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While kittensitting our grandkitten, Olive, she helped supervise Claire's bedtime routine. Here, Olive makes sure that Claire does a good job getting her teeth brushed. Taken 1/2/13.
Olive also supervised Grandpa's nap time. Taken 1/5/13.
For Christmas, Jill made this beautiful canvas print featuring lyrics from an Indigo Girls song that they used to sing together when Jill was little. Here it is hanging in our study. Taken 1/1/13.
Our friend John told us about this amazing stash of craft sodas at an Indianapolis hardware store, so we took a drive out to see it and to load up our van with a variety of flavors, including our favorite: Sprecher's seasonal Red Apple. Taken 1/13/13.
Starting 1/8/13, Tom and Debbie took a two-week cruise, starting from Ft. Lauderdale and visiting ...
... Colombia, ...
... Panama, ...
... the Panama Canal, ...
... Costa Rica, ...
... Guatemala, ...
... Puerto Vallarta, ...
... Cabo San Lucas, ...
... and ending in San Diego. Read all about it here.
It's always good to get home to Claire. She wants little to do with people during the day, but she is very generous with the hugs at bedtime. Taken 2/4/13.
When our friend Drew turned 30, Debbie made him a Butler-themed surprise ball.
The prevailing colors were navy and white, of course.
A party at Drew's often includes Malort, and this was no exception. Here, an entire room of people voluntarily took a shot of one of the nastiest liquors known to man. Taken 2/9/13.
Sneaky Tom picked up these roses and delivered them to Debbie's work without her knowledge that he was the delivery man. Taken 2/14/13.
We celebrated Jill's birthday at Logan's Steakhouse, and Michael brought the birthday cake. Taken 2/15/13.
Adorable Olive played with Jill's shopping bags when we stopped by her apartment after dinner.
After four months of driving, the odometer on Debbie's new car finally hit 1000 miles. This monumental moment was captured on 2/21/13.
The microbrewery craze has finally come to Carmel, with Union Brewing Company moving into an old strip mall near us.
We visited for the first time on 2/23/13 and started out with a sampler of all of their offerings, including several guest taps.
A discussion of favorite college shirts prompted Debbie to pull out her favorite Macalester shirt which is starting to show its age after 25 years of regular wearings. Taken 2/24/13.
Debbie got to stay with grandkitten Olive while Jill and Tom used our van to pick up a new TV stand for Jill. Olive clearly loves her mama best, but Grandma's lap will do in an emergency. Taken 3/13/13.
Debbie's friends Greg and Trish were in town for a conference so we got to enjoy a great evening with them at Thr3e Wisemen in Broad Ripple. Taken 3/18/13.
We were back again at UBC every Friday for a month after our first visit to work our way through the new crops of house brews and guest taps. Taken 3/23/13.
Tito may not be an adorable kitten anymore, but he loves his mama just as much as Olive loves hers. He can be found in this position at least once a day. Taken 3/29/13.
As part of our new interest in sampling every beer from every brewery in town, we had a beer sampler at Scotty's, which features beers from Thr3e Wisemen. Taken 4/1/13.
We spent a fun evening at Latitude 39 with Audrey and Dean, having dinner, going bowling, and taking on the four-sided air hockey table in the arcade. Taken 4/6/13.
Hail storms are lots of fun to watch as long as our garden and house do not sustain any damage. We were lucky and got to just enjoy looking at the ice pellets in the yard. Taken 4/10/13.
Tom's cousin Anne scheduled a family outing on the Indy Brew Bus for us, and the lovely and charming Carrie joined us.
First stop: Sun King Brewery, a relatively new but phenomenally popular Indianapolis brewer. We tasted our old favorites like Osiris and Weemac, and found a new favorite, Maibock.
We reboarded the small green school bus and headed to our next destination: Flat 12 Bierworks. Here we are with Anne, Helen, and Jeff.
