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We spent New Year's Day and the next four days in Antarctica, our seventh continent.
When our Antarctic adventure ended, we flew to Iguazú Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border and saw it from both countries. Taken 1/8/09.
Debbie's cousin Kathy came to visit with her sons Nathan and Joshua. Taken 1/12/09.
The Orchard crew gathered around our tiny TV to watch President Obama's inauguration in January.
We were the high bidders on a Pacers suite at a Special Olympics Hamilton County fundraiser, so we gathered some friends and made an evening of it. Taken 1/30/09.
Debbie was chosen to be the third in the series of Orchard Software's collectible bobbleheads. You can read the entire thrilling tale here.
We went to Florida to see a shuttle launch, but it got postponed. Not to worry -- we can replan a vacation faster than anyone. First stop on our alternate vacation: sightseeing in St. Augustine, Florida.
St. Augustine is where they keep the Fountain of Youth. We drank from it, but so far, no visible improvement.
This lovely fellow was strutting his stuff on the grounds at the Fountain of Youth. Taken 2/11/09.
The next day, we visited Debbie's Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Jon in Hilton Head, South Carolina ...
... and spent the afternoon with them touring Savannah, Georgia.
The next day, we headed up to Charleston, South Carolina, to see the lovely architecture there. Read all about it here.
We made it home in time for Jill's 18th birthday, shown here with her friends, posing nicely. Roll over the image to see pose two.
We bought a new minivan in February with a built-in DVD system. Despite losing all interest in videos years ago, Claire find herself unable to resist the lure of the animated film when it is broadcast from the ceiling. Taken 3/4/2009.
Why, yes, Debbie was guest of the day at a hotel in Galax, Virginia, in March! It was quite exciting, especially the part where she received a free bag of grits with the honor. Taken 3/9/09.
We took Claire to Sensory Friendly Films, a monthly film screening for families of people with autism. This showing was "Escape to Witch Mountain." Claire wasn't a huge fan, but sat for at least an hour before she got fidgety. Taken 3/14/09.
We had a family gathering in Dayton, and Uncle Tom showed nephews Jack and Zackary something interesting, or maybe he had stolen their toy.
Later that day, we met Tom's high school friends at a local bar for a party, organized by Angie, the friend of our tablemates on our Antarctic cruise two months earlier. Very small world, people.
We had a good time, by the way. Taken 3/21/09.
Jill got Mom good on April Fool's Day with the old taping-open-the-kitchen-sprayer trick. We couldn't be more proud.
Our cat Tito is the best lap kitty ever. He loves sitting on laps almost as much ...
... as he loves his pink catnip mousie. Taken 4/3/09.
This was the year of the homemade Bami Balls for gifts. This was Debbie's very first -- a gift for sister-in-law Susan. It was made of wound crepe streamers and filled with candy, coins, and other surprises. Taken 4/10/09.
Sensory Friendly Films: watching the Hannah Montana movie. Claire enjoyed it but not as much as the girl with autism down the aisle who had been sobbing to be taken home before the movie started but was dancing along by the second song. It was pretty heartwarming. Taken 4/18/09.
Jill looked beautiful for her senior prom.
Tom's women were inadvertently color-coordinated for the occasion.
Jill's friends gathered for photos at Allie's house before prom. Taken 5/2/09.
Jill had several art pieces in the annual student art show at Carmel High School. Here's Jill with her colored pencil drawing of eyes. We went to see the show with Debbie's Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob on 5/6/09 ...
... then again the next night with Tom's mom. Here's Jill with her winning entry in the sculpture category -- a bust of Gene Simmons.
At dinner with Tom's mom, Claire was especially giggly. Taken at Woody's Library Restaurant 5/7/09.
Pizza delivery! Cousin-in-law Shawn showed up at the door with a Carbone's pizza delivered all the way from Minnesota. Taken 5/8/09.
Cousin Laura joined Shawn the next weekend. While Shawn was performing his photographer duties at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we took Laura out to play. Taken 5/16/09.
We headed to Connersville to celebrate little cousin Emily's first birthday. She enjoyed her party immensely! Taken 5/17/09.
Shawn's final weekend visit in May was for the Indy 500. After the race, he showed us where he was standing in the pits during the race. Taken 5/24/09.
We held Jill's graduation open house the day before she graduated. Here she is with her dad and his parents ...
... and here she is with Grandma and Grandpa Schilling.
We broke out the black bar glasses, so there's no way of knowing who these women might be.
Our sunroom was pressed into service as a temporary art gallery for Jill's work, dating back to pre-school.
