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This was a trying year, as Claire became more and more difficult to feed. She would only eat a couple of bites of any food, and usually refused to drink anything containing calories. Her favorite beverages were Diet Coke and water, and she could tell when we switched Diet Coke with regular Coke. Since it was hard to get her to drink nutrition drinks, we fed her a lot of fruit juice and gave her gummy vitamins. She survived on very few calories a day and we got very good at baking up very small batches of frozen snack foods in the toaster oven. She also started spending more time lying down on her bed or on couches, which may be how she conserved her calories. Fortunately, she remained healthy as always.

We took Claire and the grandkids to Inlow Park for some water fun.
Claire always enjoys feeling the water coming out of the pipes. (August 2018)
With construction making it difficult to get to the local Dairy Queen, we did our part to support the business by bringing Claire and the grandkids for treats.
The next day, we walked off those calories by visiting Flat Fork Creek Park. We climbed the big hill, visited treehouses, ...
... and walked along the boardwalk. (September 2018)
Claire's day program had a Halloween party, so Tom dressed up in our chicken costume, Debbie dressed as Maleficent, and Claire wore her adorable Twister dress. (October 2018)
Happy Halloween! Claire dressed in her jack-o-lantern shirt for Halloween. (October 2018)
Oh, Claire. Must you tear up the mini-blinds with your feet? Not a problem, though, because we have a supply of extra blinds lying around in case this happens. (December 2018)
Kelly and Johnny came over to spend the night. In the morning, Kelly helped brush Claire's hair. (January 2019)
Claire recently decided that it is fun to hang out in the bathtub. She happily plays with her toys and chews on her bandanas. (January 2019)
Tom and Claire stayed home from his job and her day program, respectively, because of extremely cold winter weather, so we decided to make it Pajama Day. (January 2019)
We took Claire to My Way Matinee where we saw "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World." (February 2019)
Just before draining the swim spa for the season, Claire had a blast playing in it. (April 2019)
With the weather getting nicer, Claire got to go to the park a little more often on her way home from her day program. (April 2019)
Claire can go down this slide by herself, but she can use a little encouragement the first time. (May 2019)
Claire enjoyed My Way Matinee's showing of "Ugly Dolls" at Regal Village Park in Westfield. The theater manager saw us taking her picture in front of the poster and by the time we had gotten our tickets and gone inside, an employee came up to us and gave Claire an official movie poster. (May 2019)
The great thing about a drizzly day is that you sometimes have the park all to yourself. (May 2019)
While Debbie was in Arizona caring for her dying father, Tom took Claire to My Way Matinee to see "The Secret Life of Pets 2." (June 2019)
Debbie returned to Arizona for another week, so Tom took Claire to My Way Matinee again. This time, they saw "Toy Story 4." (June 2019)
When Debbie returned from Arizona after her father's death, she was happy to settle back into the routine of being Claire's afternoon caretaker. (July 2019)
For Claire's 30th birthday, we took her to her favorite park. She usually sticks to the slides here, but she tried this equipment for the first time. (July 2019)
Then it was time to open presents. She gets very excited when she realizes that the presents are for her. (July 2019)

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