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Sunday, November 22, 2009: Connecticut Welcomes You!
We had both been to Connecticut before, and we were back again to see our friends, Ralph and Bonnie, at their lake home in Ashford. Bonnie played photographer for us, ...
... and for us and Ralph.
Here's the lovely photographer herself.
Ralph broke out the special moonshine for a welcome shot. We enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the deck, ...
... then a fantastic dinner of Ralph's famous baby back ribs and pumpkin trifle.

Before it got too dark, we headed outside to recreate a photo from 2001. Here is New 26, the home Ralph and Bonnie built on the same footprint as ...

... Old 26, shown here. Ralph and Debbie have hardly changed a bit since 2001, as you can see.
We reluctantly bade our excellent hosts farewell and snapped one last shot of the lake from their lot across the street.
We headed north through Massachusetts to get to our next stop in Vermont. What's this? The Yankee Candle Factory? We got off the highway to check it out up close.
These giant cylinders are probably used to store wax. Any other guesses?
While making our way back to the highway, we stumbled across the Yankee Candle mother ship, AKA the Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield. Bonnie had mentioned it earlier but we hadn't realized we would be passing it.
Oh! It's so sparkly! And it was open!
Let's go in and do some shopping!
Oh, it was all too much. And unfortunately, too heavy. We had about 10 pounds to spare in our luggage and a whole week ahead of us, so restraint was used.
Outside, we admired the Yankee Candle cows ...
... and added them to our Statues collection.

Just before the Vermont border, we pulled over to a very dark wayside rest to see the stars, moon, and Milky Way. You'll just have to take our word for it.

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