brooke, and I were featured in the Fishers Junior High yearbook in 2002. As you can see, I love Brooke.

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