We enjoyed samples of Pogues Run Porter, Upside Down Blonde Amber Ale, and 12 Penny Scottish Ale, and gobbled down the cupcakes on display in the case shown here, knowing that we'd need to get some food in our bellies to help counteract the beer. Yeah, that's how we justified it.
Our third stop was Bier Brewery, where we started out with a guided tasting and beer lesson.
Carrie and Anne had brought plastic bullets (small plastic containers for holding beer purchased from a tap), so we filled them with our favorites as we travelled, including PDG here, then enjoyed them on the bus between stops.
Our last stop was Fountain Square Brewing Company, where Debbie struck up a friendship with fellow bus passenger Lexie, who later ended up becoming one of Claire's occasional caregivers.
Lexie took this photo of our very happy, very inebriated group.
We weren't the only ones inebriated. We shared our bus with another large group and they were a lot of fun. We won't elaborate. The tour ended downtown, so the six of us walked to a nearby restaurant to sober up before heading home a few hours later. It was a very fun tour and we highly recommend it.
When Audrey was promoted out of Debbie's group to lead her own department, she brought in flowers and a card for Debbie. Taken 4/19/13.
When Lynn earned her PhD, we headed downtown to the Rathskellar for a celebratory dinner. Debbie made her a blue-and-orange Awesome Doctors Edition surprise ball to mark the occasion. Taken 4/20/13.
It was a very late spring, so it was still a little chilly in late April which made it convenient for Tom to repaint our covered swing. We finished off the remains of one of Carrie's Indy Brew Bus bullets one evening on the refurbished swing, ...
... while the kitties enjoyed their perch on the swimp spa. Taken 4/22/13.
At an Orchard Software company meeting, Carmel Mayor Brainard surprised us with a mayoral proclamation noting that April 26, 2013 is Orchard Software Day. He cited our contribution to the local economy and our standing in our field as reasons for the proclamation. Several company executives were photographed with the mayor including Debbie, who is Vice President of Development. Taken 4/26/13.
We found a new park near our home with an adapted playground.
Claire absolutely loves it, and can go up the stairs and down several of the slides by herself.
As long as she can keep her toy with her at all times, she'll play happily for quite a while. Taken 5/1/13.
We discovered the board game Ticket to Ride and particularly enjoy the Baltic States edition. Jill joined us for a couple of rounds. Taken 5/1/13.
Upland Brewing Company opened a tap house in Carmel, so we had to continue our streak of tasting all local brews. Between the two of us, we sampled every beer on their menu. We balanced all that beer with lunch and delicious Guinness chocolate cake for dessert. Taken 5/5/13.
Having skipped the Cinco de Mayo crowds, we copied a friend's Facebook post from the previous evening by ordering a Coronarita at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Taken 5/6/13.
Tom and his mother headed to the annual birthday party thrown by Emily's grandparents, while Debbie and Claire stayed home for the first couple of hours.
When Debbie and Claire arrived, we met their new puppy, Lucy. She's a friendly little girl and was happy to rest a moment on Claire's lap.
We put Claire in the bounce house and she had a lot of fun. She walked around in it and had no trouble keeping her balance, but mostly she bounced on her knees.
From Emily's party, Margaret joined us as we went to Sheridan for the annual Opportunity Prom hosted by Claire's former teacher and the students of Sheridan High School.
The theme was Disney, and the students had put this carriage out on display for photo opportunities.
Claire was wearing a Minnie Mouse dress for the occasion. She enjoyed the music, snacks, and lights in the cafeteria where the dance is held.
Claire's former classmate CeCe was there, so we got our annual photo of the girls together.
After the dance, we returned to our house where Helen, Jeff, Anne, and Jill joined us for a birthday celebration for Margaret. Taken 5/11/13.
We bought a food dehydrator and made our first batch of pear slices and kale leaves. It didn't take long to realize that we'd need to invest in a fruit and vegetable slicer as well. Taken 5/12/13.
Debbie's department moved into a new area of the Orchard Software building in fall 2012, but it took a while to get everything hung on the walls. We finally finished the project in March but took even longer to get photos of the finished office. Taken 5/15/13.
