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We hosted a party for Tom's USA Group pals in January. Here is Party Scene #1 ...
... Party Scene #2 ...
... and Party Scene #3. Taken 1/19/2001.
Here are Jill and her best friends, Gabby (middle) and Monica (right), taken while celebrating Jill's birthday.

Vance Gilbert gave an amazing performance at the Bowles Music Palace in Terre Haute on 3/17/01. Here is Vance with his friend Mary-Margaret, proprietor of the Bowles Music Palace.

On Thursday, March 22, 2001, CNN interviewed Debbie's uncle, Mark, regarding the Mir core module on display at Tommy Bartlett's Robot World and Exploratory. Click here to see the interview.
Babies don't get much cuter than Jeremy, perched on his daddy's head. Taken 3/31/01.

We enjoyed hearing the music of Kate Campbell for the first time ever at Bowles Music Palace in Terre Haute on 4/6/01. Here is Kate signing autographs between sets.

The very next night, Laura and Tom and Audrey and Brent joined us at Rehearsal Studios to see Barbara Kessler and Sara Hickman. Debbie, especially, was thrilled to finally see Sara Hickman perform. Here are Debbie and Sara together after the show. Taken 4/7/01.

Two weeks later, we found ourselves putting on our very first house concert! We were happy to fill in as a substitute venue for Christine Kane. We had a great turnout and Christine put on an amazing show for us. Taken 4/21/01.

Debbie's dad retired from 3M in May, so Debbie and her brother both flew in to Minnesota on a Thursday night to surprise him at his retirement party.

Here are Debbie's dad, Bob, and his wife, Becky, at the retirement party.

In the hours before the party, Debbie and Doug visited their old neighborhood. Their old home had changed just a little.

Here's a variation on the classic Doug-photographing-Debbie-photographing-Doug shot.

We walked around the Macalester College campus as well and visited Debbie's favorite stone sculpture. Taken 5/31/01.

We had a going-away party for one of Debbie's colleagues. Like many of our basement parties, this one lived in infamy for many reasons, none of which will be discussed here. Taken 6/9/01.

In June, Debbie's mother's family gathered in Arizona for Grandma Normark's 90th birthday celebration and a family reunion. Here is Grandma with Debbie's immediate family. Click here for pictures of everyone who attended the reunion, and click here for Debbie's Genealogy page. Taken 6/30/01.

Our second house concert was a great success! Jennifer Marks was the opening act...

... and Edie Carey was the headliner. Special guest Kara Barnard joined Edie on several songs. (See concert review.) Taken 7/20/01.

Debbie's dad came to visit in late July, and we had a great time at the Taste of Indiana at White River State Park. Here is Jill with her grandpa ...

... and Tom and Claire. Taken 7/28/01.

The next weekend, Debbie dropped Tom and Claire off in Huntsville, Alabama for Parent-Child Space Camp. Taken 8/3/01.

... then she headed for a weekend in Atlanta. Naturally, she had to visit the World of Coca-Cola!

Debbie and her friend Jim also attended a few live music performances. Here is Jim at the foot of the stairs leading up to Eddie's Attic. (Note the poster of Christine Kane to Jim's right!) Taken 8/4/01.

We saw Jonatha Brooke in an incredible concert with her band at Birdy's in Indy. Taken 8/9/01.

We got to see Christine Kane perform again, this time at the wonderful Bowles Music Palace. Taken 8/10/01.

Tom and Debbie spent a weekend in New England in late August, carefully planned to coincide with a Dee Carstensen concert in Connecticut. Here's Dee's adorable baby girl, checking out the photographer while Mom signs autographs after the show. Taken Saturday, 8/26/01.

On Sunday, Tom headed home, but Debbie spent the day with her friend Ralph, shown here in front of his new lake cabin in Connecticut before leaving to see "Mamma Mia!" in Boston. Taken 8/27/01.

At the end of a long week in Boston on business, Debbie headed to Club Passim in Cambridge to see the opening set of the Cutting Edge of the Campfire series ...