We gathered 18 years of portraits into a poster and added some graduation caps for fun. Taken 5/30/09.
On Jill's graduation day, we gathered with Jill's friends to take photos.
The girls look pretty happy, huh?
Here is Jill with her proud parents after the graduation ceremony. Taken 5/31/09.
We flew to Minnesota for a long weekend and spent Friday morning at Como Park. The conservatory there was always boring when Debbie was a kid, but strangely fascinating as an adult. Gaze upon its gorgeousness.
We were really at the zoo to check out the Mold-a-Rama machines. Oh, the awesome smell of hot plastic.
Our real purpose for being in Minnesota was Debbie's 25th Macalester College reunion. Friday evening, we had a lovely outdoor reception ...
... followed by beer, food, and fun in Kevin's backyard on Grand Avenue. Taken 6/5/09.
The next day, lunch was a mini-high school reunion at Carbone's on Randolph with Judy, Natalie, Lance, and baby Alexandra.
Macalester reunion festivities continued that evening with a formal dinner. Our keynote speaker was John B. Davis, our beloved college president who retired the year we graduated.
In the martini tent later on, Debbie ran into her old friend Steve, capping off a perfect reunion weekend.
Before we left town, we headed north to Laura and Shawn's house where we had dinner with Melissa, Erik, and Solveig (pictured) and Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob (not pictured). Taken 6/7/09.
We took Jill along when we played paintball with Debbie's coworkers in June. Here, mother and daughter strike their baddest pose. Fear them.
Someone deployed a smoke bomb in the jungle field and produced a very cool, spooky effect.
Here's the gang after all the shooting was done. Taken 6/13/09.
Later that evening, the Vegas Five gathered in the Bundlings basement and Drew stopped by with a bottle of Jeppson's Malört. Roll over the image to see our reaction. Wise Patrick took the photo instead of taking a shot.
We went to Monica's high school graduation open house in June. Monica and Jill have been friends since they were in the same day care when they were five years old. Taken 6/14/09.
At the end of June, we took Jill to Costa Rica for a 10-day guided tour.
We even got to sneak across the Nicaraguan border long enough to get our picture taken there. The entire trip is documented here.
We celebrated Tom's birthday with Audrey, Brent, and Claire at Dave & Busters.
Claire helped out Tom on the Star Wars game. Taken 7/7/09.
Sensory Friendly Films: Jill joined us to see "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs." Claire seemed to enjoy most of it except the chase scenes. Taken 7/11/09.
We celebrated Claire's birthday at Grandma Bundy's house. Here's Claire with one of her new sound birthday cards. She loves them. Taken 7/12/09.
For her birthday, Brent treated Claire to McDonald's at Mom's office. Taken 7/14/09.
We were back on the paintball fields in July. Here are Debbie and Tom defending the Orchard side of the field against the challengers.
Tom is ready for some shooting as he, Corry, and John take the tank.
The mandatory group shot where everyone is covered with dirt and paint makes a great souvenir of a fun day. Taken 7/25/09.
Sensory Friendly Films: "G-Force." Claire's not a big fan of live-action movies, but she made it mostly through the movie before she started to need M&Ms to distract her. Taken 8/1/09.
Jarrod's annual party is legendary and we were happy to attend. Here is our genial host and his lovely hostess Becky. Taken 8/1/09.
Chocolate-covered bacon was the hot topic at the Indiana State Fair. We tried some and declared it to be vile. Taken 8/7/09.
We started replacing nearly the entire exterior of our home in August: windows, skylights, doors, siding, roof, and gutters. Here is the obligatory photo before construction begins. Taken 8/8/09.
Taking Claire to the dentist is a full contact sport. Tom holds down her arms and Mom holds down her legs, even though Dr. Sanders is the nicest dentist in the world. Taken 8/15/09.
Surprise Bobby! Some of the Orchard gang was on hand for Bobby's surprise birthday party. We brought along a Star Wars-themed Bami ball for the occasion. Taken 8/22/09.
We took Jill to college in August. Greg and Jill drove her car and we followed along in the van with all of Jill's college stuff. We stopped for lunch before the big move-in and got this photo of Jill and her dad.
In no time at all, she was moved in to her dorm room and we were ready to head back home to our partially empty nest. Buh-bye, Jill! Taken 8/27/09.
Sometimes Tom plays his iPod for Claire when she's waiting for the school bus in the morning. Claire is always amused, but not for long. Taken 9/2/09.
We had a breakfast birthday celebration for Brent's birthday. Here is what is left of his Bami ball. Taken 9/7/09.
