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We started our new year by waking up in the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden. Read all about it here.
The next day, we headed to the Netherlands to do some sightseeing in Amsterdam.
We stopped seeing the sights long enough to enjoy an Indonesian rijsttafel dinner. Taken 1/2/04.
Jill got three mice in January, after creating a particularly convincing PowerPoint presentation with the pros and cons of keeping mice. Here, Jill, Monica, and the cats get to know Meeko, Millie, and Meredith on the night they came home from the pet store.
Jill celebrated her birthday early with a trip to the mall followed by a dip in the swim spa. The mice (in plastic exercise balls) joined Jill's friends as she blew out the candles on her birthday cookie. Taken 1/31/04.
Tom and Jill participated in the annual Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics. It was below freezing out, but they jumped into Eagle Creek Reservoir anyway. See our Special Olympics 2004 page for the full story. Taken 2/9/04.
In February, Jill and Debbie travelled to the Phoenix area, to visit Debbie's family, including her parents, brother and family, grandmother, great aunt, and cousins. We had a mini-reunion at her grandma's home in Peoria, Arizona.
The next day was Jill's 13th birthday, and we spent the day hiking. Debbie's dad took his children and grandchildren on his favorite hike near his home in Mesa. Jill and her cousin Stewart had a great time. Taken 2/15/04.
February 29 calls for a Leap Year Party! Our good hostess Audrey displays one of the many Fun Zones featured at the party -- this one was a taste test challenge.
Debbie's friend Norie was in town for an evening, which was a nice chance to get together and catch up. Friends since high school, it's clear to see they haven't aged a bit. Taken 3/9/04.
At the end of March, Debbie headed to Atlanta for the annual CLMA trade show. The weather was beautiful and the hotel was right next to Olympic Park, offering an excuse to walk through it each day on the way to the convention center.
The brand new Orchard Software booth made its debut at the show. Featuring a large tree in the center, it was an attention getter.
After dinner one evening, we treated ourselves to a cocktail at the top of the Hyatt while enjoying the night view of Atlanta below. Taken 3/29/04.
The Bundy grandkids gathered at Aunt Helen and Uncle Jeff's house on Easter. The Easter Bunny was especially generous this year. Not shown: Claire, who was in her wheelchair playing with a toy, and Jack, who was still hunting for eggs.
In April, we had one of our most unique experiences yet. Audrey and Gina had been developing a film script, and we agreed to be in it ... and host the filming. On Friday night, director Gina prepared for the first scene while Brent and Audrey posed for the camera.
By Saturday evening, all main photography was complete, except for two offsite scenes. The cast and crew gathered for a group shot. Visit Cardboard Giant Productions for more details on the film, or read our Behind The Scenes account. Taken 4/17/04.
One of the best parts of Debbie's job at Orchard Software is getting to know the clients. Here's Debbie with Melissa and Pam, both of whom use Orchard's Harvest software.
One of the worst parts of Debbie's job is being interviewed for the corporate video. Greg converted Debbie's office into a movie set while Debbie dealt with pre-filming jitters.
Claire had a fun time on a field trip to a local park. Her teacher, Heather, followed her up the spiral slide.
She also enjoyed the lower slide.
Another successful run down the slide! Taken 5/1/04.
It's another Survivor finale -- this time, it's Survivor: All Stars. As usual, the faithful gathered for another finale party at our house. Taken 5/9/04.
Claire participated as an athlete in MATP for Special Olympics on 5/15/04, while Tom, Debbie, and Jill all participated as newly-certified Special Olympics volunteers.
Jill joined the 7th grade handbells choir at school, and is shown here performing in the year-end concert on 5/21/04.
Debbie's cousin David married his lovely wife Sandra in Orange, California on 6/19/04. Debbie flew out just for the day to attend the wedding and spend the day with her mother's side of the family.
Here is Grandma, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Larry, and Aunt Evelyn (the mother of the groom) at the reception.
Great Aunt Beatrice enjoyed the music at the reception and ended up in the congo line later in the day.
On 6/24/04, we enjoyed a brief visit from Debbie's Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Ralph as they were headed to Sheridan, Indiana for Ralph's family reunion.
We're off to the Mediterranean! Tom and Debbie enjoyed a 12-night cruise which started on 6/26/04 in beautiful Barcelona, Spain ...
... and included Nice, France, ...
... Monaco, ...
... Pisa, Italy, ...
... Vatican City, ...
... Rome, ...
... the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini, ...
... Athens, ...
... Dubrovnik, Croatia, ...
... Venice, and several other destinations. Read all about in in our Mediterranean travelogue.
Two days after we returned, we headed to the south side of Indy for Dana's second annual redneck party. Dana is decked out in curlers and a housecoat while Tom sports a fine mullet. Taken 7/10/04.
Since Tom was in Greece on his birthday, the Blackwells surprised him with a belated birthday celebration on 7/11/04 when we returned.
In late July, Debbie was in Los Angeles for the annual AACC convention. It wasn't all work and no play, though, as she got to have a great dinner at Gladstone's Restaurant on the beach in Malibu and dip her toes in the Pacific one evening, something she missed doing when she was there one month earlier. Taken 7/28/04.
A few weeks later, Tom, Debbie, and Jill headed to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park to see the beautiful sights in Montana and Alberta, Canada. Many of Debbie's relatives were also there. Read all about it! Taken 8/13/04.
When it's Brent's birthday, we're doin' shooters! Taken 9/3/04.
We volunteered at IndyIndie's daylong music festival in September, where we were treated to some great performances, including our friends, Kindred, performing with the great Trina Hamlin. Taken 9/11/04.
