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Here are some pictures of Helen Normark's 90th birthday celebration, taken at Tivoli Gardens Restaurant in Sun City, Arizona on June 30, 2001. (Click on the pictures to see a much larger view.)


Beatrice and Jill

Left table

Right table

Helen with her children: Larry, Ruth, Evelyn

Helen with her children and their spouses: Larry & Mary, Ruth, Evelyn & Jon

Helen with Larry & Mary

Helen with Tom, Debbie, Jill & Claire; Doug, Susan & Stewart; Becky & Bob

Helen with Mark, Evelyn, John and David

Helen with Brent, Kathy, Nathan & Joshua; Karl & Stacia; Ruth; Chris, Leonora, Victoria and Matthew

Helen with her grandchildren Karl, Kathy, Chris, Debbie, Doug, Mark and David

Helen with her greatgrandchildren: Nathan, Joshua, Victoria, Matthew, Jill, Stewart (not pictured: Claire)

Helen with her relatives George & Ellen, Beatrice, Gail & Arnie, Bill (not pictured: Bob)

Debbie, Tom, Claire & Jill

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