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Sunday, November 22, 2009: Welcome to Vermont. No exclamation points here. Just welcome. We headed to Brattleboro around 8:00 PM and spent the night there.

Monday, November 23, 2009: Our drive through Vermont was going to start at the Vermont Country Store, but they were not yet open. Fortunately, they have a gigantic catalog of goodness to peruse.
So, we took a photo of their cute little covered bridge, called the Kissing Bridge.
We stopped at the most eco-friendly rest area we've ever seen. All of the water is treated in this greenhouse for use in the restrooms. There was some science explaining it all, but look at those pretty flowers!
We passed one adorable Vermont town after another.
We headed toward the center of the state to drive the scenic Vermont 100 highway.
Here's the Hancock Overlook sign ...
... and here's the Hancock Overlook scenery.
A small roadside parking area and a boardwalk were all that alerted us to these beautiful waterfalls along the way.
Lovely, huh?
Highway 100 held many surprises for us, including Bundy Road.
When we reached Waterbury, we found Batchelder Street. This one's for you, G.!
Looking ahead to the weather over Stowe, we could see sunny skies.
We passed a cute little cemetery and now we were really starting to see some sun.
We reached our lunch destination: the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe.
This is a pricy little place to stay, ...
... and with views like this, we can see why.
Fortunately, they have a restaurant with the same views.
The Trapp Family Lodge's restaurant features Austrian foods, so we had chicken spätzle and Austrian sausages washed down with Vermont beer.
Back down the valley to Waterbury, our next stop was ...
... the apple goodness of Cold Hollow Cider Mill.
We had apple cider samples ...
... and watched the apple press at work. After buying some souvenirs and some apple cider donuts, we were off to ...
... Cabot Cheese. Tom was in cheese heaven.
Cheese, cheese, cheese.
But cheese is not ice cream, and our final Waterbury stop was the Ben and Jerry's Factory. Look closely and you'll see our little mascot, Orchy.
Let's go in.
While we waited for our tour, we visited the gift shop and the various ice cream displays.
We went on our tour, which consisted of a movie, a look at the factory floor, and then the ice cream samples.
Our nice tour guide took this photo of us, ...
... and then we were gone.
We paid our respects at the Flavor Graveyard out back and were on the road again.
We saw moose signs in nearly every state and province, but no moose ever. That's why we go to Sweden.
We got to Burlington not long before sunset.
We had a corner lake-front hotel room with a fantastic view of Lake Champlain.
So, we watched the sun drop lower ...
... and lower ...
... and completely down. Those are the Andirondack Mountains in northern New York across the lake.
Sundown means it is dinner time, and there is seafood going uneaten somewhere. We set out looking for a seafood restaurant nearby, and Burlington served us up Shanty on the Shore.
We had our usual oysters and clam chowder, followed by Debbie's second lobster roll of the trip.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009: We rose early the next morning so we could get to our next destination.
We happened by Gardeners Supply Company, Debbie's very most favorite garden supply company. We've bought compost bins, plant tags, and many other gardening necessities from this very company, but completely forgot they were in Vermont until we drove by. A quick photo through the rear window was all we had time for.
Here's a nice little river in the middle of town, ...
... and here's the only shot we got looking back toward the Green Mountains.

Just a short drive later, and we were at the Canadian border.

Quebec >

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