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Saturday, October 16, 2004: It's Maize Maze Mayhem III! This year, we marked ourselves with lovely round stickers, since it was too cold out to expose enough flesh for temporary tattoos. Our private chauffeur at Mullin Farm in Brownsburg drove us to the maze across the road to start our day.

Audrey and Gina were kind enough to take on the dual responsibilities of navigating and card punching, while Brent, Debbie, and Tom followed behind, chit-chatting.
Oooh! Nature tracks. We stopped to compare how our feet size up to the local deer.
Since it was very cold out, we were very motivated to get through the maze quickly. Thus, every new checkpoint was cause for celebration.
Brent gets down with his bad self. He may be a schmancy Doctor now, but he still has a rock 'n' roll heart.
Gina discovered contraband on the ground. After Debbie and Gina discussed it at length, they decided that the best thing to do was to scatter the contraband and discard the plastic bag at the earliest opportunity, but not before photographing our brief foray into the underground drug world.
Audrey and Gina debated the best strategy for reaching the next checkpoint.
For a brief moment, we saw blue sky. It was still very, very, very cold, though. You can't imagine how cold.
Corn mazers must keep up their strength. Audrey brought along M-Azing chocolate bars for a quick burst of energy.
Who could ask for lovelier corn-maze-card-punchers? Not us.
"Hello? Yes, Heather, it is outrageously cold out today, so we completely understand you not dragging adorable little Katherine out with you in this weather. Buh-bye!"
Corn maze conquered. Surely we have proven ourselves to be serious mazers.
As a reward, we visited the petting zoo briefly. The goats were as cute and as happy to see us as ever. Some might even argue that they were happier than usual to see us.
Propping a camera against a rock on the dirt produces an unusual camera angle, but we couldn't bring ourselves to ask the nice Mullin Farm folks to take another photo of us.
Next, we were back on the open road to play another rousing game of "This or That," the traditional walkie-talkies-in-the-car game that we always play between mazes.
Brent was the authorized walkie-talkie representative in the Purple Van O' Majesty, while Audrey manned the controls in Gina's Alero.
Lunchtime! We headed to Nothing But Noodles, where we were joined by Michael and Jeff for the afternoon's Mayhem activities.
It was Jeff's birthday, so after we all enjoyed our bowls of noodles, we had birthday cake. Jeff's age was indicated in binary by lighting only certain candles. (Computer geeks, see the larger version of this photo to calculate Jeff's age.)
After serious discussion, we decided that we had done enough corn mazing in the cold, and that Mayhem could certainly involve bowling if we wanted. As it turns out, we heart bowling just as much as we heart mazing.
We heart STRIKES! most of all, though.
Audrey was surprised by the Maize Maze Mayhem paparazzi as Jeff the Mighty rolled what was most likely another strike.
Don't you have it when a pin gets stick in the middle of the lane and you have to call for help and they announce it over the loudspeaker and some teenager has to go fix it? The correct term for this predicament is "dead wood." That is your bowling lesson for the day.
Michael calmly looked on as he rolled a spare.
Debbie was felled early on in the game by a combination mazing-bowling leg injury, so the others kindly bowled her game for her. She was embarrassed to admit that it was the best score she's ever gotten.
The scores at the end of game two. We decided that two games was plenty of bowling mayhem.
After bowling, Jeff and Michael went their separate ways, while Gina, Audrey, and Brent headed back to our house for Chinese take-out and poker. For the hundredth time, Gina accepted Audrey's "Junior Birdmen" challenge, but this time with the added twist of poker chips.
Not only was Brent extra-groovy in his black turtleneck, but he was extra-good at poker. Here he shows off a straight and the pile of chips he won from the rest of us. After this, we decided that we had enjoyed enough Mayhem for one day, and declared Maize Maze Mayhem III a smashing success.
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