... which featured Zoe Lewis, Abi Tapia, Kyler and Edie Carey, shown here (l-r). Debbie got to chat for a few minutes with Edie before the show. Taken 8/31/01.
Claire injured her wrist and after a series of x-rays and braces, we finally figured out that it was caused by carrying heavy toys around. Here she is playing with a lighter weight favorite.. Taken 9/1/01.
Here are Jill, Lucy, and Debbie. Taken 9/6/01.
Schilling Reunion 2001 started with an evening at the Ravina in Wisconsin Dells. Later in the evening, it was time for the traditional Schilling bowling ball shots. Here, Debbie's uncle Mark checked for drips after an unnamed Schilling cousin finished her bowling ball shot. Taken 9/21/01.
The next day was filled with great activities, including a trip to a corn maze. Debbie's excellent nephew Stewart prepared to board the bus to go to the maze.
While Jill traveled through the maze with her cousins, Debbie, Tom and Claire did the maze separately. Here we are triumphantly exiting the maze after finding all six checkpoints. (Click here to read about our 2002 corn maze adventures!)
Renee (Debbie's cousin Terry's daughter) is now walking and talking up a storm. She also happens to be absolutely adorable.
On the last day, most of the family gathered for a group photo. Including our newest member, baby Xavier, the family continues to grow every year. Taken 9/23/01.
Before leaving Wisconsin, we gave Debbie's mother's banjo to Debbie's Aunt Carol as a keepsake. Here, Jill poses with her late grandmother's banjo. Taken 9/23/01.
We had a great day at the Indiana Special Olympics Challenge Day. Claire's entire class participated, including her teacher and aides. We volunteered as one-on-one helper and station helper, and really enjoyed ourselves. Here are Claire and Mom after the event ...
... and here are Tom and Claire's classmate Corey. See our Special Olympics Challenge Day 2001 page for many more photos. Taken 10/20/01.
Tom and Laura have done it again! They've produced another beautiful baby. Here they are with two-day-old Corey and her big brother Jeremy. Taken 10/20/01.
We love to dress up for Halloween, and so do our friends Audrey and Brent. Audrey, of course, is the Weakest Link Lady, and Brent is the main character from the movie "Memento." Too bad we didn't get a better shot of all of Brent's Memento tattoos. Taken at John and Angie's Halloween party on 10/20/01.
Here is Debbie with our genial host, John.
It was a night that will live in infamy, as this was the night that Debbie met our great friends, Mandy (John's sister) and Dionne (Tyler's sister). It was several more weeks before Debbie saw what Mandy and Dionne's hair looked like.
After we returned home, our excellent babysitter Brooke took a photo of our costumes: Tina Wesson and Colby Donaldson from Survivor II.
On Halloween, we took delivery of our newest pinball machine, Monopoly. It's so shiny and beautiful!
We had a nice visit with Tom's niece, Kassidy (right), and nephew, Zackary (middle), shown here with Jill. Taken 11/3/01.
Another great concert at CATH Coffeehouse; this time featuring our girl, Edie Carey, and the amazing Andrew Kerr. We liked Andrew so much that we invited him to perform at our house concert series with Teddy Goldstein. Taken 11/9/01.
Debbie's father and stepmother visited us a Thanksgiving. We spent some time in the study playing Myst III: Exile, ...
... and some time in the dining room putting together a puzzle.
This is probably the cutest photo ever of two sisters in front of a Christmas tree. Click on the photo to see the enlarged version. Do it now. If that doesn't melt your heart, you're made of stone.
We had a dinner party with the Combses and Blackwells featuring schmancy crown pork roast. We photographed the dinner table but not the guests, ...
... except for this shot of adorable baby Corey.
We celebrated Christmas with Tom's family in Connersville. Here are Anne and Grandma Burkart, ...
... Ken and Mike, ...
... Debbie, ...
... Eddie, ...
... and Cameron and Aimee.
After Christmas, we took a road trip down to New Orleans with our pals, Brent and Audrey. But first, we must rest for the night partway there. How about the Graceland Suite at Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis? Sure, but let's ring the doorbell first.
Tom and Debbie got to stay in the Jungle Room portion of the suite.
Here's the dining room ...
... and the living room ...
... and the billiards room ...
... and the TV room. If you've been to the real Graceland, you'll appreciate the resemblance.
We made it to New Orleans the next day, and Audrey and Debbie posed for a photo while Brent attended some conference for smart English Ph.D.-types like him.
  A trip to New Orleans isn't complete without a drunken Saturday night on Bourbon Street, so we got a few beverages and enjoyed the night air, the full moon and the many sights of the French Quarter. Read all about the trip here. Taken 12/29/01.

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