Cousin Shawn stayed with us the weekend before for one of his annual photography weekends at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but unexpectedly showed up a week later just long enough to drop off four Carbone's pizzas fresh from Minnesota. It's good to be us! Taken 5/17/13.
Spike loves getting chest rubs. Taken 5/18/13.
We attended a Macalester alumni gathering downtown and watched a roller derby match.
Attendees included graduates of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, ...
... and we got our photo taken afterward with the 2005 Mac grad who was skating in the derby. Taken 5/18/13.
We keep our swim spa filled from fall to spring, so just before emptying it, we spent some time swimming with Claire. She loves being in the water. Taken 5/19/13.
We start most gatherings with Audrey and Dean by having some sort of welcome beverage. This one was a delicious root beer float shot, featuring root beer, vodka, and a spoonful of ice cream. Taken 5/26/13.
Our niece and nephews are at the age where the best gift is cash, so we try to get creative when giving it to them. This year, the money got decorated with removable stickers. Taken 6/1/13.
UBC has now grown large enough to have a small outdoor patio, just perfect for a beer and some food truck grub in the summer. Taken 6/1/13.
After a few more trips to Claire's favorite playground, all we have to do it open the van door and she happily skips toward her favorite slide. Taken 6/8/13.
It turns out that we don't have to actually fly to Peru to eat delicious Peruvian food. We ventured down to Indianapolis to have some ceviche and Inca Kola at Macchu Pichu Restaurant, followed by flan for dessert. Taken 6/10/13.
When Tito is sent to the sunroom because he's been bad, his brother Spike stays with him in a feline show of solidarity. Taken 6/15/13.
Debbie's Hinkle cousins visited one evening from Oklahoma. After dinner, we enjoyed playing some rounds of We Didn't Play Test This. Taken 6/16/13.
We were unable to commit to a mulch delivery earlier this year, and finally broke down and had some delivered in June.
It took several days for Tom to spread all of it, and he looked like this pretty much every day. Debbie was in charge of the laundry. Taken 6/21/13.
While planning a drive trip through the South, we prepared to see some adorable children, so we made surprise balls for twins Cecily and Benji ...
... and siblings Dexter and Chloe. Taken 6/23/13.
Little Olive is nearly full grown now, but still has a kitten's personality. We checked in on her one evening when Jill was out of town. Taken 6/25/13.
When the great Hostess shutdown of 2012 occurred, Debbie got one package of Snoballs and stored them. Many months later, she took it out of the freezer and enjoyed it. Bliss! Taken 6/26/13.
In early July, we took a road trip with stops in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. The highlight for Tom was spending his birthday at Kennedy Space Center. Read all about it here.
When we returned, there were birthday presents waiting from Doug and Susan, featuring a zombie theme. Taken 7/8/13.
Audrey's brother Bryan came to town for a visit, so we celebrated with the full Bundlings Basement experience, including a game of Cards Against Humanity.
It was tough, but somehow we managed to share eight gigantic cupcakes among the five of us. Taken 7/12/13.
After over a decade of fine service, it was time to donate our huge dinosaur of a TV to Goodwill and replace it with one that weighs much less and takes up a fraction of the space. Here's our old friend before it was donated. Taken 7/13/13.
This is new. Claire discovered this couch in our bedroom and it has become one of her favorite places to play with her toy and chew on her bandana. Normally, only the cats sit on it. Taken 7/13/13.
Claire loves getting birthday presents!
After Mom helps her open everything, she decides which toys she wants to play with. Here, she had already fallen in love with her new flashlight toy from Grandma Bundy.
She also got to go to the park on her birthday AND drink Diet Coke from McDonald's. It's her day, after all. Taken 7/14/13.
A couple of days later, she got to open more presents from Aunt Susan and Uncle Doug. Taken 7/16/13.
