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Note: This travelog was written in 2013, so many details have long been forgotten since we took the trip.

Friday, January 22, 1999: We so much enjoyed our trip to Oahu in 1998 that we decided to use our frequent flyer miles to visit Maui the next year. We spent all day flying to Kahului, Maui via Memphis, San Francisco, and Honolulu. Our destination was the hotel shown in this postcard: the Hyatt Regency Maui on Kaanapali Beach.

After the long shuttle ride to the Hyatt, we arrived after dark and were greeted with a message from Debbie's boss noting that the project she'd rushed to finish up before leaving was working fine. We were put in room 1605 our first night because the room we had reserved was not yet available.

Saturday, January 23, 1999: We started our day with omelettes from room service, then headed to the pool. We treated ourselves to poolside daiquiries, then had lunch at the hotel's Cascades Grill (spring rolls, fish sandwich, and shrimp Caesar salad, according to the receipt we saved).
In the afternoon, we switched to room 1828, then walked along the beach to Whaler's Village.
Along with upscale stores and restaurants, there was an impressive display of sand sculptures.
We had dinner in a restaurant overlooking the island of Lanai, then walked back along the beach to the Hyatt Regency.
Sunday, January 24, 1999: It was rainy the next morning, so we took the Sugar Cane Train to Lahaina. We walked around town and did a little shopping and mostly tried to stay dry. We probably ate something but neither of us remember much about how we spent our morning. By afternoon, the sun was out.
We settled in for an afternoon of sun ...
... and piña coladas from the Grotto Bar.
The grounds of the resort are beautiful. Here is Tom with his flamingo friends.
Frequent rains lead to frequent rainbows.
Here's the view from room 1828. Our previous room had a view of the valley, but now we had a view of the ocean and Lahaina. We enjoyed burgers from room service for dinner.
Monday, January 25, 1999: Here's the gorgeous atrium of the Hyatt Regency. We started our day with turkey sandwiches in the Pavillion Restaurant.
Next, we rented snorkeling equipment for an hour and did some very unmemorable snorkeling off of the beach. We learned later that the best snorkeling is up the beach toward Black Rock.
Lunch was a chicken teriyaki sandwich and fruit plate, followed by afternoon daiquiries around the pool again. At this point, we were quite sunburned.
Another brief afternoon shower was followed by a double rainbow.
We bought some Hyatt Regency shot glasses and a polo shirt in the hotel gift shop, and we also took a walk back to Whaler's Village for snacks and souvenirs.
Here's Debbie in one of many scenic settings on the resort grounds.
Dining at the resort was crazy expensive, so we knew that dinner at the Cascades Grille would set us back a bunch. We timed our meal with the sunset over Lanai.
We started out with foofy drinks: one Road to Hana (whatever that was) and one Piña Colada. Next up: seafood chowder for Debbie and soup for Tom.
Our waiter brought us a complimentary order of coconut shrimp, which was the first time either of us had tried it. We are now big fans.
According to our restaurant receipt, we each had mixed grill as our entrees. It was probably delicious, but we don't recall. We do remember having a wonderful time.
Before we turned in for the night, we visited the resort's resident penguins.
Tuesday, January 26, 1999: Our flight to Honolulu didn't leave until 11:45 AM, so we spent a few more minutes walking around the resort and enjoying the early morning light.
We had breakfast in the open air Swan Court restaurant.
When we flew to Honolulu, we were met at the gate by Debbie's friend, Peter, who greeted us each with flower leis. From Honolulu, we flew to Seattle, followed by an overnight flight to Detroit, then Indianapolis. We touched down in Indy in the morning and went straight to our jobs and took our leis with us.

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