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Saturday, October 7, 2006: We had a perfect sunny day for Maize Maze Mayhem V! The mayhem began at Boondocks Farm in Knightstown, Indiana. MMMazers received two stickers: one commemorating MMMV and one containing five corn cobs, with one colored cob for every year of participation. The highly coveted five colored cob stickers were sported only by Gina, Audrey, Brent, Tom, and Debbie who had braved the very, very cold weather in 2004.

In front of the maze was this lovely map of the maze. Note that the 10 locations for the hole punches are not marked. Even though there were no novice mazers in our group, this little wrinkle made it impossible for most of us to finish the maze successfully.
The all-female team consisted of Debbie, Jessica, and Gina.
Audrey, Steve, and Jeff were in another team. Here, Audrey points to a random location on the map and says, "I suspect we'll find a hole punch location somewhere in this half of the maze."
Tom, Brent, and Renee had very high confidence levels, which proved to be well-founded.
Off they went, in search of corn mazing glory.
Team Estrogen bumped into the fourth team, consisting of Angie, John, Rich, and Drew. Gina and Jessica managed to corner Angie and John, but then remembered they weren't pirates and decided not to take them prisoner.
Here's Drew as seen from the other side of the impenetrable corn maze wall.
We were so happy to finally find checkpoint 4 that we photographed it. Where was it in the maze? Couldn't tell you.
We made several new friends as we wandered aimlessly throughout the maze looking for unmarked checkpoints. Here are our brand new BFFs. If only we had gotten their names.
All four teams were in constant walkie-talkie contact, so news of victory was instantaneously delivered to the three losing teams. The winners? Tom, Brent, and Renee, shown here resting with Rich and Drew who were part of the second team out. The remaining teams did their best to make it out of the maze at this point.
The final team out of the maze was not completely downtrodden, as they had found most of their missing checkpoints while trying to find their way out of the maze.
Next up: food! Our quest to try the advertised Mountain Oyster Sandwich was destined for failure because the food trailer was completely sold out of them. Fortunately, elk burgers, brisket sandwiches, and other delicacies were a fine (and less disgusting) substitute.
Our next stop was the animal display. For safety's sake, it was not a petting zoo so we had to admire the adorable farm animals from behind a rope.
We ask you: what is cuter than a miniature horse?
Why, miniature donkeys, of course! (Or are those burros?)
The llama was quite friendly. At this point, Audrey pulled out a tidbit from her llama knowledge bank that llamas can spit, so the camera was retracted a bit, but he remained a well-mannered fellow. Nancy had more llama facts for us later in the evening, so we are now quite llama-savvy.
Our last stop saw us drop a bit of cash at the gift shop ...
... and photograph the impressive heap of decorative gourds. You may be thinking about what a lovely computer backdrop this might make. Click here for a large version of this photo to do with as you please. You're welcome.
In case you forgot, we were at Boondocks Farms.

Over the years, the word "Mayhem" in Maize Maze Mayhem has been expanded to include non-mazing activities such as bowling, dining, and gaming. For phase two of the day, most of us headed back to the Bundlings basement, where we were joined by Steve, Nancy, Heather, and Scott. First, we started with a round of Apples to Apples, featuring customized Orchard Development cards.

Next, it was on to poker, so we could help Drew practice for his trip to Vegas. We paused briefly for entertainment as Audrey led the room in the theme song from Gilligan's Island, since there were those present who were too young to know the song by heart. Fear not, gentle reader, because we allowed them to stay.
Funny hats moved around the table as we moved onto the next game, Pit! It involves a lot of yelling and moving and laughing; some might call that sort of activity mayhem.
Here's another shot of the Pit! mayhem, included only to show the dazzling array of funny hats. Won't you join in the Mayhem next year?
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