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Let's go bowling! Some of the Orchard Software development staff went out and did some actual bowling that didn't involve a Wii console. Taken 1/17/07.
Debbie's Grandmother Normark passed away and the whole family gathered in Phoenix for her memorial service. Here are Debbie's aunts, uncles, and cousins, ...
... here are her father, stepmother, and brother, ...
... and here are her awesome Normark cousins, clowning around after a more formal group photo. Taken 1/20/07.
We took a side trip to Arizona Challenger Space Center during our visit.
Back at her dad's condo in nearby Mesa, Debbie checked out his latest train set, complete with Maersk semi truck. All photos taken the weekend of 1/19/07 - 1/21/07.
Jill enjoyed being on the Carmel High School diving team during the '06 - '07 season.
Her teammates were terrific and supportive. Taken 1/27/07.
When planning Jill's 16th birthday party, we decided we had to test out the go-karting facility we were considering, so all four of us headed out.
Tom, Jill, and Debbie did some racing, while Claire opted to play with her toy instead. Taken 1/28/07.
Jill's diving season extended to the sectionals. Proud dads Greg and Tom watched from the sidelines after helping with announcing and keeping score, respectively.
Mom and Claire were in their customary location in the natatorium stands above the pool, well-stocked with snacks and quiet toys.
Jill ended up placing second highest among the female Carmel divers, and her teammates cheered her on from the side of the pool. Taken 2/3/07.
Indianapolis got a nice blizzard in February. Wind gusts buried our patio furniture under snow in the back yard, ...
... and Jill made an igloo with the huge piles of snow in the front yard. Tom and Debbie were delighted that they had decided to purchase a snowblower earlier in the season. Taken 2/14/07.
Spooky fog a week later produced amazing crystals on everything.
The big day came and we celebrated Jill's Sweet Sixteen by having a party in the basement, then renting a bus to take her friends to Post Road Recreation Center.
They started off with arcade games, then an hour of private go-kart racing. Much fun was had by all. Taken 2/24/07.
The Bundy clan came to visit in March, which involved the mandatory dip in our swim spa.
We all got to meet our newest niece, Jena, held here by her cousin Kassidy. Taken 3/18/07.
Debbie headed to Houston to attend CLMA. The Orchard Software booth was more spectacular than ever.
Some of the Orchard folk took the opportunity to head out for some delicious Southern barbecue. Taken the week of 3/24/07 - 3/27/07.
Debbie and her brother Doug both flew back to Phoenix for the day to celebrate their great aunt Beatrice's birthday. Doug brought along a yellow towel Aunt Beatrice had sewn for him when we were kids, but Debbie's pink version has been missing for decades.
The party was hosted at cousin Gail's home, who put Debbie in charge of the hula hoop competition. After a few rough starts, she was able to show the guests how it was done, ...
... or perhaps it was Doug who showed them instead. Taken 4/21/07.
Sometimes Claire visits Mom's office and gets to sit in her chair. Taken 4/27/07.
In early May, Tom and Debbie took a Mediterranean-Black Sea cruise, visiting Greece, ...
... Turkey, ...
... Bulgaria, ...
... Turkey, ...
... Cyprus, ...
... and Egypt. Read all about it here.
After the CHS diving season was over, Jill joined the Northside Twisters diving club for the summer. Here she is at a meet at Pike High School. Taken 5/19/07.
That same weekend, Debbie's cousin Laura and her boyfriend Shawn were visiting. While Shawn worked at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a photographer, we took Laura downtown to see the canal at White River State Park. Tom and Laura got stuck in the front of the pedal boat, ...
... while Debbie and Claire got to sit back and enjoy the ride in the back.
The park is beautiful and is just one of many great reasons to visit downtown Indianapolis this days.
After a hard day of photographing famous race car drivers, Shawn joined us for a fancy dinner at Chik-Fil-A, which is something of a novelty to people from Wisconsin. Taken 5/19/07.
Here's Jill in the annual spring choir performance at Carmel High School -- look for her front and center in this photo. Taken 5/22/07.
Debbie enjoyed a night at Victory Field in downtown Indianapolis with the Orchard Software Operations staff. We cheered when we saw the company name on the scoreboard. Taken 5/31/07.
At another Northside Twisters diving meet, Jill's two dads could be seen in their customary positions as scorer and announcer. Taken 6/30/07.
Tom, Debbie, and Claire went to the library parking lot to enjoy Carmel's annual Fourth of July fireworks.
