Pacific Northwest 2016:
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Sunday, April 3, 2016: We spent the night in Kirkland, a few miles from where Debbie's brother's family lives. We did a little grocery shopping just before heading to their home for the day. Look at this amazing selection of cold beer in a grocery store. A grocery store! Sadly, we found no Schilling cider, despite an equally impressive cider selection in another cooler.
We hung out at Doug and Susan's for a while. Our first photo was of this beautiful blue and black bird in their front yard.
Doug showed off the fantastic homemade grow light system he made for Susan's seedlings.
Scaredy cat Marty reluctantly came out to say hi. (Catch this guy alone and he's nothing but purrs. It's crowds he's afraid of.)
Note to Debbie: check out this great idea for using Command Strip clips. Susan has got kitchen organization figured out!
We had lunch at Kafe Neo, a favorite destination for the Seattle Schillings. Where's Stewart? Behind the camera.
Hey, what's that handsome mountain back there? It's Mt. Baker, of course!
Back at Schilling Manor, Debbie and Doug did their usual routine of taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.
Next up: a ride with nephew Stewart in his beloved Subie.
He took us to a grocery store in search of Schilling cider. Here's a photo of Stewart driving and us not dying. During our drive, we learned the Subie driver etiquette of waving at other Subie owners.
On our grocery store run, we found only one variety of Schilling cider but brother Doug gave us a couple of other varieties leftover from our previous visit to take with us. He's nice that way. Meanwhile, Debbie snuck this photo of the kitchen to scope out what turquoise accents might work well for Susan's birthday gift later in April.
In mid-afternoon, we headed over to South Seattle. We passed Stewart's employer, Boeing.
If only there was some sort of indication that this company built planes.
We arrived at Kubota Gardens, where we met cousins Karl and Stacia and their adorable tots, Gabriel and Adrian.
We had a nice hour or two hanging out in the gardens.
Here's the view that we were looking at in the photo above.
In this open area, we had a couple of impromptu games of chase with the boys.
Of course, we had to stop for a moment and admire Adrian's light-up R2-D2 shoes. Good parenting there, folks.
From there, we meandered farther back into the gardens, which feature lots of ponds and bridges and paths and open areas.
The magnolias were in full bloom.
Here's one that looks very much like our magnolia Jane back home.
Stacia's kids are adorable.
So is Doug's. (Poor Stewart!)
Here's a gorgeous camellia bush.
This narrow bridge over a section of pond was the perfect opportunity for a family photo.
The Japanese influence throughout the gardens was subtle but unmistakeable.
Susan's sharp eyes spotted a bald eagle circling overhead. For real.
Stacia had the great idea to take family photos behind this tree.
Here are the Seattle Schillings.
And here's our adorable picture.
It's fun to walk on planks that serve as bridges.
It was getting late in the day and the little ones were running out of steam, ...
... so we said our goodbyes and drove off to our next destination.
As we headed south, Mt. Rainier was looking great in the clear, sunny sky, but a great photo eluded us.
Ivar's! Collect 'em all! This location is in Kent.
We were here to see Debbie's college roommate, Gillian, but inexplicably, the only photo we got was the one Tom took of Debbie. No photo of Gillian and her amazing silver hair!

We had a great visit with Gillian and were on our way to our hotel in Tacoma when we realized that we hadn't gotten a photo, so we took this one of the green squishy apple she gave us to commemorate the occasion.

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