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Our friend Nora, of CATH Coffeehouse, organized a gathering to watch the Olympic Torch pass through Indianapolis. Jill was bundled up and ready, warmed by a nice cup of Nora's hot chocolate.
After a long but fun wait in the bitter cold, the Olympic torch was just about to change hands at the corner of 52th and College. Taken 1/7/02.
It's the Survivor 3 finale! As is our tradition, we watched with our friends. Here, Audrey imitates the vote bucket as Murph tries not to laugh at her.
Tom and Brent model their stylish Survivor buffs. Taken 1/10/02.
We had tiny brine shrimp pets for several years. They're nearly impossible to see, but they're in this self-contained glass ecosystem. Taken 1/12/02.
Our second year of house concerts started out with our dream performer, Susan Werner. We've travelled to Chicago and Columbus to see her, and having her perform in our own living room was amazing. Taken 1/19/02.
After serving us well for 2 1/2 years, we decided to trade in our beloved Mercury Cougar ...
... for a luxurious Hyundai XG350. Heated seats, four doors -- we love it. It's not as pretty as the Cougar, but it's so much more comfortable.
In January, Debbie attended the HIMSS Conference in Atlanta with her Orchard colleagues. Here, we've just enjoyed a dinner at Pittypat's Porch in downtown Atlanta. Taken 1/27/02.
Here we are the next day, all dressed up and ready to talk about our excellent laboratory information system software.
While in Atlanta, Debbie grabbed a chance to see some of her favorite performers, Live From New York (Edie Carey, Sam Shaber, Teddy Goldstein, Anne Heaton and Andrew Kerr), at Eddie's Attic. Here's the great stairwell leading up to the Attic. Taken 1/29/02.
Who better to escort Debbie to the show than her dashing friend, Jim? (Jim was last seen on this website posing at Eddie's Attic in August 2001.) We weren't successful in getting our faces centered when we tried to photograph ourselves.
After the show, Edie and Teddy were good enough to pose for a photo.
We were happy to have Christine Kane back for another house concert in February. This time, our house concert partner, Tom, accompanied her on guitar for several songs. Taken 2/9/02.
Jill turned 11 in February, and decided to mock the winter weather with a birthday luau. We transformed our basement into a tropical paradise, including a limbo bar, for an evening. Taken 2/15/02.
Dani and Meghan throw great house concerts, and it's even better when they host performers we love like Kris Delmhorst. Getting to see Mark Erelli perform was an added bonus. Taken 3/13/02.
Michelle Malone! We love Michelle Malone. Our third time seeing her, this time we were at Utopia with our pals Mandy and Dionne. Taken 3/14/02.
Claire doesn't mind sitting in the dentist's chair as long as there is something interesting to watch on the TV mounted on the wall. Taken 3/18/02.
It's Spring Break and we bravely headed north for our annual trip. We started out in Battle Creek, Michigan, with a trip to the Kellogg's Cereal City. Taken 4/3/02.
Next, we spent two days at Niagara Falls, in the coolest hotel room ever. It was a two-floor loft at the Marriott ...
... with the most amazing view of the Falls. Seeing the Falls lit up at night from the second floor of the suite was spectacular.
Of course, seeing it up close is even better. Taken 4/4/02.
Finally, we headed home with an overnight stop in Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Read all about the trip here. Taken 4/6/02.
We were very sad to learn that Dani and Meghan would be moving to Chicago, but we were glad to be among the audience at their final house concert, featuring Rose Polenzani. Later in the evening, a porch-to-porch dance-off erupted with the little kids across the street. Although Kaleb and Rose are obviously giving it their best shot, those kids had the moves. Taken 4/13/02.
At our house concert a week later, no porch-to-porch dance-off occurred. But we did have an incredible show with Andrew Kerr and Teddy Goldstein. If you get a chance to see either of these performers, do it! Taken 4/20/02.
Tom's cousin Aimee got married in April in Indianapolis, so we got to crash the rehearsal dinner at Buca di Beppo. This touching family portrait of the bride with her sister and parents was taken after much Italian food and many beverages were consumed. Taken 4/26/02.
The happy bride and groom, Aimee and Cameron, enjoy a romantic bridal dinner at their own table during the reception. Aimee smiles patiently while Cameron slurps linguini for the camera. Taken 4/27/02.
