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Moulin Rouge! Was Baz Luhrmann in his brashly baroque, a shameless pop-cultural magpie molding equivalent parts kitsch, trendy and cliche to a rhapsodic fantasy. The giddy 2001 display crash of soaring dazzling and romance artifice helped resuscitate the film musical. Stage manager Alex Timbers along with the creative team with this delirious theatrical reinvention take these Luhrmann impulses and operate together, crafting a gaudy and stunning jukebox pastiche where eye-popping spectacle, off-the-charts energy and virtually non-stop musical mashups supply the plush cushioning for a featherweight plot.

The series is A LOT, in every way, both intoxicating and exhausting at its own unrelenting visual and sonic attack. But it virtually defies you to not be entertained. Tickets Are Now on Sale for Moulin Rouge! The Musical, you can book them at Al Hirschfeld Theatre, New York.

This can be a wildly extravagant creation that renders no mystery as to where its reported $28 million budget has been spent. Negotiating the audio rights alone must have cost a small fortune, while the sumptuous layout components cause whiplash because you try to shoot all of them in. The huge box office throughout previews and effusive audience reaction imply that Moulin Rouge! Is a significant crowd-pleaser, even though it is going to have to sustain that business over the long haul to reach gain. But it's safe to presume nobody will depart the Al Hirschfeld Theatre atmosphere they have not gotten a big, glitzy, sexy bang for their buck.

The lush sensory overload kicks in during the preshow, as louche demimonde denizens slink round the point and drape themselves decadently from the boxes, the girls in beaded corsets, plumage and fishnets, the guys in dandyish tailcoats, puffing on cigars and shooting insinuating appears into the audience. Wicked Broadway show is on tour in NYC - you can book discount Wicked The Musical Broadway Tickets for tonight show.

But you understand the next action is trapped out the 20th arrondissement once the opening "Can-Can" and" Lady Marmalade" medley are continued to the curtain call, the chorus boys currently wearing black top hats and tails across white tulle skirts (the extravagant costumes are by Catherine Zuber). Until this rousing conclusion, Satine's slow-motion passing resembles Violetta Valery on Valium, with no Verdi.

Luhrmann's"The Great Gatsby" and"Australia" demonstrate this movie director has problems telling a fantastic story, but his "Moulin Rouge!" Visuals display a flashy music-video consistency. In Timbers' stage musical, the series collapses under the burden of Logan's book once any one ceases singing and begins regurgitating plot points from "La Traviata," "Manon Lescaut," "Adriana Lecouvreur" and"Cabaret." What pushes the two showstoppers and curtain telephone are Sonya Tayeh's sex-charged choreography. Without her measures, Timbers stumbles over Logan's logorrhea.

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