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Tom was sent to the Philippines on business in January 1997, so Debbie tagged along and we had a mini-vacation in Hawaii on the way. Here's Debbie on the North Shore of Oahu. Taken 1/30/98.
Here's Tom on Waikiki Beach, just as the sun went down. Taken 1/20/98.
We enjoyed the Philippines, especially staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manila. While Tom worked, Debbie lounged around the pool. Read all about the trip here. Taken 2/2/98.
On Valentine's Day, the Schilling clan gathered in Black Earth, Wisconsin to celebrate Debbie's Grandma Schilling's 82nd birthday a month early. It was the last time we got to spend with her before she passed away. Taken 2/14/98.
Claire had a blast playing with her Great Uncle Herb at the family gathering. What a sweet, patient man! Taken 2/14/98.
Tom's Grandma Burkart turned 90 in March and we celebrated well. Here she is with her proclamation from the mayor of Connersville. Taken 3/29/98.
Our annual van trek took us to the Southwest, including stops in Tulsa, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and sites in Colorado. Here, Claire is busy stealing her Great Great Uncle Bob's heart, when we visited him and Debbie's Great Aunt Beatrice in Sun City West, Arizona. Taken 4/7/98.
We had a nice visit with Debbie's Grandma Normark in Peoria, Arizona. Here's Grandma with a beautiful rose trellis near her apartment. Taken 4/8/98.
The girls enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. Jill was as fearless as her mama around the canyon's edge, but Claire preferred to enjoy the view firmly seated. Taken 4/10/98.
We had to pry Claire out of the van to get out and enjoy the Colorado scenery, but once we did, we almost couldn't get her back in! We all had a great time dipping our feet in the Arkansas River, but Claire enjoyed it the most. Taken 4/12/98. Read all about the trip here.
We bought a new home in April and are loving the additional space, especially the party-sized basement.
Debbie's beloved Grandma Schilling passed away in May, and the family gathered for a photo after the service. Taken 5/19/98 in Galesville, Wisconsin.
Tom turned 30 in July, so a trip in a limo was in order, with a final destination of Beth and Andy's annual pre-Fourth of July party. Posing for a limo shot were our hostess Beth and limo riders Marcie, Debbie, and Tom. Taken 7/2/98 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Debbie's 30th birthday gift to Tom was a used jukebox that holds 100 45s and 6 CDs. We've filled it with infamous hits from the 70's, 80's and 90's.
We hosted our own Fourth of July party for Tom's family. It was the first time that most of Tom's family had seen our new home. Here, Grandma Burkart gets funky with Tom's patriotic new hat.
Debbie took a spontaneous weekend trip to San Francisco in mid-July to visit her friends, Jim and Bob, and to see her cousin's band, JoJo, perform at their CD release party. Here's the venue, Bimbo's 365, with JoJo heading the bill. Taken 7/11/98.
Here's Debbie hanging out with her cousin Bryan and her aunt Cyl before the show. Taken 7/11/98.
Jim was an excellent host for the weekend, toting Debbie around town in his beautiful green BMW. Taken 7/12/98.
Bob flew up from San Diego to spend the afternoon with Debbie, including a trip to Alcatraz and Half Moon Bay. Here's Debbie at the dock at Alcatraz. Taken 7/12/98.
Here's a shot of Bob as the sun went down near Half Moon Bay. Taken 7/12/98.
In late July, all four of us spent a weekend in northern Minnesota at Debbie's dad's cabin near Bemidji. Jill and her Grandpa Schilling took an early morning canoe trip shortly after we arrived. Naturally, her mother declined. Guess an interest in canoing skips a generation! Taken 7/25/98.
Here's Claire and Mom, warm and safe on the dock. The canoe was a little too tippy for Claire's wiggling! Taken 07/25/98.
Claire had so much fun wearing her flotation suit in the lake, she was all worn out later in the day. Taken 07/25/98.
Debbie's cousin Laura, a gymnast, challenged ex-gymnast Tom to a handstand competition in the yard outside the cabin. Taken 07/25/98.
The star attraction of the weekend, our nephew Stewart, poses here in his sunburned daddy's arms (Doug). Taken 07/25/98.
Debbie's dad and stepmother visited Indy in October. We had a fun trip to Discovery Zone and Claire enjoyed the big slides. Taken 10/3/98.
Grandma Becky took this picture of Jill riding on Grandpa Schilling's shoulders. Taken 10/3/98.
Debbie's new job with Orchard Software took her out to San Diego in early November for a week of training. Bob took her out sightseeing much of the week, including an afternoon of flying to Catalina Island and to the desert. Here's Debbie on Catalina Island. Taken 11/1/98.
It was a reunion of ISI-ers in Nashville in November. Many people were in for the XPLOR convention, so Tom and Debbie went down for the weekend. We gathered for dinner with a group of old friends. L-R: Chris, Trish, Neal and Carol ...
... Bill and Greg ...
... Clark, John, Jon, Greg and some women we didn't meet. Taken 11/7/98.
We also had a great visit with Pat, Bill and Linda.
Here's the view of the Opryland Hotel from our room. What a glorious place! Taken 11/8/98.
We joined our friends Jim, Mark, Mike, and Marcie in Las Vegas for the second time. The MGM Grand had undergone an incredible facelift since we were last there two years earlier.
We stayed in the Luxor this time, which was very cool. Here's the view of the Sphinx from our slanted window in the pyramid. Read all about it here. Taken 11/27/98.
Christmas at Baker Hill involves a visit from Santa (Mark Hill). Here is Santa with Claire. Taken 11/27/98.
And here's Jill with Santa. Taken 12/98.
Here is our annual Christmas photo for 1998.
Our first New Year's Eve Party Ever featured a disco ball, Polaroid photos and noisemakers. Revelling by the wet bar are Mike, Jim and Pat. Taken 12/31/98. Duh.
Also enjoying the festivities were Marcie and Debbie. (Thanks, Greg, for the loan of the tuxedo shirt!) Taken 12/31/98.

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