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We started the new year by getting up extremely early and driving to Nashville to spend the day with Tom's family. With gorgeous weather, we ended up on the trampoline.
Tom showed off his skills, ...
... as did Zack.
Ken and Tom chose not to try to relive their glory years as gymnasts.
Here are cousins Jill, Jena, and Kassidy, ...
... here are the Bundy siblings, ...
... and here is the entire family, minus Jeff and Claire.
That evening, we had a great visit with Debbie's friends Trish and Greg.
We spent the night at a hotel in Nashville, then drove home via Cincinnati so we could do some shopping at IKEA. That's where we spotted this awesome sign of our beloved Ice Hotel.
We enjoyed a brief snowstorm featuring bright sunlight on the way home.
Mother and daughter modeled their temporary lip tattoos. Taken 1/7/12.
With a new crop of cousins due to arrive in the next six months, Debbie was busy making baby-themed Bami Balls for all of them. Final tally: three boys and one girl.
Tito and his brother aren't fans of the vet, but they do appreciate a good bench to hide under while waiting for their checkup. Taken 1/21/12.
Jill's close friend Paige joined her on a visit home from college, so we went out for dinner at Mudsocks. Taken 1/22/12.
Poor Tito had to return to the vet for a dental cleaning. He was pretty whacked out all day afterward. Taken 1/31/12.
Claire dressed as a New York Giants fan the week the Super Bowl was held here in Indianapolis. Around this town, being a Patriots fan isn't an option. Taken 2/5/12.
It's a pizza miracle! Carbone's on Randolph in St. Paul, Minnesota now ships frozen pizzas! We ordered seven delicious Carbone's pizzas to be enjoyed one frozen half at a time. Taken 2/7/12.
Tasty Guiness cupcakes were on the menu at Drew's birthday party. Yes, those are bottle caps used as decorations. Taken 2/11/12.
Awww, that Tom is a well-trained husband to send roses to Debbie's office for Valentine's Day.
When Jill texted us just after midnight on her 21st birthday, Debbie replied with a photo of the previously-padlocked liquor cabinet.
There is something about a beer sampler that is irresistible to Debbie. This one was served at our first visit to Granite City Brewery. Taken 2/20/12.
We got a very fun gift for Christmas 2011 -- a three-month office-supplies-of-the-world subscription. It's three amazing things rolled up into one! This month's package included a pencil, notebook, and roll of labels from Trinidad. Taken 2/22/12.
We drove up to Madison for cousin Sara's baby shower.
We had a table full of Schilling relatives and while we were participating in baby shower activities, Tom and Mark spent a couple of hours at a local bar, ...
... coming back in time to help bring in the larger baby gifts. After the shower, we had dinner at Sprecher's in Madison with Carol, filled up the van with delicious Sprecher's soda, then headed to Beloit to spend the night in a hotel.
We left Beloit early the next morning so we could make it to IKEA in Schaumburg for more shopping.
We couldn't resist a stop at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center while we were in Schaumburg. Somehow, a clearance-priced Star Wars LEGO advent calendar made it into our shopping bag.
We took another side trip to Indiana Dunes State Park (now Indiana Dunes National Park!), situated on Lake Michigan within sight of the city of Chicago.
After years of living in Indiana, we can finally say that we've been there. Taken 2/26/12.
Here's another first after years of living in Indiana: tasting sugar cream pie, a classic Hoosier dessert. This homemade beauty was a gift from one of Debbie's colleagues. Taken 2/27/12.
All of those trips to IKEA had a very important purpose: to get more storage boxes for our basement. In the storage room, we traded in white plastic shelves ...
... for sturdy, industrial-strength metal storage shelves. It's all so orderly and symmetrical!
The funny hat collection on the ceiling still provides just the right touch of chaos.
In the furnace room, we also replaced a pair of plastic shelves with metal shelves, applied peg board along one wall, and reorganized the many drawers of random things that need to be stored. Taken 3/2/12.
While reorganizing everything, we cleaned out many old boxes of stuff. Among the things savored one last thing before discarding: this colorful pile of letters from grade-school students in Sweden sent to Debbie after her 1987 visit.
Leap Year 2012 is a reason to celebrate, and so we did. Audrey's home was transformed into a decade-themed wonderland, with Audrey representing the glorious 70s.
