Mediterranean Cruise 2004:
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Tuesday, July 6, 2004: We arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on yet another sunny, cloudless day. As soon as we arrived, we immediately took a shuttle to Dubrovnik's Old Town, which is surrounded by large walls.

It was still early in the morning, so there were no crowds as we strolled through the main street and windowshopped.
Additional shops and cafes could be found down every side street.
Just outside the city walls is a harbor filled with boats that will take visitors to neighboring islands and resorts.
Oh, how nice! A garden monogrammed with Debbie's initial! Wait, perhaps it stands for Dubrovnik. We may never know for sure.
We love lizards, especially friendly Croatian lizards!
The scenery is Croatia is breathtaking. This rocky shoreline had been modified discreetly by adding bits of concrete to parts of the boulders to make areas to step, sit, and climb on. It looked completely natural, but made it a genuine treat to explore the area by climbing on the large rocks.
The only sad part of our day was when we read this sign, which diagrammed the hundreds of places in the Old Town which were damaged or destroyed during the war in the early 1990s. Dubrovnik has done an amazing job of restoring the Old Town and the rest of the city, because it is absolutely beautiful everywhere you turn.
We admit it. We're stupid Americans. Debbie was baffled by this "toilet" but did her best to use it. Click here to see how it ranked on our Bundlings Restroom Scale.
Here's another scenic side street in the Old Town, with a lovely set of steps which goes up to a small square.
These sweet Croation cats were taking a nap as we walked by. A moment later, the grey one decided to pounce on the sleepy black one and much snarling ensued.
This is a public fountain just inside the entrance to the Old Town.
Outside of Old Town, there is a lovely area which overlooks a small, shallow inlet. The water was the clearest that we saw anywhere on our trip.
Here's the same view looking to the right instead.
In every country we visited, the Orchard Software mascot, Orchy, came out of our backpack to be photographed.
We headed back to Old Town for a delicious Croatian meal, including chicken, squid, bread, potatoes, veggies, Coca-Cola Light, and dessert. Yum! We love Croatia!
Here's a view of the city just before we headed back to the shuttle.
Back at the pier, we did a little exploring. We ran across this sea anemone and dozens of shiny black crabs tucked into the rocks next to the pier.
The water was so clear that we could see hundreds of fish and spiny black anemones in the water. We got up our nerve to do a little wading, but were very careful to avoid the anemones.
Back on our balcony, here is Tom with one of his two favorite toys: the binoculars. Not shown: the GPS.
Like we said, it was just beautiful everywhere we looked.
From the top of the ship, we had a nice view of a very new-looking bridge which spanned this narrow inlet.
Just below was the area where we had gone wading earlier. Past the fence was a private area where we saw kids swimming all afternoon, having a blast.
Here's Debbie leaving her favorite port as the ship began pulling away from the pier.
We took one last shot of Dubrovnik, including the pier where we had been anchored.
This is a seaside resort on the Babin Kuk peninsula, complete with a water slide on the beach.
This lighthouse was on one of the many tiny islands just beyond Babin Kuk.

With so much gorgeous scenery, the sail out that evening was spectacular. Go visit Croatia. Every one of you -- go!

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