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Sunday, October 10, 2010: Our second Maize Maze Mayhem of the season involved a return to Waterman's Farm Market in Indianapolis, site of MMM VI.
While waiting for the 10/10/10 10:10:10 party to start, Brent checked his height.
Steve tried to duck down to the six feet marker, since being any taller wasn't an option, but he was unsuccessful.
Here's an action shot of Gina and Patrick in line to pay their admission.
At precisely 10:10 AM (+ 10 seconds) on 10/10/10, we took our first group photo.
There was some discussion about splitting up into teams, and there was the passing out of the walkie talkies.
Then there was the mazing itself, starting with the easy maze for Patrick, Gina, Steve, and Nancy, ...
... and the hard maze for Brian, Jamie, Tom, Audrey, and Brent. After a few minutes, the teams switched mazes. All mazing was completed in 10 minutes, with one overachieving team doing the "hard" maze three times in that timeframe.
At this point, Greg, John, and Megan had arrived, so it was time for a second round of mazing. Debbie had stayed back with Claire, so it was time for her to go too.
And they're off!
And they're done! Elapsed time: 2 minutes, and that includes the time spent deliberately going in a circle.
Time to try the hard maze this time. Steve had warned about the one dead end, Tom talked the team through the difficulty with walkie talkies, and Brent cheered them on from the hay bale mountain in the distance.
Finally, after five grueling minutes, they reached the exit, while supervisor Brent watched.
Next up: the infamous maze of hay bales. There was much discussion about who would attempt it and at least one thwarted attempt when it was discovered that only one of the two entrances wasn't a dead end.
Was this taken the two or three times Debbie tried unsuccessfully? Or the one time that she actually made it?
Yes. Claustrophobia reared its ugly head a bit, but the maze was conquered once again.
John was also successful, as was Greg.
We could not resist the Vortex Tunnel's claim that it was the Ultimate Illusion.
At just $1 eaches (Dr. Seuss reference -- anyone?), we went through, ...
.. and went through, ...
... and went through. We declared it to be quite fun.
We applauded a stranger's successful climb to the top but none of us attempted the climbing wall.
Debbie and Nancy waited in line with kids half their size for their chance to go down the inflatable slide.
It was fun. Very fun.
That roaring sound means that the pumpkin-eating dinosaur is ready to feed.
The nice man loaded her up with two delicious pumpkins.
She rotated around to face the crowd, ...
... and chomp! Nom, nom, nom.
After that, we were hungry too, so we had some funnel cakes and spiral-sliced potato chips in the shade before getting another group shot of the remaining MMMazers.
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