Glacier/Waterton 2004:
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Sunday, August 15, 2004: We checked out of Glacier Park Lodge and took a leisurely drive along the south end of the park back to the Kalispell airport on the west side of the park. The railroad follows the road for much of the way. Here you can see the roofing built to protect the tracks from avalanches.

Just outside of the park, we took a small detour to Hungry Horse Reservoir to see the dam there.
Once at the airport, we were ran across this display for Gary Spetz and his watercolor paintings. We have nearly a dozen of his works in our home. He relocated to Glacier from Minnesota a few years ago, and we were delighted to see his display.
This is where our trip should have ended. Sadly, we did not make it home that evening. Instead of leaving at 2:00, a series of delays and bumps left us stranded until we were rerouted through Salt Lake City overnight. By this time, the tiny airport's grill had closed. A fellow stranded traveller got snacks and beer and was generous enough to share with us.
That evening, we found ourself in Salt Lake City, the very place Debbie had thought would be nice to visit. However, our visit lasted less than 12 hours, and we were back home to Indy via Detroit the next morning. We arrived home just in time for Jill to attend her first day of school the next morning. Don't you love a happy ending?

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