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Here's another photo of Claire & Jill, taken in early January 1997.
In January 1997, we became the delighted owners of a new purple 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan, dubbed "The Purple Van of Majesty" by some, and "The Barneymobile" by those who are less kind. We love it, because it makes traveling with the kids a breeze.
East Side Mario's was the place to be on 2/27/97 and we were using a new Epson Photo PC 500 digital camera. Here are:
... Debbie & Tom ...
... Beth & Andy ...
... Debbie & Jim ...
... and Debbie again.
Debbie's Grandma Schilling turned 81 on March 11, and most of her family gathered in La Crosse, Wisconsin to celebrate. Here is Grandma with all eight (!) of her children, plus grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Taken 3/8/97.
Debbie's cousins Sharlot and Sara turned into tall, beautiful blondes since she last saw them!
Here are Jon and Tom discussing technology, while Claire plays with Cause & Effect Carnival from Judy Lynn Software. Also taken 3/8/97.
Kim & Larry hosted an excellent 1997 St. Patrick's Day party once again. Having a Las Vegas reunion in the garage are: Mike, Marcie, Mark (Woody), Jim, Debbie, Tom, Beth & Andy. Taken 3/15/97.
Mike & Marcie's alleged basement is complete! To celebrate, we made Murry's Bar t-shirts for the gang and posed for this photo in the new basement on 3/29/97. L-R: Andy, Beth, Jim, Marcie, Debbie, Tom and Mike.
So, we were on our way to Seattle in the P. V. O' M., when we encountered a particularly nasty blizzard in South Dakota. Despite making it within 30 miles of Mount Rushmore and the Badlands, this is the only scenery we saw in South Dakota. Taken 4/5/97.
Naturally, we immediately turned left and headed south to Dallas-Fort Worth. Tom had a test fest at the Air Combat School in Arlington (4/7/97).
Claire petted a sheep at the Fort Worth Zoo.
Jill made friends with a goat there (4/7/97).
Jill & Mom posed at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth (4/8/97).
Jill performed onstage at the Fort Worth Stockyards (4/8/97).
We visited the grassy knoll in Dallas (4/9/97).
We saw the Stadium at Arlington from the owner's box (4/10/97).
Jill & Mom had a chilly ride on the swings at Six Flags (4/11/97).
Ahhh, the Bahamas. We went on a 3-night International Rett Syndrome Association conference/cruise to Nassau and Coco Cay in May. We were aboard Royal Caribbean's Sovereign of the Seas. Here we are at dinner (with our conference name tags and photos of Claire). Taken 5/18/97.
Here's a shot of beautiful Coco Cay, where we saw a dozen manta rays swimming below us while we snorkeled. Taken 5/18/97.
We travelled round-the-world in July 1997. After a layover in Frankfurt, Germany, we spent a week in Bombay (Mumbai), India. Here are Debbie and Tom at the Otter's Club with downtown Bombay in the distance. Taken 7/14/97.
Debbie had henna (mehndi) applied on her hands and feet while in Bombay. This picture was taken while the henna was still on. Taken 7/17/97.
Here we are at a mosque in Johore Bahru, Malaysia on a sightseeing day trip. Taken 7/20/97.
We loved Singapore! We had a great day on Sentosa Island. Here's Tom with the Merlion behind him.
Also on Sentosa Island, here are Debbie's feet with the henna stain visible. Taken 7/20/97.
Our first layover on our way home was in Tokyo, Japan.
Our final layover was in sunny Los Angeles. Wow, were we exhausted. Read all about the entire trip here. Taken 7/21/97.
Here's Grandpa Schilling posing with his son, daughter, and three grandchildren just before Dawn and Terry's wedding in Green Bay. Taken 8/2/97.
We all enjoyed meeting our nephew Stewart in Green Bay. Here is Stewart and his cousin Jill ...
... Stewart and his daddy ...
... and here's Stewart and his Uncle Tom. Taken 8/1/97 - 8/2/97.
Tom flew his first solo flight in September! Here he is in the air.
Here's Tom back on the ground after a successful flight.
Finally, we have Tom posing by the plane after the flight. All three photos taken at Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport on 9/20/97.
Tom's family gathered to meet baby Zackary in September. From left to right are: Tom, Margaret, Ken, Patti and Mike. Here's the same photo taken 10 years later. Taken 9/27/97.
Jill enjoyed holding Zackary. Taken 9/27/97.
Here's Jill sporting some Mickey Mouse ears Mom brought back from her trip to Orlando in mid-October 1997.
How adorable are Claire and Jill? Here they are taking a nap. Taken 11/97.
Here is our annual Christmas photo for 1997.

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