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Friday, August 13, 2004: After a delicious buffet breakfast in the Royal Stewart dining room, Tom, Laura, Mary, and Bob checked out the 3D map of the Glacier-Waterton Peace Park. Laura pointed out the route of the backpacking trip she and the others took up to Hole-in-the-Wall on the US side of the park.

Fortunately, Laura had conveniently chosen to wear the map as well, in case anyone gets lost.
2004 Debbie posed for replica of a photo taken here nineteen years earlier. This was her third visit to the hotel, ...
1985 ... first in 1974, then again in 1985, shown here.
After many discussions, the serious backpackers, the casual hikers, and the couch potatoes came up with a nice hike the whole family could do, so we headed to beautiful Lake Cameron, a few miles west of Waterton.
Several times, we stopped for snacks and rock-skipping competitions.


Stewart was always on the hunt for the perfect rock to skip.
The trail ended at the other end of the lake, with a platform to rest, read up on the area, and enjoy the scenery.
This gigantic bug landed on Debbie's leg. She calmly got someone to photograph it. After the photo was taken, it started running up her leg, and shrieking ensued. The bug was eventually shooed away to safety.
Hungry after a two-mile hike, the clan gathered for another potluck meal at the park area next to the lake. There was a discussion about Herb, Bob, and Tom hiking back to the hotel by climbing right over the mountains between here and there, but that idea was quickly squashed.
The kids played in the cold water of a nearby creek, then tried to dry out in the sun.
After the hike, Debbie, Doug, Tom, Jill and Stewart went out to see a little of Waterton. We had some ice cream, then went to see Cameron Falls.
The chipmunks (or "chickmunks," according to Stewart) were merry.
We walked up to the top of the falls and this is what we saw. Pretty, huh?
With time to spare before getting dressed up for dinner, Stewart talked us into skipping a few more rocks on the shore of Lake Waterton. By this time, we were seeing the pattern: water + rocks = skipping rock opportunity.
We drove back through the town of Waterton, where everyone's flower beds are covered with chicken wire. After seeing marmots and deer munching their way through front and back yards, we understood why.
All cleaned up for dinner, we headed downstairs. This is the view from the fourth floor of the Prince of Wales Hotel.
We gathered around tables in the lobby ...
... to toast recently-married Uncle Herb and Aunt Cyl ...
... and we enjoyed that fabulous view of Lake Waterton through the huge picture windows.
Next, we enjoyed a delicious dinner in the Royal Stewart dining room ...
... with the occasional serenade by performers from the local theater group, dressed as Canadian Mounties.

After dinner, we took advantage of the great weather and view to take a million different family photos, including this terrific group shot.

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