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Sunday, October 15, 2007: Maize Maze Mayhem VI began at Waterman's Farm Market.

Armed with walkie talkies, water bottles, comfortable shoes, and years of mazing experience, we confidently entered the hardest corn maze.
Brent, Eric, and Zane were the first team to find an exit approximately two minutes later. We decided it had to be a fluke and convinced them to come back into the maze.
Gina, Matt, and Renee were another team, but it was hard to keep track of which team was which since we kept running into each other in the small maze.
After five minutes of mazing, we had no choice but to exit when we encountered a second exit. The maze simply wasn't ready for pros like us. We spent two minutes discussing our options and decided to go back in and work our way back to the entrance. Elapsed time from start to finish: 9 minutes.
We figured the intermediate maze would take even less time, and we were right.
We flew through the intermediate maze in just a few minutes, then walked the easy maze (dubbed the "corn trail" by Drew) in less than 60 seconds.
Clearly overqualified for the traditional corn mazes, we found ourselves challenged by the tiny straw bale maze.
The brave souls who took on this challenge included Nancy, who courageously took the lead...
... Gina, armed with a walkie talkie in case there was an incident ...
... Renee, who had the extra obstacle of her own hair ...
... Debbie, who heroically overcame her claustrophobia and a five-year-old going through the maze in the wrong direction ...
... and finally, Steve.
Our next stop was the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. The Butler contingent abstained but firmly denied a deep-seated fear of pumpkin patches.
We scored seats in the kid-free second wagon for a leisurely ride through the fields. Here are Steve and Nancy, ...
... Renee and Matt, ...
... Gina and Debbie, ...
... and Steve and Brent.
Once at the pumpkin patch, we inspected the pumpkins carefully.
Gina selected this fine specimen but broke its tiny orange heart when she decided not to keep it.
Debbie sought a pumpkin as big as her freakishly large head. This was a close match.
Corn mazing and hay riding builds up a ferocious appetite. Fortunately, there were many deep fried foods to select from.
The toughest part was trying not to order them all.
We heard a mighty roar as the pumpkin-eating dinosaur woke up from a nap. Yes, a dinosaur. Not something you see very often, or ever, for that matter.
These typical mohawked tots enjoyed some delicious shave ice. At this point, we headed back north for more mayhem at the Bundlings home, all of which was fun but none of which was captured for posterity, which was probably best.
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