Costa Rica 2009:
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Friday, June 26: Our day started out with the sinking realization that our camera had last been seen at dinner the night before. Fortunately, the nice people at the restaurant had turned it in to the lost and found. Here is the happy news of our camera's return being entered into the hotel's official Lost and Found Log.
With our camera back, we took photos of just about everything, including these birds who joined us ...
... while all three of us were having breakfast. This rare event occurred only because we had slept in fairly late for us and Jill was ready to get out in the sun relatively early for her.
We spent some time in the pool, then snagged some fabulous beach chairs under an umbrella. This was the perfect place to sip cocktails (all-inclusive resorts rock!) and burn our feet so badly that they were still burned a week later.
Occasionally, we'd spot Jill and her friends at the snack bar.
Here's the view of the pool from our lounge chairs, ...
... and here are some of the kids in the pool. About half of our group had opted to go on the scheduled tour to Manuel Antonio National Park, a 2 1/2 hour drive away, while the rest of us chose to stay at the resort all day. Both groups had a great day, by all reports.
We were happy with our selection.
We headed in later on and passed another lizard. Or is it an iguana? We never did learn to tell the difference.
Venturing back out of our room for a late lunch, we snapped a few more photos of the gorgeous resort.
It's a beauty.
Jill loved it so much she vowed to return for her honeymoon. We'll see how that plays out.
Late in the day, we were lured to the most excellent sunset bar once again. The surf was especially strong and we were able to see first hand why water sports are discouraged.
Here's the beach as seen from the pier, ...
... here are our beers, ...
... and here's another gigantic wave. The surf was so loud it sounded like thunder at times back in the open-air restaurant.
Maersk! After days of trying to get a classic Maersk-in-Costa-Rica shot, we finally got it.
Here's the edge of the sunset bar getting pummeled by the surf. At times, the splash reached the roof of the bar.
We enjoyed cocktails with our tripmates Paul and Susan. More fellow travelers joined us as the evening wore on.
We got a photo of us right at sunset.
Here's the very last glimpse of sunlight.
Here are Dayle, Randy, and Richard enjoying the evening air.
As it got darker, we realized it was time to head in, ...
... walk down the pier, ...

... and find our kid for dinner. Kevin joined us for dinner as well while we were waiting for Jill to arrive.

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