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Claire is the best at giving hugs. Taken 1/8/08.
At Steve's birthday party, Gina, Debbie, and Audrey showed the proper technique when the command "Angel Up!" is issued.
So, we went to Atlanta in January. We were expecting a break from the Indiana winter, but ran into an Atlanta blizzard instead. We got into the CNN tour before it closed, but were a bit too late for the World of Coca-Cola. Thank goodness for Waffle Houses and malls that don't close.
A little snow didn't stop Jim from marrying the lovely Jessica. Those of you who know Jim understand why we had to fly to Atlanta to see this historic event.
Yes, we were there. Taken 1/19/08.
The next morning, we did a little sightseeing before heading home, including a stop at Stone Mountain. Read all about it here.
A few weeks later, Debbie visited her friend Janet, shown here with her family.
As you can see, Debbie and Janet haven't changed a bit since they were roommates at Macalester College. Taken 2/2/08.
The annual Orchard Software chili cookoff features no prizes, but that didn't stop Gina from a little trash talk against her fellow chili chef, Bill. Taken 2/29/08.
At Audrey and Brent's quadrennial Leap Year Party, Heather, Gina, and Audrey did their best Junior Birdmen pose. Taken 3/1/08.
Tito is a beautiful cat. Doesn't he just know it?
Being centrally located to Aimee's family and friends, we provided the house while Anne, Helen, and Barb provided the baby shower.
Here are the genteel Sanders women ...
... and here are the wild women from Cameron's side of the family. Taken 3/8/08.
In March, Debbie and Tom visited Asia. We started with several days in Japan, then boarded a cruise ship and visited ...
... South Korea, ...
... the Great Wall of China and Beijing, ...
... Shanghai, ...
... and ended our trip in Hong Kong. Visit our Asia travelogue to see more.
Jill was beautiful in her dress for her junior prom. Taken 5/3/08.
Meanwhile, Debbie and Tom were in Wisconsin attending Debbie's cousin Sara's wedding to Adam.
Cousin Erik showed off the second-newest member of the family, baby Koree.
Four of the Schilling Eight were in attendance, including father-of-the-bride Jon. Taken 5/3/08.
On our way back to Indy from Wisconsin, we stopped at Woodfield Park Zoo with one mission: visit as many Mold-a-Rama machines as possible.
Debbie fondly remembered these from her youth at the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul. The smell of the plastic, the warmth of the just after the machine has molded it -- priceless! The price has gone up to $1.50, but having a salary instead of an allowance allowed us to buy every one we could find.
Yes, that's our Jill at the end of the front row (and center of this picture) in the Spring choir performance at Carmel High School. Taken 5/20/08.
Debbie's cousin Laura came down from Minnesota with her fiance Shawn the weekend of the Indy 500. Shawn's a photographer for the Speedway and had a press pass, so Debbie and Laura attended the race as spectators.
Orchy also came along to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.
After the race, Shawn and Laura posed in front of the famous Pagoda. Read all about it here. Taken 5/25/08.
We love games and so do Audrey and Brent. Here they battle for Banzai supremacy by trying to pick up plastic sushi with chopsticks. Taken 6/1/08.
Now this is a storm front. Taken 6/15/08.
We took Claire to the zoo to see the meerkat exhibit. Our first stop was the dolphin show because Claire enjoys it.
The meerkats were adorable.
We always stop to see turtles because Claire loves them ... even very large ones.
Claire tried her hand at feeding the giraffe.
Our last stop was the water play area where Claire got a little water splashed on her but didn't mind a bit. Taken 6/22/08.
Spike and Tito love to sleep on our new couch with the handmade quilt we purchased at a Humane Society silent auction, which seems quite fitting.
Speaking of silent auctions, we bought this custom-made sign from a Special Olympics silent auction, and it now graces Gale Force Software Corporation's entryway.
It was this very company where Tom celebrated his 40th birthday with a little help and some office decorations from his GFSC coworkers. Taken 7/2/08.
That evening, we celebrated again with friends. Here are Gina and Patrick sharing a funny birthday poem, ...
... and here is Audrey being served some sort of delicious meat at the churrascaria where we ate dinner.
A churrascaria is a Brazilian restaurant, and we were thrilled to find that they served our favorite Brazilian drink, Diet Antarctica Guaraná. We bought a couple to go too.
After a round of desserts, we snapped a group shot with our magic black bar glasses. Taken 7/2/08.
Several times this summer, we headed to the Carmel Farmer's Market to pick up fruit, veggies, and homemade foods. Claire didn't seem to mind us using her wheelchair to help carry our bags of goodies. Taken 7/5/08.
One fine morning, Audrey showed up at work to find her desktop was made completely of Legos. Who could have done such a thing? There's no way of knowing. Taken 7/10/08.
For her 19th birthday, we gave Claire a personalized singing birthday card that she loved almost as much as the other toys she got. Here she is playing with it as we stopped for gas on our way to ...