Tom's family was all dressed up and ready for a family portrait. Here are Tom, Ken, Mike, Margaret and Patti.
Ken (left) and Tom are identical twins. Click here for another shot of them taken in 1996.
The next day, Jill and her cousins Kassidy and Zachary got to hang out for a little while. Taken 4/28/02.
Our Star Wars Mania saga began at midnight on April 23, as we waited outside of Toys R Us with Audrey and Brent for the midnight release of the first batch of Star Wars Episode II toys. This was not our idea, but it turned out to be a blast. We made some new friends in line and Audrey got interviewed for one of the local newscasts!
After a frantic hour of shopping, these enthusiastic gentleman wished to be photographed with us, and we happily complied. This picture makes us laugh every time we see it.
Next, Brent and Audrey talked us into attending the Star Wars Celebration II, held in our humble little town. By noon, the mile-long lines had disappeared. Taken 5/4/02.
After our Toys R Us experience, we appreciate the effort that went into acquiring this impressive display of action figures.
We wanted to pose as action figures in this cool, giant blister pack, but the line for this was also miles-long.
Legos! Cool! (See our trip to Legoland Denmark for more Star Wars Lego figures!)
This was an excellent photo op for Star Wars fans. I guess the picture is more convincing if the chair is cropped out of the photo. (Click on the thumbnail photo to see what I mean!)
After a long day of convention activities, we took a dinner break at Johnny Rocket's before the John Williams Star Wars concert that evening. Taken 5/4/02.
Finally, the big night arrived: the Star Wars Episode II Premiere! Brent and Audrey thoughtfully commemorated the evening with special t-shirts, modeled here by the ladies.
Here are the fronts of the shirts, visible as we stood in line for the movie at midnight. Taken 5/15/02.
Enough of this Star Wars stuff. Let's see some racing! For the first time, Jill got to go to the Indy 500. It was a beautiful, sunny day.
The festivities include releasing a large group of balloons, which is a pretty sight.
Our second-row season tickets are right in front of the pits, so we got to see David Letterman up close several times, as he was a car owner this year. Taken 5/26/02.
A mama robin built her nest in the tree outside of our front door, so we got to watch the babies grow up right before our eyes. It was only 11 days from when they hatched until they learned to fly and left the nest. We chronicled all eleven days. It's a touching story that will make you laugh, cry, and ultimately cheer with joy. Taken 6/19/02.
Jill travels to northern Minnesota each year to visit her grandparents. Her cousin, Stewart, is usually visiting at the same time. Here's Stewart up a tree.
Jill flies home from the Twin Cities, and often gets to see St. Paul's latest display of Peanuts statues. In 2002, statues of Lucy were all over St. Paul.
We took our dream vacation in early July. Our cruise of the Baltic Sea took us to Russia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. Click here to read all about it. This photo was taken in Moscow on 7/2/02.
We hosted another great house concert a few days after we returned from Europe. Beth Lodge-Rigal, Kiya Heartwood (of Wishing Chair), Kara Barnard and Miriam Davidson (also of Wishing Chair) put on a terrific show. Taken 7/13/02.
Tom returned to work at Sallie Mae after taking the month of July off. Those crazy folks at Sallie Mae cooked up quite the Welcome Back display, featuring, among other things, photos of Queen Silvia and Vladimir Putin. (Don't get it? View our Baltic Cruise photos!)
Tom can't quite get into his cubicle because of all the balloons. Thanks, everyone! Taken 8/1/02.
We spent an afternoon at Tom's mother's home in Dayton. Tom's brother brought these two little brothers along and we ended up bringing the gray one (Spike) home with us. We came back a week later for his orange brother, Tito.
Next, we spent some time with the Zackary, Kassidy,a nd Jack outside while they played with the new Slip-n-Slide. Taken 8/3/02.
Here's little Spike, calmly handling the two-hour ride to his new home. Taken 8/4/02.
It was the Week of Many Concerts. Starting at CATH Coffeehouse on 8/8/02, we saw Edie Carey, Jennifer Marks and Teddy Goldstein. Debbie wore her brand new Jennifer Marks t-shirt, which pleased Jenn immensely.
During Teddy's performance of "Lucky in Love," he ad-libbed a part about lucky people who celebrate their birthdays with friends, while Nora presented Edie with a birthday cake. This is a weird, no-flash photo, but it works.