We chose to represent the 80s, complete with Members Only jacket and banana clip.
The 90s Fun Zone (TM) featured a four-minute rave. Taken 3/3/12.
After years of successfully avoiding lutefisk, the Norwegian fish delicacy, Debbie finally decided it was time to try it. This is what it looks like once it is baked, which is not much different rom what it looks like raw. It tasted like fish Jell-O and we'll never, ever eat it again. (Wrong! We had it again in Norway in 2013 and changed our minds.) Taken 3/8/12.
In late March, we took a two-week trip to Asia, starting with four days in Hong Kong, ...
... four days in Bangkok, ...
... two days in Cambodia, ...
... two hours in the Ho Chi Minh City airport in Vietnam, ...
... four days in Singapore, ...
... an afternoon in Indonesia, ...
... and an hour at Narita Airport in Tokyo. Read all about it here.
After a beautiful year living with the awesome LEGO Death Star, it was time to pass it on to a couple of young LEGO fans who also love Star Wars. We got a couple final photos before sending it off to its new home. Taken 4/27/12.
When Jill returned from college, she took a bartending course, so she did some practicing in our basement bar. Taken 5/9/12.
A year after leaving high school, Claire returned to Sheridan High School for the second annual Opportunity Prom.
The prom is put on by Sheridan students for children and adults with special needs who have been through the Tri-County programs, ...
... so it is like a reunion, but there's still plenty of dancing.
Here are two of Claire's former classroom aides, Missy and Brooke, ...
... and here is the always enthusiastic Mr. Moore, serving as DJ and chief prom organizer.
As we stopped to take a photo in front of the luau-themed decorations, a student asked to take a photo of Claire too. He was the brother of the boy who escorted Claire through her graduation ceremony the year before, so he wanted to send a picture of Claire to his brother who is now serving in the Army. Taken 5/11/12.
Tom went to Dayton to help celebrate his mom's birthday and to spread a huge pile of mulch for her.
Tito and Spike's mom, Lucy, supervised the work through the screen door. Taken 5/12/12.
We were thrilled to find genuine Sprecher's soda in a refrigerator at our local Menard's. Sprecher's! Here! We will never have to be out of delicious Orange Dream again. Taken 5/16/12.
Canadian geese love the Carmel office parks and traffic is often slowed down as the spring babies arrive. These babies were nearly fully grown, but still traveled everywhere in a straight line behind their parents. Taken 5/18/12.
There was a bounce house at Barb and Dan's for Emily's 4th birthday party. Here are Emily and her grandpa Jeff, ...
... and Emily with her parents and her delicious non-birthday-cake alternatives. Taken 5/19/12.
The original BFF trio of Jackie, Monica, and Jill are all of legal drinking age, so Jill got in a little bartending practice when they stopped by.
Mom joined in for a shot or two as well. Taken 5/21/12.
These unusual clouds were worth photographing. Taken 5/31/12.
We had a couple of beers in our garden on a nice summer day so we could text the photo to our friend in Pittsburgh who was attending a beer festival. When you can't be at a beer festival, you've got to do the next best thing, right? Taken 6/2/12.
We spent another lazy afternoon on the White River with Dean and Audrey. Taken 6/17/12.
At Thomas and Brigette's house for a cookout, Reagan the dog was a little afraid of Claire at first, but then she decided that Claire was fascinating. Taken 6/23/12.
When a Jack in the Box franchise finally opened in our area, we had a fast food buffet, ordering every unusual item (tacos, egg rolls, churros, apple slices, onion rings!) and trying them all. Welcome to the neighborhood, Jack! Taken 6/24/12.
We had dinner with Debbie's cousins Laura, Shawn, and baby Lisa.
We ate at the Spaghetti Factory, and Lisa thoroughly enjoyed her bowl of applesauce. Taken 6/27/12.
Even though it was Tom's birthday, Claire supervised the opening of the presents because she is always hoping the presents are for her. We celebrated with dinner at Red Robin. Taken 7/2/12.
On July 9, Debbie's Swedish second cousin and lifetime penpal, Kristina, passed away at the age of 50. This photo from her family was taken a year or two before she died, but is included here to honor her passing.

