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If you are a experienced indoor rower, you have no doubt heard of the Concept 2 rowing machine, and you might be searching for advice which can allow you to choose which version to purchase.

If you are new to indoor rowing and exploring your choices, you can not fail using a rower in the Concept2 range. Loved by indoor riders of all levels, many professional sports people think it to be the best rowing machine for home use.


Long popular with all the home exerciser, an indoor rowing machine can provide you a low-impact exercise which can strengthen and sculpt your upper body, lower body, as well as heart. Additionally, it gives a cardio workout that can strengthen your heart and enhance your lung capacity and endurance.

The rowing machines like this one include a track that will allow you to set goals, track your progress, and monitor your heartbeat for the most out of your sessions.


Launched in 1976, Concept2 makes indoor rowing machines for everybody in the casual and new exerciser into the elite athlete. In reality, these are the very same versions Olympics athletes utilize for coaching purposes.

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is the world's number 1 selling indoor rowing machine. Professional rowers consider it to be the version which sets the standard for indoor rowing machines

With a couple of added features that will appeal to people who desire a system with all the bells and whistles and then a few, the Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine is a staple in several gymnasiums, clubhouses and physical fitness centers.

Sturdy and durable, each version in the Concept 2 rowing machine array has unsurpassed functionality and attributes such as a PM5 Monitor.

Textured rubber handles allow a firm grasp, however much you perspire. Ergonomically designed for comfort, the grips include a 10-degree bend which will let you keep up a natural arm and hand posture during your sessions.

A aluminum monorail topped with a stainless-steel track along with a chair which slips easily ensures smooth motion and quite a comfortable exercise. Sized to fit as much as some 36-inch inseam, for an excess charge a longer duration could be purchased if needed.

Each Concept 2 rowing machine at the scope may be used by everybody from the shortest to the tallest of individuals weighing around 500 lbs. The footrests immediately adjust to fit any sized toes.

Constructing the rowers takes about 10 minutes. Twist the fronts and backs together, attach the thighs and you'll be prepared to begin exercising.

Included with both versions is a log card and a USB cable for connecting your PM5Monitor to a PC and accessing information stored on the flash. You'll also get series oil, a user guide, and instructions and the tools necessary to construct the rowing machine.

While not inexpensive, using its exceptional quality, strength, durability and reliable performance, the Concept 2 rowing machine is one of the best value rowing machines out there.

There are a number of manufacturers and models of indoor rowing machines to select from in many different price brackets. Certainly, some of the best come in the Concept two rowing machine range. Their functionality is second-to-none, along with the rowers can certainly defy long-term repeated usage. Should you prefer to carefully monitor all facets of your workouts, then you may adore the Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

Having analyzed the Concept2 Model D and the Concept2 Model E in the health club, I can not fault either. Their motion is quite smooth, and they feel strong and incredibly stable. I love the selection of applications and the choice of customizing work outs. The games are amazing too!

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