Poor Tito came down with a very bad case of layrngitis, with horrible coughing and the saddest little meow you've ever heard. He sat nicely on the passenger seat as Debbie took him to the vet to be treated. After losing his voice completely a week later, he was good as new within two weeks of taking medicine. Taken 7/18/13.
We had a belated birthday celebration for Tom with Audrey and Dean. Check out the awesome brick mug and brick lights Tom got! Taken 7/19/13.
Another afternoon, another trip to the park. This is Claire's very favorite slide. Taken 7/20/13.
Happy Anniversary to us! Of course, we celebrated at Don Pablo's, which is where we met. No, we didn't meet at this particular location, but sometimes convenience trumps authenticity. Taken 7/26/13.
After dinner and a game night featuring a few rounds of Zombie Dice, Jesse and Lynn struck their best zombie poses. Taken 7/28/13.
Orchard Software celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013, so we attended the Las Vegas-themed celebration in 2013.
Another game night with Jill; this time, featuring Cards Against Humanity. Taken 8/5/13.
Those watermelons sure didn't turn out right, but at least the tomatoes and cucumbers were good. Those yellow round things are also cucumbers, believe it or not. Taken 8/10/13.
Debbie's cousin Paul gave her a print of a Norwegian family tree where their ancestor is one of the tiny names on the lower left side. The entire thing was hand drawn by a really, really patient ancestor. It looks beautiful framed in our recently redecorated guest room. Taken 8/11/13.
Orchard Software is a major sponsor of Special Olympics, so a group of us donned our Orchy t-shirts and participated in this year's Plane Pull on a perfect sunny day. It was great fun! Taken 8/17/13.
We updated our kitchen a little bit by replacing handles, switch/outlet covers, towels, and paint. Here's the before shot. Taken 8/18/13.
Here's the after shot. We still haven't figured out what to put on those tiny round shelves.
We took Claire with us to Havana Cafe for some heaping plates of delicious Cuban food washed down with bright glasses of Jarrito soda. Taken 8/24/13.
Peru, Indiana was the site of John and Ginger's beautiful wedding and reception. Taken 8/31/13
Here's one of the last photos taken of the original Gale Force Software Corporation headquarters prior to moving. Taken 9/6/13.
This wasn't just any sunbeam Tito was enjoying -- it was filtered through one of the prisms in the second-floor window in our entryway. Taken 9/7/13.
Spike gets a little concerned during thunderstorms. Here he is waiting out the storm on the top step of the stairs to the basement. When storms get really bad, you can find him on the landing or all the way in the basement. Taken 9/10/13.
Continuing our trend of ethnic restaurants, we ate at Abyssinian restaurant where we tried Ethiopian food for the first time. Our meal was served on an eggy type of bread that was also served on the side to pick up the food.
After lunch, we weren't that far from mystical Long's Bakery, so we joined the masses in line and took home a box or two of the most delicious yeast donuts ever made. Taken 9/14/13.
Both Bundt and angelfood cake were on the menu for Audrey's birthday celebration. We covered both with Marshmallow Fluff because that stuff is delicious.
Dean cooked dinner for us and the birthday girl, ...
... and we followed up dinner with a game of Mystery Mansion.
Meanwhile, Claire played happily on her own until bedtime in the guest room. She was fast asleep when it was time to head home. Taken 9/21/13.
Let's tear down that wall and make a bigger, better laundry room! Well, OK then. Here is the before photo in July, ....
... and here is the after photo taken on 9/26/13. It is a much happier room now.
Debbie and Claire visited a friend's family's alpaca farm and got to see this adorable little cria (baby alpaca) up close. Taken 9/28/13.
It was the Best Schilling Reunion Ever! Our group photo gets larger every year as we gain more spouses and babies. Taken 10/5/13 in Wisconsin Dells, WI.
The one thing that can make the spa room even more awesome for kitties is the addition of their favorite blanket. Taken 10/12/13.
Debbie headed to Las Vegas for the annual 4D Summit.
She got a fantastic room on the 59th floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.