Nearly the entire staff of Gale Force Software Corporation (minus Russ) celebrated their success with a glass of champagne at Scott's new lakeside home. Cheers! Taken 7/14/12.

A couple of days after Claire's actual birthday, she got to open her presents, beginning with some awesome musical cards, ...
... and a whole box of toys from Grandma Bundy. Taken 7/16/12.
At the Indiana Robotics Invitational, we admired our friend Bryan's LEGO 1/3 scale model of the QSK-95 Cummins engine.
Next, we found seats in the bleachers and were joined by Greg and Steve.
Greg has been involved in FIRST Robotics since he was in high school, so he was able to tell us all about this year's game, which involved shooting hoops and then balancing robots on ramps at the end of the game.
Greg works with a Kokomo high school team, so we stopped by to see their robot and talk to some of the students. Taken 7/21/12.
In early August, we vacationed in Seattle, Vancouver, and Alaska, and started it all with an overnight trip to Chicago.
The next morning, we flew to Seattle where we had a nice visit with Debbie's longtime family friend, Marley, ...
... and with Debbie's cousin Karl's beautiful family. Taken 8/2/12.
We spent the evening in Port Angeles and took a ferry to Victoria where we visited the Butchart Gardens, ...
... then took another ferry to Vancouver where we spent the night.
We enjoyed a seven-night cruise of Alaska with Debbie's family, ...
... then topped it off with a two-day trip from Seattle to Chicago via Amtrak's Empire Builder. Taken
Debbie came into her office one day to find that it was filled with Orchard Software squishy figures. Not a problem, because at least they were facing the door. Taken 8/14/12.
Her mistake was saying that out loud, because the next day, they were all facing her!
We joined Orchard Software in participating in the Plane Pull Challenge on 8/25/12. Here is Debbie with her group doing their best to pull an airplane, ...
... and here is Tom's group being photographed afterward.
We spent the night in Cincinnati in September, starting first with a party at Stephanie and Ben's, ...
... followed by the Labor Day fireworks display on the Cincinnati waterfront, visible from our hotel room. Taken 9/2/12.
Of course, we had to make a trip to IKEA on the way home.
Jill's friend wanted a Taylor Swift birthday cake, so after much negotiating with the local supermarket bakery and a little bit of creativity, Jill made it happen. Taken 9/5/12.
We had lunch at Harbour Trees Golf & Beach Club with Jill and Michael, so Jill could show the restaurant where she worked during the summer before joining the office staff. Taken 9/8/12.
Can it be? Is Jill moving into her own apartment? Yes, indeed. All three of her parents pitched in to get her moved into her place in Noblesville.
Bye-bye, Jill! Taken 9/22/12.
We were unable to attend our friend Gary's memorial party in downtown Seattle, so we had a beer in his memory and toasted him from a distance. Taken 10/13/12.
After 10 years, Debbie gave up her Hyundai 350GS for a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. It's so pretty. Taken 10/15/12.

Debbie attended the 4D Summit in San Jose, which gave her an opportunity to see her friend Passi who works in San Jose. They were classmates in both high school and college, but hadn't seen each other since college graduation, so it was great fun to catch up.Marcel. Taken 10/24/12.

The next afternoon, she spent some time with her friend, Marcel.
The Orchard crowd included Ginger, Debbie, Jeff, John C., John P., Shawn, and Jonathan. Much fun was had and much learning was done.
Somehow, Debbie ended up in the hula-hoop contest at the 4D party. Her glory years of being the neighborhood hula-hoop champion are long behind her, sadly. Taken 10/25/12.
After a long absence, we tried taking Claire to another Sensory Friendly Film, "Wreck-It Ralph." She seemed to enjoy it. Taken 11/10/12.
When the news hit about Hostess closing shop, Debbie and Tom joined forces to buy out all of the local stock of Suzy-Qs and a few other favorites. Along with our hoarded lefse and IKEA Swedish pancakes, our freezer is full! Taken 11/17/12.
We took a four-night trip to Peru over Thanksgiving weekend. Highlights included riding the Hiram Bingham train ...
... and seeing amazing Macchu Pichu. Read all about it here. Taken 11/23/12.
Tom picked up a cold while we were in Peru, so Spike kept him company as he slept it off. Taken 11/27/12.
