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Saturday, October 8, 2005: It's Maize Maze Mayhem IV! We met at the Poppin' Corn Maze in Greenfield, Indiana. We started the afternoon with a group photo while sporting our classy MMM IV buttons.

With a combination of veterans and rookies, we broke into three separate groups and set out through the two mazes. While Rappin' Stevie G led our group, Tom, Audrey, and Brent were navigating the second maze in the distance.
We realize now that if we are ever going to be Olympic-level mazers, we'll have to work on our punch card skills. Valuable seconds were lost as we tried different approaches. Next time, we'll train for months beforehand.
Hey! There's John's group! Normally, one would not be able to see the other competitors in a corn maze, but the Poppin' Corn Maze features special short corn which is unencumbered by the height found in other mazes.
Noxious weed or lovely flower? You decide.
Angie, John, Shane, and Amy made their way through the first maze just feet away from where we were in the second maze.
Oooh! More pretty flowers/noxious weeds!
Our triumphant victory run to the end of the second maze was marred by the fact that Tom, Audrey, and Brent had already been victorious.
Shortly afterward, Angie and Amy emerged from one side of the maze, ...
... followed by John and Shane out of the other side. Rumors of a navigation dispute turned out to be unfounded ...
... and the team was once again reunited.
You wouldn't think that a GPS would be necessary in a maze where the corn comes up to your waist, but it can be amusing to see the path taken.
Having conquered the waist-high mazes, we set out to conquer the knee-high maze as well. The question was not how to navigate it but whether or not it could be navigated, as it no longer had the structural integrity it had once enjoyed in its glory days.
Somehow, we were successful, and we took a congratulatory self-portrait.
With all mazing done, we headed to the maze headquarters for sustenance.
We loaded up on funnel cakes and their famous kettle corn. Although we had overestimated the amount of kettle corn we should purchase when we had mazed here in 2002, we overpurchased once again because it is just so very tasty.
Speaking of which, here is the source of the kettle corn. It turns out that there's a kettle involved in the preparation of said corn.
With mazing mayhem done, it's on to poker mayhem at the Bundlings home. Down to the final four players, everyone went all in on a hand. How will it end? Who will win the pot?
It's card shark Gina, of course! But with a smile this charming, it's a pleasure to lose to her.
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