... Sheridan for dinner. Sheridan is the town about 25 minutes north of us where Claire attends school. Taken 7/14/08.
In July, we headed to Connersville for a family gathering. The main reason was to meet adorable baby Emily, shown here sleeping in her mother Aimee's arms.
It was also an excuse to see our other little relatives as well, including Jack, shown here playing with his uncle Tom, ...
... and his little sister Jena, fast asleep on Jill's lap. Taken 7/20/08.
Jill's college search kicked off in July with a visit to Ball State University in Muncie. Our tour guide was Claire's summer caregiver, Brent, who is an English professor there. Taken 7/23/08.
In July, Tom and Debbie took a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean. We started in Puerto Rico, and visited ...
... St. Thomas and St. John, USVI, ...
... Dominica, ...
... Barbados, ...
... St. Lucia, ...
... Antigua, ...
and St. Kitts. Read all the fantastic details here. Taken 7/26/08 - 8/3/08.
We spent a fun Saturday playing paintball with Debbie's coworkers. Here's Tom on a stakeout, ...
... and here's Debbie after a particularly accurate shot to her mask.
Here's the whole motley crew after several rounds of paintball battle. Taken 8/9/08.
Claire loves ripe Indiana cherry and grape tomatoes, and her friend Kelly knows it, so she brings in a few bags for Claire every season and Claire is grateful. Taken 8/14/08.
Gina and Patrick got us tickets to the Lucas Oil Stadium public tour, so we joined the horde of Colts fans waiting downtown to get in.
We joined Gina's and Patrick's families in the sun just before the gates opened at noon for a two-hour self-guided tour.
Chances are slim that we'll ever actually attend a Colts game (we're not football-loving people), so cherish this shot of us in front of the field. Taken 8/16/08.
Debbie attends dinner with Orchard Software training class attendees several Tuesday nights a month at Woody's Library Restaurant in Carmel. Here's a group of Orchard clients after dinner, many of whom have been to training before and have become friends of ours. Taken 8/19/08.
Gina and Patrick tempted us to go south of 86th street by cooking a delicious dinner. Well, that part was mostly Patrick.
After dinner, we enjoyed a walk in perfect weather at dusk along the north end of the White River Canal. Taken 8/23/08.
On Labor Day weekend, we took a day trip north to visit the lovely campus of Grand Valley State University in Michigan.
On our way back, we stopped in Holland, Michigan, where Debbie was determined to eat lunch in a restaurant with a windmill on the front. Sadly, the best candidate (shown here) was closed so we settled for sandwiches at a little place across the street. Taken 9/1/08.
"Angel Up!" We celebrated Brent's birthday in the Bundlings basement with Vanna and Audrey. The celebration mostly involved way too many beverages. Taken 9/6/08.
It's Jill's senior year and here she is looking beautiful in her Homecoming dress.
Her friends gathered at our home to get ready before their handsome dates arrived to take them to the dance. Taken 9/13/08.
The Sanders women were in town, so we got together for lunch at our home. Here is photographic proof that Anne likes babies, especially if it is her niece Emily. Taken 9/14/08.
Another birthday, another Bundlings basement gathering. This time, it was Audrey's turn to be fêted. We celebrated with board games and moderation. Taken 9/27/08.
Fishers held a Renaissance Festival, so we dropped in for a breakfast of turkey legs and funnel cakes. Yum! Taken 10/5/08.
Debbie attended the annual 4D Summit held in Long Beach, CA, this year. She felt quite inadequate owning only an iPod Touch when surrounded by iPhones. Taken 10/7/08.
A trip to the Los Angeles area gave Debbie a chance to see her cousin David and his wife Sandra.
A walk along the pier after dinner turned into a shopping excursion when David and Sandra spotted this Medusa hat for Debbie. Of course, it came home with her and joined the Bundlings funny hat collection. Taken 10/10/08.
Upon return to Indianapolis, Debbie got this shot of the food court at the Indianapolis airport, where many delicious breakfasts at McDonald's and lunches at Asian Chao have been consumed before a flight. This was her last view of this airport, because it was replaced by ...
... the new Indianapolis airport. The very next day, Tom, Debbie, and Claire toured the new airport when it was opened to the public for the weekend. Our first order of business was to test the accessibility. We were pleased to find it easy to get around with Claire's wheelchair, except for the 5+ minute wait for an elevator when we returned to the parking garage.
One highlight of the tour was a chance to go down on the tarmac, and Tom was delighted to take advantage of the opportunity.
Our behind-the-scenes tour also included a look at the baggage handling.complex. The new airport opened five weeks later and we looked forward to using it for the first time as passengers in December. Taken 10/12/08.
Orchard Software creates a bobblehead of an employee each year as a client gift, and the third bobblehead in the series is Debbie. Here she is being photographed on all sides by Christine for the bobblehead sculptors to use. Taken 10/16/08.