After the performance, we got to meet Mandy and Dionne's adorable new puppy, Daisy.
Our beloved CATH Coffeehouse closed its doors this fall, but we enjoyed one last show when we finally got to see Deb Talan and Steve Tannen (The Weepies) perform on 9/15/04. As always, we got to see many friends at the show, including Nora, Kristi, and Dani.
We lost a dear friend, Mary-Margaret Bowles, in June. She was so well-loved that several memorial services were held for her throughout the country over the summer. We attended her celebration of life in September, which was more of a party than a service. The well-documented buffet table was just one of the many delightful touches to a wonderful evening. Taken 9/25/04.
When Sheridan High School observed Hat Day on 9/29/04, it's hard to imagine that there was a prettier girl in school than our Claire, modeling her tiny black felt hat, covered with pink buttons and trailing pink braids.
Audrey's birthday in October took us to Las Vegas for an action-packed three day weekend. In classic Audrey style, the entire weekend was well-scheduled and well-chronicled. Read all about it!
We took one brief side trip out to Hoover Dam, but then headed right back to the Strip for more fun.
October also means that it's time for corn mazing again! Maze Maize Mayhem III was a very cold event, but that didn't dissuade us from conquering a few mazes. Taken 10/16/04.
A few days later, Debbie was on a plane to balmy New Orleans to attend the 4D Summit and to enjoy some delicious hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's with friends from around the world. Taken 10/19/04.
After the Summit, Debbie took a quick flight from New Orleans to Baltimore to meet up with Tom, Brent, and Audrey, in order to attend Murph and Susan's wedding. Brent and Murph played the traditional pre-ceremony game of Risk. Taken 10/23/04.
The reception was held at a country club with a gorgeous view of the rolling Maryland hills, decked in fall colors.
The next morning, we hopped in the Purple Van O' Majesty to return to Indiana, but we took a quick detour to Hershey, Pennsylvania first. Orchard's mascot, Orchy, posed for a photo outside of Chocolate World. Taken 10/24/04.
After nearly two decades, Debbie got to see one of her favorite performers, Michael Johnson, in concert. We had to drive up to Marion, Indiana to do it, but it was well worth it. Taken 11/12/04.
The next weekend, we headed to Connersville for a 60th birthday bash for Tom's aunt, organized by her family. After endless begging, Anne flashed her deputy prosecuting attorney badge. The whole night was entirely too much fun. Taken 11/20/04.
Speaking of fun, who would think that volunteering at a Special Olympics benefit dinner would be a blast? We would! Not only was it for a great cause, it was a great time as well, thanks to all of the fun people involved with Special Olympics Hamilton County. Taken 12/2/04.
We got a rare family shot of all four of us when we attended Orchard Software's holiday party. Taken 12/10/04 in Debbie's office.
The next morning, we had Breakfast with Santa at Applebee's in Westfield during Special Olympics Hamilton County's annual fundraiser.
The next day, it's off to Laser Flash for a full birthday celebration for Debbie and Gina, who share the same birthday. We had two games of laser tag, birthday cake, all the soda we could drink, and plenty of game tokens. Our first game was victorious, but by the second game, all of our young opponents had decided to gang up on the grownups and we were defeated.
We went straight from there back to our house for another Survivor finale gathering, this time for Survivor: Vanuatu. Taken 12/12/04.
A huge snowstorm hit Indiana two days before Christmas, so Jill took advantage of it.
Fortunately, we had no travel delays as we headed for Seattle on Christmas Eve, where we met Debbie's family at the Space Needle and enjoyed dinner in the SkyCity revolving restaurant.
On Christmas Day, there were presents everywhere but we took time to pose for a group photo including Debbie's dad and Becky, Doug, Susan, and Stewart, and Wispy the cat.
Later that day, Jill got to visit Uncle Doug's work with her cousin Stewart. As befits a game software development company, there was fun stuff everywhere.
The next day, Jill, Tom, and Debbie headed back to Seattle Center to do some sightseeing. We visited the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, as did Orchy, seen here in the lower left corner.
After a spin on one of the rides in the Fun Forest, and lunch and beignets in the Seattle Center food court, we took a trip on the monorail, then came right back so we could fit in a quick visit to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.
All of us visited the Chittenden Locks the next day. There were no salmon in the fish ladders there, but we did get to see a couple of frolicking seals and several boats going through the locks.
We said our goodbyes to Debbie's father, brother, and their families, and struck out on our own in our rental car. We drove through the Cascades, past Mount Rainier and Mount Baker, to Hood River, Oregon, where we spent the night. We stopped often along the way to enjoy the view and Jill chronicled quite a bit of it with her videocamera. Taken 12/28/04.
The next morning, we made our way along the Columbia River Gorge, stopping at every scenic opportunity, and there were many! Here is the largest of the waterfalls along the Gorge, Multnomah Falls.
We continued through Portland and through the mountains to the Oregon coast, where we stopped briefly at Cannon Beach.
Next, we visited Fort Clatsop where costumed interpreters portrayed Lewis and Clark and their team. In the trading room of the fort, two traders traded for modern day items offered by the children who visited. Jill was able to trade some lip balm for a hair ribbon once they determined that the lip balm could be used as moccasin grease.
After an overnight stay in Olympia, Washington that included dinner with Debbie's friend Gillian, we visited the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Renton just before we had to fly back home. Read all about it here.
We made it back to Indianapolis safely and celebrated with a New Year's Eve bash at Audrey and Brent's home. Happy New Year!

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