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Saturday, October 18, 2008: Maize Maze Mayhem VII took place just to the east of Indianapolis at Piney Acres Farm in Fortville.

We divided into five teams, and after a quick reading of the rules, we were off.
This maze has 12 checkpoints marked on the map, and 12 unmarked checkpoints at dead ends. This was an unmarked checkpoint. All checkpoints had trivia questions to answer.
Gina, Patrick, and Drew rushed past us on their way to ultimate victory.
Who is that on the other side of a corn maze wall? It looks like Team Browns-Eric-Zane.
Team Number One featured Brent on card-punching and answer-recording, ...
... Rich on navigation, ...
... and Debbie on trash-talking via the walkie-talkie.
At the top of the maze was a bonus area. It was unmapped and contained 10 additional checkpoints. Brent's water bottle marked the location until not one, but two different teams attempted to sabotage Team One's safe exit by moving it.
The bonus questions were nice and easy, as were the locations of the checkpoints, so it was a fun little area to explore.
From the bonus area, another team was visible through the corn. Who can it be? It's Steve #1, Nancy, and Audrey, not that you can tell from this photo.
Teams continued to pass each other in the maze. Here are Renee, Alice, and just a brief glimpse of Steve #2 as they rushed off ...
... and here are Audrey, Nancy, and Steve #1.
Gina and Patrick were supposedly on a team with Drew, ...
... shown here trying to run off with Team One's answer sheet, an action also known as cheating.
Two checkpoints were in plain sight, and both involved identifying the evergreens standing in the middle of the corn. None of us were evergreen experts, but we took our best guesses.
This gentleman has clearly been inside the maze too long.
However, we did not have time to assist him because there were still more dead-ends to follow and checklists to find.
Huh. There's Drew again without his team. Shouldn't someone be watching this guy? Shortly after this, word came over the walkie-talkies that Drew was lost. Rumor has it that Zane and Eric's team came to his assistance, and by the end of the day, that story had been embellished quite a bit.
Under suspician of cheating, Patrick, Gina, and Drew exited the maze first.
Bobby, Hillary, Zane, and Eric came in a close second, without any cloud of controversy. They were the only four-person team (or five-person, if you count Baby Brown, due to arrive in January).
Team One. Third Place.
Alice and Steve did well for their first MMMazing experience, ably assisted by Maize Maze Mayhem veteran (AKA MMMeteran) Renee.
Here are Audrey, Nancy, and Steve, thrilled to be leaving the maze at last.
Piney Acres Farm grows Christmas trees and pumpkins as well as corn.
Here's a lovely specimen.
Back at maze headquarters, the teams scored their answers. No perfect scores, but not bad either.
The refreshment stand offered candy, homemade Rice Krispie treats, hot dogs, corn dogs, and other goodies, plus lots of tables for resting after some serious cornmazing. We fortified ourselves with snacks for the 40-minute drive back to Debbie's (or longer if you get lost).
Mayhem continued in the Bundlings basement, with a few folks opting out and Tona, Olivia, and Jeff joining us. Someone Rickrolled the party and Zane showed us his best Rick Astley dance moves.
As much as Drew thinks funny hats would be a lousy Fun ZoneTM, he can certainly wear one like a pro.
Pizza, snacks, games and hats kept us amused the remainder of the evening, as usual.
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