After the show, Dionne got Edie's autograph ...
... while Mandy admired Edie's new guitar, a gift from Melissa Ferrick. (Yes, Melissa Ferrick!)
The very next day, we saw Andrew Kerr perform at the Southgate House in Newport, KY, playing an identical guitar! (Also a gift from Melissa, as Edie had told us.) Andrew recognized us in the front row, which made us feel pretty important.
After Andrew's crowd-pleasing opening act, we enjoyed Dar Williams' show -- the first time we had ever seen her. We headed back to Indy by way of Columbus, picking up the orange kitty we had fallen in love with the weekend before. Taken 8/9/02.
Two days later, we finished off the Week of Many Concerts in Terre Haute at the Bowles Music Palace, where Darryl Purpose put on a fantastic show. Taken 8/11/02.
Here's our new little bundle of orange fur, Tito, sleeping in his new home. Taken 8/12/02.
We spent a day at Indiana Beach with Audrey and Brent, where we were introduced to the joys of carnival foods, the famous Indiana Beach tacos, feeding the carp, and playing Skee-Ball.
Of course, we couldn't resist riding the ultra-scary roller coasters either. Taken 8/17/02.
It was time to use up the various Easy Bake Oven mixes Jill had accumulated, so we did it all in one afternoon. Taken 8/18/02.
These little guys will always be best friends. Taken 8/30/02.
We spent a weekend in Foster, Wisconsin in September. It's a mini-reunion of sorts with Debbie's father's family. This being Wisconsin, much alcohol is consumed, and it is sometimes served up in a bowling ball.
Debbie and her uncle, after sampling some sort of pink shot. Taken 9/28/02.
It's a green-and-yellow theme for Audrey's birthday presents! Taken 10/1/02.
When Tom's grandmother passed away, we headed to Connersville for her funeral. While most of the family attended the service, Debbie babysat Claire and Jack in the van outside. Taken 10/5/02.
We hosted our last official Bundlings House Concert on 10/5/02, with Trina Hamlin and Colleen Sexton.
Debbie was in Vancouver for the 4D Summit. While she was there, she was staying in the same hotel as ...
... HRH Queen Elizabeth! Click here to read all about it. Taken 10/8/02.
Fall in Indiana means corn mazes, so we tackled several of them in one day. Read all about the Maize Maze Mayhem on 10/12/02.
We loaded our friends Mandy and Dionne in the van, and went to Bloomington for the evening to see Anne Heaton and Melissa Ferrick perform.
Mandy and Dionne got their photo taken with Melissa after the show, and Debbie got her photo taken with Anne Heaton. Taken 10/15/02.
Claire participated in Challenge Day for the second time. It is a part of Special Olympics geared toward more severely disabled athletes like Claire. Here is Claire with her family after receiving her participation medal. Taken 10/18/02.
On Halloween, the Orchard Software development team dressed up as the cast of Gilligan's Island. As the oldest woman, Debbie got stuck being Mrs. Howell.
Several days later, at John and Angie's annual party, Debbie got to step in as Gilligan, with Tom filling in for the absent Professor. Taken 11/2/02.
For Debbie's 40th birthday, we took a week-long Caribbean cruise. Here is Debbie at Stingray City in the Cayman Islands. Taken 12/10/02.
Claire and Jill are too cute in their matching sweaters and hats from Aunt Helen.
They are equally cute in their Christmas dresses in front of the Christmas tree.
Debbie's family came to visit at Christmas, including her father, stepmother, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and Aunt Carol.
Jill and Stewart enjoyed swimming in the spa together each evening of their visit.
On Christmas Eve, we had a blizzard, which slowed down Carol's travels, but looked beautiful.
On Christmas Day, Claire showed what a good Norwegian she was by eating plenty of homemade lefse from Aunt Mary, while Grandma Becky looked on.
Debbie's brother Doug, fondly remembering the igloo they built as kids, put the last finishing touches on the igloo he built with Stewart and Jill. Seeing how little work Stewart and Jill actually did, Doug had a better appreciation for how much of the work our dad actually did on the the igloo we made as kids. Taken 12/26/02.
Ringing in the New Year in a swim spa is definitely the way to go! Our friends Mandy, Dionne, Laurie, and Alina helped us celebrate New Year's Eve.

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