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Saturday, October 8, 2011: This year's Maize Maze Mayhem was held at Stuckey Farm in Sheridan, Indiana. Regular readers will recognize this as the site of MMM IX in 2010. The MMMazers included (l-r): Tom, Debbie, Veronica, Eric, John, Audrey, Gina, Patrick, Leighanna, Cherith, and Dean.

For the second year in a row, photographing the map of the maze turned out to be very helpful. We decided that it's not cheating, it's saving our sanity.
At the entrance to the maze, we got another group shot, this time taken by an actual human being instead of using a timer propped up on Debbie's purse.
At various points, you can see the map of the maze using special Maize-O-Vision viewers. Having an actual readable map would have been nice, but you take what you can get.
Team TADD (Tom-Audrey-Dean-Debbie) stopped at another Maize-O-Vision checkpoint.
Veronica, Eric, and John peered through the tall corn.
Here is Word Game checkpoint 9/10, a very popular stop on our endless trek through the yellow section of the maze. We saw it no fewer than three times, which was two times too many.
During our scorching time in the sun, it never occurred to us that it could be worse -- we could be wearing black and orange striped sweaters.
At one point, we found a checkpoint so elusive, it was clear that very few people had been there, as the weeds were bordering on prehistoric.
The three teams kept in close contact via walkie talkie, with very regular encounters in the maze.
Ah, yes, the bridge of decisions. After an hour lost in a maze in hot weather (it was hot, like Mexico hot), choosing between getting to the bridge by legitimate map pathways or by sneaking under the white tape, it's easy to choose cheating. This is the choice Dean, Audrey, and Tom made. It was a choice that had been made before.
Debbie did not. For the second year in a row. For about three seconds.
Oh, the view from the forbidden bridge is awesome. Our friends were out there somewhere in the corn.
On the way out of the maze, we encountered this helpful map. Let's review that sentence again and see if we can figure out where the problem lies. "On the way out of the maze..." Yes, there's the problem.
Not long after Team TADD exited the maze (after giving up), Veronica, John, and Eric exited as well, determined to go back into the first section to get the last two checkpoints they had missed.
Team TADD went into the easier maze in the center, where the checkpoints were plentiful, the walking was minimal, ...
... and the weeds were pretty.
Team Bogan-Rhineberger made it to the bridge at the same time that ...
... John, Veronica, and Eric exited the maze victorious, ...
... and Team TADD headed toward the nearest shade.
Final scores? A+ for Veronica, Eric, and John, ...
... B+ for Gina, Patrick, Cherith, and Leighanna, ...
... and a hastily self-graded score of Satisfactory for the scoresheet that clearly contained some cheating.
Back to the main Stuckey center, where there were pumpkins ...
... and mums for sale, to say nothing of the many delicious foods inside (including no fewer than six types of fruit-based jars of salsa that somehow ended up going home in a shopping bag with us).
Next stop, TGI Friday's in Westfield, where Gina and Audrey once again were unsuccessful in their enthusiastic attempts to get Debbie to join them in the Junior Birdmen look.
John's fiancee Megan joined us for this portion of the Mayhem, ...
... and much fun was had by all.
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