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Maersk is a homemade family game with a single objective: be the first to spot a container with the Mærsk name and logo on it. (Note: We've now expanded the game to include any reference to Maersk.) It started innocently enough in Denmark in 1996. The distinctive name and logo caught our eye when we were there. A year later, we were in Miami and saw several Maersk containers at the port there. A visit to Singapore a few months later made us realize that Maersk is everywhere, and a game was born. An episode of the television show "Scrubs" gave us the name for our little game (remember the game "Steak"?). Every container port we visit is a new opportunity to play, but sometimes you're playing when you least expect it. We've spotted Maersk at our local mall, in the middle of a desert, and even a block away at the middle school construction site. It's also fun and easy to play while watching movies or television.

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Maersk in Pennsylvania, 2021

Maersk in Flastaff, Arizona, 2021

Maersk in Salt Lake City, Utah, 2021

Maersk in Wyoming, 2021

Maersk in Nevada, 2020 (Contributed by sister-in-law Susan)

Maersk in New Mexico, 2020

Maersk in Peach Springs, Arizona, 2018

Maersk in New Orleans, Louisiana, 2019

Maersk in Jacksonville, Florida, 2018

Maersk in Pepin, Wisconsin, 2018

Maersk in Baltimore, Maryland, 2018

Maersk in Newark, New Jersey, 2018

Maersk in West Texas, 2017

Maersk in Norfolk, Virginia, 2018

Maersk in Carmel, Indiana, 2015

Maersk in St. Maarten, 2015

Maersk in Normandy, France, 2015

Maersk in Inverness, Scotland, 2015

Maersk in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2015

Maersk in Cork, Ireland, 2015

Maersk in Dover, England, 2015

Maersk in Jordan, 2014

Maersk in Arusha, Tanzania, 2014

Maersk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2014

Maersk in Cape Town, South Africa, 2014

Maersk in Livingstone, Zambia, 2014

Maersk in Oslo, Norway, 2013

Maersk Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013

Maersk in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013

Maersk in South Carolina, 2013

Maersk in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, 2013

Maersk in Panama City, Panama, 2013

Maersk in Cartagena, Colombia, 2013

Maersk in Lima, Peru, 2012

Maersk in St. Paul, Minnesota, 2012

Maersk in Vancouver, British Columbia, 2012

Maersk in Ketchikan, Alaska, 2012

Maersk in Singapore, 2012

Maersk in Hong Kong, China, 2012

Maersk in Bangkok, Thailand, 2012

Maersk in Agadir, Morocco, 2011

Maersk in Casablanca, Morocco, 2011

Maersk in Bay of Gibraltar, 2011

Maersk in Funchal, Portugal, 2011

Maersk in Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Maersk in Málaga, Spain, 2011

Maersk in San Pablo, CA, 2011 (Contributed by our friend Bryan)

Maersk in Boston, Massachusetts, 2011

Maersk in Entebbe, Uganda, 2011 (Contributed by our friend Bill)

Maersk in Kampala, Uganda, 2011 (Contributed by our friend Bill)

Maersk in British Virgin Islands, 2011 (Contributed by Debbie's father)

Maersk in Turks and Caicos, 2011 (Contributed by our friend Gina)

Maersk in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, 2011

Maersk in Tahiti, French Polynesia, 2011

Maersk in Tahiti, French Polynesia, 2011

Maersk in a TV commercial, 2010

Maersk in Cincinnati, Ohio, 2010

Maersk in Rushville, Indiana, 2010

Maersk on the Amazing Race, 2010

Maersk on Hawaii 5-0, 2010

Maersk in Prague, Czech Republic, 2010

Maersk in Brussels, Belgium, 2010

Maersk in Salzburg, Austria, 2010

Maersk in Munich, Germany, 2010

Maersk in Costa Rica, 2009

Maersk in Montreal, 2009

Maersk in Savannah, Georgia, 2009

Maersk in Charleston, South Carolina, 2009

Maersk in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008

Maersk in Ushuaia, Argentina, 2008

Maersk on the Amazing Race, 2008

Maersk on American Idol, 2009

Maersk in Long Beach, California, 2008

Maersk in Kentucky, 2008

Maersk in Denmark, 2008 (Contributed by Debbie's brother)

Maersk on Fail Blog, 2008

Maersk on Burn Notice, 2008

Maersk on Heroes, 2008

Maersk in St. Lucia, 2008

Maersk in St. Kitts, 2008

Maersk in Puerto Rico, 2008

Maersk in Barbados, 2008

Maersk in the movie "Dear Frankie"

Old-style Maersk in the movie "Sand Pebbles"

Maersk in Shanghai, China, 2008

Maersk in Hong Kong, China, 2008

Maersk in Dalian, China, 2008

Maersk outside of Tianjin, China, 2008

Maersk in Kobe, Japan, 2008

Maersk in Busan, South Korea, 2008

Maersk in Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, 2007

Maersk in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, 2007

Maersk in Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, 2007

Maersk in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, 2007

Maersk in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, 2007

Maersk in Dubai, 2007 (Contributed by our friend Pete)

Maersk in Odessa, Ukraine, 2007

Maersk in Istanbul, Turkey, 2007

Maersk in Limassol, Cyprus, 2007

Maersk in Alexandria, Egpyt, 2007

Maersk in Piraeus, Greece, 2007

Maersk by train tracks near Chicago, 2006

Maersk in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, 2006

Maersk in Greenfield, Indiana, 2006

Maersk in Wellington, New Zealand, 2006

Maersk in Lyttleton/Christchurch, New Zealand, 2006

Maersk in Dunedin, New Zealand, 2006

Maersk in Napier, New Zealand, 2006

Maersk in Auckland, New Zealand, 2006

Maersk in Philadelphia, 2006

Maersk on the Daily Show, 2005

Maersk on the Amazing Race, 2005

Maersk in Miami, Florida, 2005

Maersk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2005

Maersk on I-65 in Indianapolis, 2005

Maersk in Reykjavik, Iceland, 2005

Maersk in Seattle, Washington, 2004

Maersk in Carmel, Indiana, 2005

Maersk on I-65 south of Chicago, 2005

Maersk in Civitavecchia, Italy, 2004

Maersk in Livorno, Italy, 2004

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