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At age 23, Claire isn't changing much these days. She still chews through her bandanas, still is a happy girl, and still enjoys life in general. In July 2012, she started taking her drink (Crystal Light in a water bottle with a built-in straw) with her into our master bathroom, then letting it spill on the white carpet so we rigged up a leash for it to keep it in the kitchen. Later in 2012, she learned to indicate extreme unhappiness by slamming a door loudly. Previously, she might accidentally slam a door shut, but for the first time, we'd see her slam a door, open it back up, and slam it again even harder to let us know she was in a bad mood. She's only done it a couple of times and it's pretty cute when she does it.

After a long absence, we tried taking Claire to another Sensory Friendly Film, "Wreck-It Ralph." She seemed to enjoy it. (November 2012)
We joined Santa for breakfast once again as part of the Special Olympics Hamilton County's annual fundraiser. When Claire sat on Santa's lap, she leaned into him to allow him to hug her. (December 2012)
While kittensitting our grandkitten, Olive, she helped supervise Claire's bedtime routine. Here, Olive makes sure that Claire does a good job getting her teeth brushed. (January 2013)
It's always good to get home to Claire. She wants little to do with people during the day, but she is very generous with the hugs at bedtime. (February 2013)
We found a new park near our home with an adapted playground.
Claire absolutely loves it, and can go up the stairs and down several of the slides by herself.
As long as she can keep her toy with her at all times, she'll play happily for quite a while. (May 2013)
We attended a birthday party and met the host's new puppy, Lucy. She's a friendly little girl and was happy to rest a moment on Claire's lap.
We put Claire in the bounce house and she had a lot of fun. She walked around in it and had no trouble keeping her balance, but mostly she bounced on her knees.
The same day, we went to Sheridan for the annual Opportunity Prom hosted by Claire's former teacher and the students of Sheridan High School. The theme was Disney, and the students had put this carriage out on display for photo opportunities. Claire was wearing a Minnie Mouse dress for the occasion. She enjoyed the music, snacks, and lights in the cafeteria where the dance is held.
Claire's former classmate CeCe was there, so we got our annual photo of the girls together. (May 2013)
We keep our swim spa filled from fall to spring, so just before emptying it, we spent some time swimming with Claire. She loves being in the water. (May 2013)
After a few more trips to Claire's favorite playground, all we have to do it open the van door and she happily skips toward her favorite slide. (June 2013)

Claire loves getting birthday presents! Here she is on her 24th birthday. (July 2013)

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