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Intran was a Minnesota company where Debbie worked upon graduation from Macalester College. It's long gone now, but here are some memories to share.

Intran Promotional Video (1984) - Bringing Information to Life

Around the time that Debbie arrived at Intran, this video was created that shows the Metaform system. The video was posted by Digibarn using a file provided by Debbie.

Intran Gourmeta Cookbooks

In 1986, the popularity of the Intran Product Integration Group's renowned Goodie Chair led to the publication of the Intran Gourmeta cookbook, featuring recipes from some of the treats that appeared on the Goodie Chair over the years. It was created using MetaForm's FormBuilder and GraphicsBuilder, and printed using the newly-developed PostScript driver in MetaForm. The FormBuilder user interface was modified to create the cookbook section dividers, and the Gourmeta icon was based on the four product icons in the MetaForm line. The four buttons at the bottom (representing help, undo, etc., in MetaForm) were modified to represent the four food groups. Click on a graphic to see full-size version or click here for a PDF version of the entire cookbook (11 MB).


Table of Contents

Section Divider

The first Gourmeta cookbook was such a hit with Intran employees that the Marketing department decided to create a holiday version to send to customers in December 1986. This version was a half-size booklet, with red cardstock cover. The pages were developed in FormBuilder again, but the cookbooks were printed in bulk by a printing company. Click on a graphic to see full-size version or click here for a PDF version of the entire cookbook (11 MB).

Holiday Gourmeta

Holiday Gourmeta
Inside Front Cover

Holiday Gourmeta
Table of Contents

Holiday Gourmeta
Back Cover

Intran Images

Click on graphic to see full-size version.

Butterfly Ad
Circa ~1984

One Sheet Flyer (Front)
Circa ~1985

One Sheet Flyer (Back)
Circa ~1985

Intran Photos

Debbie K. in front of Intran on Bush Lake Road. Taken 6/84.
Cheryl H-Y and Debbie S. in Bristol, England, after visiting Intran customer Rolls Royce. Taken 5/85.
Halloween at Intran features Nick (prisoner), Tom (computer geek), Dale (Indiana Jones), Debbie (flapper) and Rich (Ghostbuster). Taken 10/85.
Argyle Socks Day at Intran with Debbie, Dale, Dick, Dave, Bill, Ray, Nick and Rich. Sorry for the lousy quality, but this was a very dark Polaroid. Probably taken in 1985.
Rich Fanning at Intran. Taken 12/85.
Dale serves up his famous chocolate mousse at the Goodie Chair. Note the lit and unlit birthday candles which form 23 in binary for Debbie's 23rd birthday. Taken 12/85.
Earnie at Intran. Taken 12/85.
Nick, Debbie, Tom and Kristi scuba diving in Lake Owasso in St. Paul. Taken 5/86.
Sue and Debbie, skydiving in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Taken 6/86.
Debbie and Doug preparing Earnie's birthday celebration. Taken 8/86.
Rich, Ray and Laurie at Nick's Halloween party. Taken 10/86.
Cheryl at Intran. Taken 1/87.
Peter at Intran. Taken 1/87.
A badly-centered shot of several people, including Ron, Debbie, Dave W., Doug, Dave J. and Holly. Taken at Bennigan's, 2/87.
Intran's Product Integration Group: Dale, Earnie, Nick, Dave J., Dave W., Bill, Rich V., Pete, Mark, Ron G.(barely visible on end), Debbie, Doug, Holly, Harold, Rich F. and Dave. Taken 2/87.
Rick and Russ. Taken 2/87.
Bob, Half Moon Bay, California. Taken 7/98.
Doug, his son Stewart, Debbie and her daughter, Jill. Taken 8/99.
Intran Reunion Lunch in Minnesota: Ed, Liz, Rich, Lorie, Ron, Dale, Mary, Ray, Bill, Peter. Taken 7/06.
Holly and Debbie at lunch in Indianapolis. Taken 7/07.
Russ and Rick at lunch with Debbie in St. Paul. Taken 10/08.
Hillary, Kristi, Dale, Debbie, and Ray in Minneapolis. Taken 8/10.
Debbie, Tom, Dale, and Kristi in Edina. Taken 6/17.
Russ and Rick at dinner with Debbie at Rick's home. Taken 6/17. Sadly, Rick passed away in July 2019.


Debbie Schilling

Tribute to Rich Fanning

Bruce Damer's DigiBarn

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