Our little cat brothers can often be found napping together. They're handsome boys, wouldn't you agree? Taken 9/7/09.
Sensory Friendly Films: "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs." Claire loved this one, because it was so colorful. She was riveted! Taken 9/19/09.
It's good to be a Schilling in the Wisconsin Dells during the Schilling Reunion because you get to see your name on the Tommy Bartlett sign.
There are an awful lot of us, ...
... so our annual game of Dirty Bingo has begun to take on epic-size proportions. Taken 9/26/09.
Debbie headed to Atlanta for the annual 4D Summit. It's a four-day Apple products lovefest. Debbie and Dave shared the love by bumping iPhones. Taken 10/8/09.
Our annual corn mazing outing had to be relocated to the local laser tag mazes due to rain, but a good time was had by all nonetheless. Taken 10/10/09.
Debbie and Audrey took Gina out for a bachelorette lunch the month before her wedding to the handsome Patrick. She received many lovely gifts, most of which we can't show you. Taken 10/12/09.
Sensory Friendly Films: "Where the Wild Things Are." Claire was not a fan and tried to stand up several times.
Fortunately, she had Mom's hand to hold onto during the boring or scary parts. Taken 10/17/09.
We brought back a cooler full of lefse from the Schilling reunion. Claire loves lefse because she is a good Norwegian girl. Clearly, she loves it even more than hot dogs. Taken 10/18/09.
We were a little late but we finally celebrated Audrey's birthday with a rhinestone-encrusted Bami Ball at the Cheesecake Factory. Taken 10/21/09.
Claire ruptured her bursa sac earlier in the year, so we took her to a specialist to have her knee drained. She was a very good girl and was so cute in her Halloween shirt. Taken 10/30/09.
After Claire's appointment, she hung out at Mom's office until Dad came to pick her up. It's totally normal that Mom is wearing a skeleton costume, isn't it? Taken 10/30/09.
We went to Kent to visit Jill and so Debbie could attend Delta Zeta Moms Day with Jill.
We had a great day with Jill, then drove home the next morning. Here's our girl at Delta Zeta. Taken 11/7/09.
We dropped by the annual Special Olympics Hamilton County Dance-a-thon. It's always nice to see Claire's former teacher Heather, who is the county coordinator. Taken 11/13/09.
Our house exterior construction was completed in November. Next spring, we have a little landscaping to do and then we're done. Taken 11/20/09.
In November, we flew to Boston, rented a car, and took a weeklong trip with a day each in Rhode Island, ...
... Connecticut, ...
... Vermont, ...
... Quebec, ...
... Maine, ...
... New Hampshire, ...
... and Massachusetts. Read all about it here. Taken 11/28/09.
We attended Tom's uncle's funeral in November so we got a photo of everyone looking nice.
It was time to get an updated picture of Tom and Ken. They certainly seem to get more handsome every year. Taken 11/29/09.
The annual Gale Force Software holiday party was held at Fletcher's Steak House. We were there ...
... and so were these people. Yes, that's Edward in the back row. Taken 12/6/09.
Debbie's software development group really knows how to party. For the record, this was a staged shot. Taken 12/11/09.
We attended Special Olympics Hamilton County's Breakfast with Santa fundraiser, but we didn't have time to get our photo taken with Santa, because ...
... we had to rush off to Sensory Friendly Films to see "The Princess and the Frog."
While waiting for the movie to start, Tom helped Claire play with his iPhone. Taken 12/12/09.
For Debbie's birthday, we started with oysters for lunch, ...
... then our traditional birthday-hat-wearing celebration with the Blackwells. Taken 12/13/09.
Tito is especially cute nestled in his basket under the stockings on Christmas Eve.
Our house was the place to be on Christmas Day. Margaret brought her delicious Christmas cookies, ...
... and Jack brought Rock Star, so Aimee and Jeff helped him rock out.
Adorable Jena and Emily played with their spoons.
Jena played Dirty Bingo for the first time, with a little help from Grandma Bundy, and she learned that nobody steals presents from cute little kids.
¿Quién es más macho? Ken o Thomas?
Here is Debbie with the Bundy men. We got out the infamous black bar glasses and had some fun with them.
Who are these people? With black bar glasses on, there's no way of knowing and we're not telling. Well, okay, maybe we will. Juliet's dad (left) joined us from Minnesota, where he lives four blocks from where Debbie grew up. Taken 12/25/09.
Once a year, the kitties get to ride in the car to see the vet. Spike hides on the floor of the van and Tito stands on any surface he can to protest loudly to anyone who will listen, even if that surface is Claire. Taken 12/26/09.

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