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Name: Star Trek 25th Anniversary
Manufactured: 1991, Data East
Purchased: 1998, Coin-op auction, Indianapolis, $800

2005, to a private collector in Indiana

Included: Manual, two sets of keys; partial replacement ring set

Fine. All plastics intact; side art in excellent condition.

Flaws include:

  • Backglass LCD display needs to be repaired because it only partially displays and is unreadable.
  • Transporter effect doesn't work (light behind picture of crew in backglass does not make crew seem to disappear; plastic behind crew photo is torn; does not effect game play; see detail photo below).
  • "S" sticker is peeling on playfield and other 7 letter stickers are dirty.
  • Several small worn areas on playfield (see large version of playfield photo).
  • Transporter ramp doesn't work; it should lift when all crystals are lit so user can enable multi-ball, but it doesn't. We have not attempted to fix this or have our repairman fix it.

Great pin. Really fun to play. Sound effects include original Star Trek music and vocals from some of the original cast.

Backglass/Playing Field:
Playing Field:
Coin Door:
Flaw Detail:

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