We joined Santa for breakfast once again as part of the Special Olympics Hamilton County's annual fundraiser. When Claire sat on Santa's lap, she leaned into him to allow him to hug her. Taken 12/9/12.
The annual Gale Force Software Corporation holiday dinner was held at Harry and Izzy's. We continue to seek but fail at finding a well-lit location for our group photo. Taken 12/9/12.
On 12/12/12 at 12:12:12 PM, Debbie hosted a very brief party at work for her department. These beautiful cookies were the refreshments. See if you can figure out why.
The very next day was Debbie's 50th birthday, so these were her contribution to her department's bring-treats-on-your-own-birthday tradition. Thank goodness for people who sell custom cookies on Etsy! Taken 12/13/12.
Later that evening, we went out to Mitchell's for a big plate of oysters, and maybe a martini or two.
The next night, we threw a big party in our basement for Debbie's 50th. There was cake, ...
... green drinks in crystal skull shot glasses, ...
... a large game of Cards Against Humanity, ...
... and of course, the infamous black bar glasses. Jill provided bartending services, Drew supplied the keg, and it was a very fun night.
We headed to Minnesota for Christmas, leaving during the tail end of a blizzard in Indianapolis. We saw trucks in various stages of distress everywhere along the journey, including seeing one spin out on the other side of the highway and come to rest completely blocking the road.
We were at Norse Nook by dinner time, so we had lefse wraps for dinner and picked up some rosettes to enjoy later, then got back in the car and headed to our hotel near the Mall of America. Taken 12/21/12.
The next day, we started out with lunch at Carbone's where the greatest pizza in the world is made: the Carbone's Special.
Old friends Jean, Kristine, and Debbie had a great time catching up since our last gathering in 2010.
Kristine's husband John joined us as well.
From there, we headed to Roseville to the home of Debbie's cousin Melissa and her family.
We were joined by cousin Laura and her family, ...
... brother Doug and his family, ...
... and cousin Terry and his family, ...
... and us.
We had a nice dinner with Jan and Rick at the St. Clair Broiler in St. Paul.
After that, we went to Norie and Bill's home in Minneapolis, but we were too busy enjoying microbrews with them to remember to take a picture, so here's a photo of them from 2013 to mark the visit. Taken 12/22/12.
The next morning, we headed north from the Twin Cities, and made a small detour to see Akeley, Minnesota's Paul Bunyan statue.
Then we drove to Itasca State Park, ...
... and walked through the forest to see the headwaters of the Mississippi.
After this, we arrived at Debbie's dad's cabin.
Bob used his snowblower to create a broomball rink.
Pretty sunset.
Susan cooked a traditional German meal for Christmas Eve, ...
... then we opened Christmas presents.
We left after lunch on Christmas Day so we could get Jill back to Indianapolis in time to leave on her trip to Florida. We drove through a blizzard and got stuck in a traffic jam for three hours due to a massive accident that closed the freeway, but we got Jill home in time. Read about the entire trip here. Taken 12/26/12.
We had a belated Christmas gathering in Connersville with Tom's family on 12/29/12. We gave Anne's dog Charlie a Milk Bone box with his picture on the front.
Charlie wanted to help when it was time to open Grandma Bundy's presents for Claire.
We squeezed the entire Sanders family onto the couch for a family photo, ...
... then did the same thing for the Bundy family.
We had Audrey and Dean over for a post-Christmas, pre-New Year's Eve celebration and the only photo was took was of this taste test involving two different flavors of Hpnotiq. But trust us, there was Chinese food and present opening and other fun not involving shots.
With Jill in Florida, we got to kittensit for our grandkitten, Olive. We spent a lot of time with her in what was Jill's old room since Spike and Tito weren't crazy about her. Here she is hanging out with Grandma in the newly renovated guest room. Taken 12/30/12.
When she napped, it was right next to Grandma.
On New Year's Eve, Olive did a little frolicking and we captured this photo to send to Jill.
At the last minute, we found out that Greg would be watching Claire on New Year's Eve, so we quickly made plans to go out. We started with large beverages at Logan's right before finally seeing the Hobbit at the theater nearby.
We got home just before midnight and toasted with these tiny cans of champagne by the swim spa. Taken 12/31/12.

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