In July, Tom and Debbie spent a weekend in Kentucky visiting caves with our friend Gina.
We started at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, where we took a very cool boat trip through the cave.
We also marvelled at their terrific butterfly habitat, with gorgeous blooms and butterflies everywhere.
Our next stop was Diamond Caverns in Park City. The tour entrance was located indoors, and was an hour of gorgeous scenery like this.
The next day, we visited took the Frozen Niagara tour at Mammoth Cave. Photos taken 7/14/07 - 7/15/07. Read all about it here.
We headed to Dayton in July for a family gathering. Even though we were missing a few people, we made an attempt at a family portrait.
Of course, we got a shot of Margaret and her kids too. Here's the same photo taken 10 years earlier. Taken 7/27/07.
Claire has amazing thick brown hair that grows surprisingly fast. In July, just after she turned 18, we cut her hair very short and donated 12 inches to Locks of Love. Before and after photos are on her web page. Taken 7/24/07.
In late July, Tom, Debbie, and Jill went to Hawaii for a seven-night cruise, with a few days in Honolulu afterward. We visited six islands in all, including Oahu, ...
... Big Island, ...
... Maui, ...
... Molokai, ...
... Lanai, ...
... and Kauai. Read all about it here. Taken 7/28/07 - 8/5/07.
Every other year, the entire Schilling clan meets in Wisconsin for the Schilling reunion. This year, we took our group photos outdoors.
We also got a group shot of Debbie's immediate family. Shots of all nine of us are rare, so feast your eyes. Taken 9/7/07.
It was a lovely day for the Orchard Software company picnic, when we started taking turns on the gas-powered scooter someone had brought.
It turns out that Debbie's not as good at riding a scooter as she thought. Taken 9/15/07.
Tom and his business partner, Fran, headed to Las Vegas for the ASIS trade show. They spent a few hours visiting scenic Red Rock Canyon. Taken 9/23/07.
Back at the show, they had a nice time with their neighbors next door to the Gale Force Software Corporation booth. Taken 9/25/07.
Jill attended CHS's homecoming dance and looked beautiful, as always. Taken 9/29/07.
Jill performed in her high school's fall choir performance. Here she is again, front and center. Taken 10/3/07.
Claire goes to Sheridan High School and celebrated their homecoming weekend with hair color and face painting. Taken 10/5/07.
Debbie drove to Illinois to attend her cousin Sharlot's baby shower. It was a long drive but fun to spend an afternoon with the ladies. Taken 10/13/07.
The very next day was Maize Maze Mayhem VI! It's a noble tradition dating back to 2002. Taken 10/14/07.
Debbie left town again to attend the annual 4D Summit, held at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Taken 10/16/07.
Our girls dressed up for Halloween. Here's Jill in a Twister costume, ready for a Halloween party, ...
... here's Claire in her spooky Halloween shirt, dressed up for Halloween at her school, ...
... and here's Debbie in her Birds costume.
The Orchard Software Development Department holiday party involved darts, pool, and of course, games. We probably broke records with the number of people participating in a game of Apples to Apples, and this particularly difficult decision involved picking a card more essential than Heather or Jeff. Taken 12/10/07.
The Gale Force Software Corporation holiday party was held at St. Elmo's Steak House in downtown Indy. We had a private room next to the wine cellar. Fancy!
A birthday celebration with Audrey and Brent always involves the festive birthday hats, and this time it was Debbie's birthday.
On the actual birthday itself, Debbie came home from work to a living room stripped bare of Christmas decorations for one blissful Christmas-free December day. It was a good birthday.
December brings winter weather, and we had a gorgeous ice storm. Well, the storm wasn't so gorgeous, but the aftermath was.
We celebrated our personal Christmas a few days early, as we usually do. There were gifts and Scandinavian foods a-plenty.
Debbie's Aunt Carol spent the pre-Christmas weekend with us, and we kept busy with shopping, eating, and seeing "Beowulf" in IMAX 3D. Taken 12/23/07.
On Christmas Day, Tom's family joined us. After we played Dirty Bingo, we fired up the Wii and things got really lively.
Ken enjoyed showing us how its done.
Claire kept busy playing with all of her sparkly new electronic toys.
A few days later, we hosted Debbie's colleagues for a night of fun and games. While Jill watched the kids in the basement, the adults enjoyed Wii in the living room and Irish Car Bombs in the kitchen.
We capped off the evening with a cutthroat game of Dirty Bingo. Taken 12/27/07.

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