Speaking of Orchard, Debbie observed her tenth anniversary with the company and the president brought in donuts to celebrate, including a box of her favorite flavor, chocolate coconut. Taken 10/21/08.
Each fall brings a corn maze outing. This year's event was Maize Maze Mayhem VII and was our highest turnout yet. A full account of the day is available here. Taken 10/18/08.
Tom and Debbie took a whirlwind tour of Wisconsin and Minnesota in October. Among other Wisconsin highlights, we visited Phoneco, a vintage telephone seller located in the Schilling Electric Company factory designed by Debbie's grandfather in Galesville, Wisconsin. Taken 10/23/08.
In Minnesota, we visited restaurants, stores, friends, and Macalester College. One of the highlights was a visit to Groveland Gallery, where a showing of Debbie's former art professor Jerry Rudquist's work was opening that day. We purchased the two works on the right in this photo. You know you would have done the same if we hadn't gotten there first.
The main reason for our trip was the wedding of Debbie's cousin Laura to Shawn, both shown here the night before their wedding with our little mascot, Orchy. Taken 10/24/08.
By the morning of the wedding, the Twin Cities were crawling with Schillings, especially Carbone's Pizza on Randolph Avenue (AKA the "One True Carbone's") where we feasted on Carbone's Specials and loaded our coolers with 12 more to take home.
The wedding itself was held at the beautiful Weisman Art Museum. A great time was had by all. Taken 10/25/08.
We hosted an Election Night party and watched as Indiana voted Democrat for the first time in decades. Taken 11/4/08.
We celebrated Thanksgiving in Connersville, where baby Emily was the star attraction, shown here with her Aunt Anne. Taken 11/27/08.
Since our girls attend different high schools in different conferences, both of their schools' football teams were able to make it to the finals without facing each other. Claire put on Sheridan High School colors and cheered on her team with us on 11/28/08, ...
... while her sister made signs and put on Carmel High School colors on 11/29/08. We watched from home and saw Jill and her friends on the broadcast several times.
Ever since seeing these in Japan, Debbie wanted one installed for her birthday, and she got it. It rates 10 points on the Bundlings Restroom Scale. Taken 12/2/08.
When Scott announced he'd be playing a gig with his band, his fellow Gale Force colleagues came out for the show even though we'd all be seeing each other at the Gale Force holiday dinner the very next night. Taken 12/5/08.
The Autism Society of America and AMC Theaters sponsor a monthly showing of Sensory Friendly Films. Lights stay up, the sound stays down, and any and all autistic behaviors are welcome. We decided to try taking Claire to see "Bolt," our first movie together since she was small. She sat nicely the entire time and almost didn't want to go when it was over! Now, we take her regularly. Taken 12/6/08.
Tom's company, Gale Force Software Corporation, celebrated the end of another successful year with a holiday dinner at the Capitol Grille in downtown Indianapolis. Taken 12/6/08.
Twenty-six identically wrapped gifts must mean it's time for the Orchard Software Development holiday party, held at Mickey's in Westfield. Taken 12/12/08.
We spent Debbie's birthday driving to Kent, Ohio, to visit Kent State University. Clearly, Jill approved of the campus and enrolled in the class of 2013. Taken 12/13/08.
Not to worry about Debbie's birthday. In addition to celebrating in the car on the way back from Kent State, we had breakfast with the Blackwells to celebrate. Debbie is sporting the traditional birthday girl hat and scepter. Taken 12/14/08.
We celebrated Christmas with the Vegas Five at Gina and Patrick's home. Yes, there are six of us, but we treat it like the Big 10 -- the addition of Penn State/Patrick wasn't reason enough to change the number. Here we are playing Dirty Bingo, a family tradition that just keeps on spreading. Taken 12/21/08.
One particularly fun Christmas present was this combo pack of Moon Pies and RC Cola, courtesy of Debbie's brother Doug. Yummy! Taken 12/24/08.
We usually host Tom's family on Christmas Day. Here is festive little Emily celebrating her first Christmas.
Tom and Ken are excellent role models for the young ones, but they clearly have differing opinions on where to store one's spoon when not in use.
Tom's family is now addicted to Dirty Bingo too. No, there's no bingo actually played ... it's a long story.
At the end of a long day, Debbie showed Jack and Jena the proper way to relax on a recliner. Taken 12/25/08.
We flow to South America shortly after Christmas and spent a day sightseeing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here we are outside the Casa Rosada crying "Eva Peron." Taken 12/28/09.
We took a ferry the next day to spend an afternoon in Uruguay as well. Taken 12/29/09.
Then we flew to Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina and toured Tierra del Fuego National Park. Taken 12/30/09.
Then we boarded a ship bound for Antarctica and spent New Year's Eve on the Drake Passage. Read all about it here. Taken 12/31/09.

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