Tom joined her two days later so we were able to enjoy the annual 4D party poolside on a perfect Vegas evening. Taken 10/16/13.
We had a great view of the Grand Canyon on the flight home the next day. That's the Grand Canyon Skywalk and Grand Canyon West airport in the center of this photo.
Debbie came home with a cold and gave it to Tom. Here's Tito guarding Tom while he napped. Taken 10/20/13.
In October, Jill moved from her one-bedroom apartment to a townhouse. Her faithful stepfather put together this Scandinavian frame bed yet again, and little Olive helped supervise his work. Taken 10/26/13.
In early November, we spent nine days in Scandinavia, starting with two days in Oslo, ...
... a day in Denmark (where we visited the Maersk headquarters!), ...
... a day in Lithuania, ...
... a layover in Latvia, ...
... two days in Stockholm, ..
... and three days in the north of Sweden visiting family. Read all about it here.
One of the last things left on Debbie's bucket list is to see a tornado. When a series of tornadoes passed through Indiana on a Sunday afternoon, we knew this would be our best chance so we tried our luck at stormchasing. This storm cell is the one that contained a tornado that touched down in Kokomo, but we were about 20 minutes too late to see it. Taken 11/17/13.
Our cats are very vigilant about keeping an eye on the birds who enjoy the weeping cherry tree right outside of our bedroom. Taken 11/24/13.
We spent our Thanksgiving with Tom's family in Connersville. As usual, Anne's dog Charlie was affectionate to everyone. Taken 11/28/13.
We made an evening visit to the new Gale Force Software headquarters. That logo sure does look good out front! Taken 12/6/13.
We headed to Minnesota in early December for a weekend. We stopped by Norskedalen in Wisconsin on the way up.
That evening, we arrived in the Twin Cities and met Debbie's friends and their husbands for dinner. Here are the ladies: Kristine, Jean, and Debbie. Taken 12/7/14.
It was a snowy weekend, so Tom kept busy brushing snow off the van each time we went out.
That afternoon, Debbie's family started to arrive for her Uncle Bob's funeral the next day. We were all staying at the same hotel, ...
... so we gathered in the hotel's party room for a dinner of Jimmy John's, pizza, and Aunt Mary's Rice Krispie bars.
The funeral was held on Monday morning. Here are Debbie's Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mark (looking especially dashing with his Wisconsin Badgers label pin in Uncle Bob's honor). Read about the entire weekend here. Taken 12/9/14.
After the annual Orchard Software Development department holiday party, we held an after-party in our basement. Taken 12/13/13.
The next night, we attended the annual Gale Force Software holiday dinner. Here's Laura with the awesome stuff she got in the gift exchange. Taken 12/14/13.
Combine the full moon and snow with our neighbor's beautifully lit home, and it's a winter wonderland out there. Taken 12/18/13.
On Christmas morning, we took a break from cleaning and cooking dinner to open our Christmas gifts and have a cup of hot glögg.
Tito helped Claire open her bag full of gifts from us.
We used Pandora to serve up some Christmas music, but it didn't always pick family-appropriate music selections.
We used a technique called "spatchcocking" to cook the Christmas turkey that involves removing the neck and laying the turkey flat for even cooking. Here it is before going into the oven. Unfortunately, we forgot to get an after photo of the perfectly roasted bird.
Margaret's cookie trays contain so much food that we didn't even bother with separate desserts this year.
After dinner and present-opening, we played Dirty Bingo. It's no surprise that adorable Emily won big. Taken 12/25/13.
Enroute to our favorite Mexican restaurant, we saw this beautiful light pillar, an optical phenomenon caused by reflection of light on ice crystals in the atmosphere. Taken 12/26/13.
Just before the end of the year, we finished our last redecorating project: updating our main floor bathroom. We swapped out a faucet, light fixture, shower head, cabinet hardware, wall decorations, and a shower door ...
... for a fresh new look. Here's the finished product. Taken 12/26/13.

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