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Saturday, October 10, 2009: Maize Maze Mayhem VIII was the first year where the Equally Fun Backup Plan had to be invoked, so we took our mazing indoors for some laser tag at Laser Flash.

Step One: registering and picking awesome nicknames designed to inspire fear in our foes.
Step Two: donning MMM VIII stickers and temporary tattoos.
Debbie (AKA "Mean Lady") showed off her MMM VIII finery.
Step Three: towering over the competition while we waited for our first session to start. Steve B (AKA "Beast") and Zane (AKA "Panther") did more than their fair share in this department.
The onscreen scoreboard showed how we were all doing. Our group was mixed in with the other groups playing that day, so the MMMazers were forced to fight each other.
Our MMM VIII stickers glowed quite nicely in the black light.
Audrey (AKA "Samba") and Steve (AKA "Rick Astley") rallied with the Red Team at the recharge station.
Tom (AKA "T-Bone") headed up the ramp to take out some more unsuspecting 10-year-olds.
Back at the Bundlings basement, we played games ...
... and then Tim joined us in time for Great Dalmuti, which requires funny hats. Well, not really, but we'll use any excuse to wear funny hats ...
... especially if they have a built-in microphone for space-to-earth communications.
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